The Ascended Masters: Who Are They and How Can They Help?

Who Exactly Are the Ascended Masters, and How Exactly Can They Assist Us?

When you were researching topics related to spirituality, such as energy healing, archangels, or other topics, you could have come across the term “ascended masters.”

Beings of love and light who have attained enlightenment and a high vibration are called ascended masters. They have advanced above the ranks of guardian angels and spirit guides to become the most highly developed beings in the spiritual hierarchy.

Who Are These Mysterious Ascended Masters?

We are speaking about figures such as Jesus, the Mother Mary, the Buddha, Saint Francis, Vishnu, Saint Germain, and many more besides. Your life will be profoundly altered if you are blessed with the opportunity to establish a connection with one of these ascended masters.

Although the roles that various Masters play may vary, their ultimate goals remain the same: to aid mankind in our own ascension and to raise humanity’s understanding of the spiritual energies that pervade the universe.

You, too, are on your way to becoming an ascended master, regardless of whether or not you are aware of this fact. The human race has the potential to reach the pinnacle of achievement. However, in order to accomplish this goal, one must endure a great deal of adversity, make constructive decisions, undergo rebirths, and acquire knowledge.

Each ascended master has accrued a vast store of knowledge over their many incarnations on earth and has been through a progression of spiritual awakenings, which are also often referred to as “rebirths.”

They achieve what is referred to as “self-mastery” by going through the process of personal growth and becoming more self-aware. They also do this by consciously and consistently making positive choices in the face of adversity. Finally, they use their willpower to overcome the negative expressions of their human DNA (such as anger, fear, or disease).

Self-mastery refers to the process of maturing and gaining an ever-increasing level of enlightenment. And getting to the conclusion of that path to self-mastery means abandoning the body and rising to the spiritual realm, which is what we mean when we talk about becoming an ascended master.

To put it another way, masters go through life obstacles that are either comparable to or much tougher than those that the rest of us go through, and yet they choose to express themselves as the full majesty of All That Is, despite the fact that they are going through these challenges.

Before diving into the 22 Ascended Masters and the roles they play, it is vital to have a solid understanding of three principles that describe who they are and what sets them apart from other spiritual beings:

  • Karma
  • Reincarnation
  • Ascension


Even though the word “karma” is now commonly used, many people are still confused about what it really refers to and how they should behave in response to it.

The concept of karma is central to the teachings of a significant portion of the world’s religions. To mention a few, there are people of the Sikh and Jain faiths, as well as esoteric Christians and Kabbalist Jews.

It is also considered fundamental to the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.

According to the doctrine of karma, all of the significant occurrences in our lives were planned out beforehand. Every good action that we take results in the accumulation of “merits,” whereas every bad deed leads to the accumulation of “demerits.” Poor choices will always result in the need to make restitution or serve a sentence.

What occurs to us in the present is a result of causes that we set in motion in the past, whether it was a few minutes, hours, days, or even three lifetimes ago. Karma informs us that whatever happens to us in the present is an effect of those causes.

It’s like the old adage, “You get back what you put in.” Whatever we decide to do will, at some point or another, bring consequences right back to us.

Stepping off the karmic wheel is an essential part of developing one’s self-mastery.

Making the conscious decision not to retaliate against others in the same way that you have been retaliated against, but rather to provide forgiveness, compassion, and grace to those who have wronged you…

Masters are aware that we are all interconnected, that challenging circumstances are inevitable parts of maturing as an individual, and that these challenges are chances to develop, shine, and become the greatest version of oneself.

As a result, there is never anybody who can be held responsible for everything that happens. Instead, Masters are thankful for the opportunity offered by the challenge, which allows them to advance to the next level and demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter.

Without facing difficult obstacles, one cannot gain self-mastery or progress toward becoming an ascended master.

This is not to imply that people who are on the path to self-mastery, or even Masters themselves, do not have their own very unpleasant feelings. The distinction lies in the fact that masters choose to:

Face themselves and the overwhelming feelings that they are experiencing.

Never let their destructive impulses lead you to do harm to anybody or anything.

In order to elevate the frequency of their bodies, purify any bad emotions that they may be experiencing.

Self-mastery is difficult to achieve for this very reason.

It is a real-life adaptation of a challenging computer game, in which the only way to progress is to take on more difficult bosses. This game is very challenging.

You will not be able to advance in levels until you have defeated that boss. This is a kind of self-mastery, with the key difference being that you are your own employer. And as your skill level increases, the tasks you face become more challenging.

When faced with a circumstance that would cause the vast majority of people to react in a destructive manner, practicing self-mastery requires making the conscious decision to respond with compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, wisdom, and grace. And by going through that procedure, you remove yourself from the karmic wheel.

Reincarnation and karma are inextricably linked to one another.


Reincarnation represents opportunity, while karma alludes to taking responsibility for one’s actions. It is yet another opportunity to right wrongs and make amends for the karmic obligations we owe to other people.

The concept of reincarnation refers to the idea that after a person dies, their spirit travels on to inhabit another body. It is possible for souls to reincarnate through a number of different lives.

The progression of the soul toward enlightenment or the restoration of oneness with God, Spirit, or the source energy is said to be accomplished via the process of reincarnation.

Ascended Masters are souls who have completed their journey through the cycle of reincarnation and now carry out all of their tasks on higher planes. Their souls are freed from the obligation to incarnate, yet they choose to do so nonetheless in order to share their wisdom, help others, and increase humanity’s vibration.


The Eastern idea of enlightenment, as presented in Buddhism, is strikingly analogous to the Western notion of ascension. Those who have made the intentional decision to progress into a higher state of awareness will follow this route.

The process of ascension involves opening one’s heart in order to rejoin with all of the facets of one’s higher self and, of course, with the energy that comes from the Source.

It is not something that takes place on a certain day, nor is it something that we accidentally run across. It is accomplished by the expansion of one’s consciousness and takes place in stages.

This does not imply that you are a god in any way. However, you are a divine-human being, a spark of God, and the ascension process will restore you to your real divine essence.

Ascension may be broken down into the following five categories:

  1. The discovery that leads to fundamental shifts in our lives might be referred to as an “awakening” of the mind. This realization occurs in the midst of a profound revelation, during which the mind has a startling insight into the “enlightened” viewpoint all of a sudden.
  2. Imagine the sort of person you were when you were five years old. Now imagine the kind of person you are now. Are you still the exact same person that you were before? The process of awakening the mind encourages self-acceptance and empowerment, which may lead to the formation of a new identity.
  3. awakening of spiritual energy The Chinese character “qi,” pronounced “chi,” is the most popular term used to refer to the life force energy. Major shifts on the physical level through the spiritual levels are possible if this latent potential is brought to light.
  4. An individual has an “awakening of the soul” when they have a strong sense that their life mission is firmly linked with their own. It might be short-term, or it could be long-term. During this phase of waking, a person develops more admirable characteristics, such as increased compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness.
  5. Enlightenment, also known as the complete destruction of the ego, is a grace-bestowed gift in which love, the truth, and unadulterated consciousness are the only things that are left. This mood might come about on its own or after years of practicing spiritual discipline and studying spiritual texts.

Learn About The 22 Ascended Masters Here

There are many ascended masters, and each of them continues to exist in the hearts of the individuals they have assisted in the past as well as those they are now assisting. While some are far older and have been lost to history, others who lived more recently have gained widespread recognition.

They have provided guidance and instruction to others from inside the spiritual realms throughout their time as teachers and leaders. The purpose of their work is to facilitate the coming together of humankind with the I Am presence and the holy spirit.

The divine vibe that ascended masters convey has been likened to that of an angel. However, they are quite different from angels in the sense that they have experienced life on earth, sometimes known as having “walked in our shoes.” Angels have never experienced life on earth.

They, like us, have been through difficult experiences and acquired valuable life lessons as a result. However, the fact of the matter is that they have already learned these lessons.

Now, these masters are living in total oneness with the God presence that is within them:

1. Babaji, The Incarnation That Cannot Die

Many people think that Babaji was the one who revived the ancient science of Kriya Yoga, which is a technique for attaining enlightenment that had been forgotten since the dark ages. His purpose is to draw people closer to God and direct them to live their lives in accordance with God’s desire.

helps with breathing exercises, the practice of yoga, streamlining one’s life, distancing oneself from worldly possessions, shielding one from religious persecution, fostering clear communion with God, conquering or diminishing addictions and desires, and so on.

2. Buddha, Also Known As “The Awakened One” Or “The Enlightened One,”

Buddha experienced two contrasting ways of life: that of a wealthy prince and that of a recluse.

He said that living “the middle path,” or practicing moderation in all aspects of one’s life, was the secret to happiness. His teachings further elaborated on the concept that one might achieve pleasure through achieving inner serenity. Meditation is the primary method of mental training that he advocates for.

helps one achieve inner peace, global peace, joy, spiritual development, compassion, tolerance, acceptance of life’s challenges, recognition of the bigger picture and the path of life, and understanding.

3. Devi, The Mother Of All Things Universal

a deity in Hinduism who is seen as the manifestation of God’s feminine essence. She is capable of being calm and caring, yet she is also capable of becoming a furious fighter. She guards a vast number of settlements and bestows good fortune and flourishing careers on those who worship her. The vanquishing of a buffalo demon is widely seen as her crowning achievement.

helps with the cleansing of the body and mind, the letting go of and detoxification from addictions, the discovery of a life and career purpose, the experience of being nurtured and protected, the rebuilding of the body after experiencing inner exhaustion, and all aspects of interpersonal relationships.

4. Diana, The Roman Goddess Of The Moon And The Hunt

Diana is a representation of chastity, and she was worshipped as a goddess by women who wanted to have children easily and who wanted to conceive. She is said to have been tall and stunning in appearance, and she often posed as a young lady with an age range between 12 and 19 years old.

assists with the reproduction of animals, pregnancy and delivery, painless labor, twin or multiple births, lesbian worries, connecting with elements, the capacity to remain concentrated on a goal or desired end, and the stamina to go the distance.

5. El Morya, Known As The Master Of The Will Of God

The character of El Morya was inspired by a real person called Ranbir Singh, who lived in Kashmir in the 1840s and was the son of the region’s monarch.

Because of the love that he had for Jesus Christ, he is regarded as one of the most important saints in the Church. His teachings transmit the idea that you cannot achieve discipline on any of the other rays without first devoting yourself to doing the will of God.

helps in making decisions by having trust in oneself and one’s convictions, remaining true to those beliefs, having stability, being grounded, having energy, and being psychically protected.

6. Guinevere, Goddess Of Love And Relationships, Of Fertility, And Of Motherhood

Mother, flower maiden, and crone are the three roles that Guinevere plays in the Celtic pantheon. She bestows fertility on the land, wealth upon the people, and inspiration upon all living things. The meaning of her name is “white shadow.”

helps with discovering and deepening romantic love, challenges affecting women, letting go of envy and impulses for vengeance, comprehending the cycles that relationships go through, and the need to maintain a healthy balance.

7. Jesus, Also Known As Jeshua, Is Both Lord And Savior

Jesus is the only child that God has ever had with a human mother. He came to earth as a result of the incomprehensible love that God has for the creature that he made. He led a life similar to that of every other man in that he was subject to the same kinds of temptations. However, he was able to overcome his natural inclinations and live a faultless life of obedience by overcoming the temptations of his body.

helps facilitate clear contact with God, spiritual guidance and direction, challenges pertaining to faith, forgiveness, bringing one’s inner beauty to the surface, healing of all types, the ability to actualize one’s desires, and miracles.

8. Kali, The Most Misunderstood Deity And The Mother Of Black People

The Hindu goddess of death and destruction, Kali, is often represented as a mysterious figure. But in reality, she is a loving force that assists in delivering us from fear.

She only removes those things that have the potential to deviate us from our Divine purpose or hold us in servitude, just as a mother would remove potentially harmful objects from her children.

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helps with things such as resolve, focus, drive, direction, bravery, motivation, safety, tenacity, discovering light in the midst of darkness, imparting sanctity to tough difficulties, compassion, and forgiveness, as well as the capacity to rise.

9. Krishna, The Supreme Personality

According to the Hindu Trinity, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are the three gods who are considered to be the guardians of the many life cycles that occur on Earth. As the eighth reincarnation of the god Vishnu, Krishna is revered by Hindus. In many stories, he plays the role of a romantic hero who brings pleasure and happiness to the people he meets.

helps with matters pertaining to romantic love, interpersonal relationships, vegetarianism, gardening, the purification of food, happiness, and realizing one’s spirituality.

10. Quan Yin, Or “She Who Hears Prayers,” Is A Chinese Deity

Quan Yin is a lovely Chinese goddess who is worshiped for her mercifulness, compassion, and protection. She is also renowned as a well-known teacher of Eastern divinities.

It is often believed that she hears and responds to each prayer that is offered to her. She had such a profound love for people that once she attained enlightenment, she decided to keep her human form rather than become a Buddha so that she might continue to serve others.

helps with clairvoyance, empathy, feminine grace, elegance, beauty, and strength; compassion, tenderness, and sweetness towards oneself and others; receiving and giving love; musical ability; protection for women and children; spiritual enlightenment and gifts; and being grounded in the midst of turbulence.

11. Kuthumi, A Renowned Psychologist And Advocate For Young People, As A Sponsor

Saint Francis and Pythagoras are two of Kuthumi’s prior incarnations, among others. He established a secret school in Greece, where he taught students how to cultivate harmony in their bodies, minds, and spirits. If you discover that you are being diverted from the important objectives you have set for yourself, Kuthumi may assist you in remaining diligent. He will assist you in organizing your schedule so that it is more balanced.

It helps with concentration, devoting oneself to one’s life goal, alchemy, problem-solving, higher knowledge, conscious intention, patience, the manifestation of improbable or miraculous occurrences, and is helpful for entrepreneurs and innovators.

12. Lakshmi, The Hindu Goddess Of Wealth And Good Fortune

It is said that Lakshmi had a beauty that made all of the gods wish they could have married her. Her goal is to make everyone on Earth happy for all of eternity. She assists people in finding fulfilling occupations that may deliver both a nice income and a sense of accomplishment.

helps with happiness, finding pleasure in the face of terrible circumstances, perseverance, manifesting household food and supplies, finding balance, and clearing space in the home.

13. Mary, Often Known As The Virgin Mary And Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Mary, the most adored of all mothers, ascended into heaven more than two thousand years ago, before the beginning of her life with Jesus.

In the past life from which she ascended, she appeared as a lady who had a nomadic existence in the desert. She made several unsuccessful attempts to find a spouse before deciding to leave her tribe and live as a nomad instead. She found refuge in a cave, where she remained cloistered and devoted her time to meditation until she ascended. After that, she went back to her homeland to conceive a child as the Virgin Mary, a holy vessel who was chosen to bear and give birth to the son of God.

helps with fertility, mercy, grace, compassion, faith, miracles, and healing of all sorts; adoption of children; child-related difficulties; support for people who aid children; issues linked to children; issues related to children; support for those who help children;

14. Melchizedek, Also Known As The King Of Righteousness

Melchizedek is the holder of the complementary father energy, whereas Mary is the embodiment of the mother energy.

His task is to apply the precepts of universal law to the unity of all creation, which he sees as his vocation. He reveals himself to us in our waking dreams and during our meditative states. The name Melchizedek, which may be found in the Bible in Genesis 14:17–24 and Hebrews 5:10–7:1, translates to “king of righteousness.” In the book of Genesis, which is a record of family genealogy, neither his birth nor his death are recorded. This is an interesting omission.

It helps with things like putting an end to unpleasant circumstances, gaining esoteric understandings, getting rid of impurities, protecting against psychic assaults, color therapy, awakening, enlightenment, alchemy, wonders, transformation, miracles, change, and manifesting your desires.

15. Merlin, Often Known As The Magician

Merlin is a great ancient sage-wizard, a spiritual teacher, and a psychic visionary who advised King Arthur during the 5th century. He is also known as Myrddin.

He supports people in reestablishing a connection with the unique spark of magic that resides at the core of their being and inside themselves. He wants us to tap into the knowledge that is within us in order to bring forth wonderful creations.

Crystals, alchemy, divine magic, prophesy, vision, forecasting, seeing through the darkness, divination, energy work, restoration, healing, shapeshifting, and bending time are some of the things that it may help with.

16. Moses, The Patriarch And Prophet

We are familiar with Moses as the prophet whom God called upon to liberate the slaves and then lead them out of Egypt and into the land that was given to them. The Israelites requested that he bring them the Ten Commandments, and he agreed.

He awakens our leadership talents so that we may step up into the divine plan that has been put out for us and foster a good conclusion throughout times of variety.

helps in dealing with those in charge and negotiating with them, having clear contact with God, having courage and faith, being a good leader, remaining stable, and performing miracles.

17. Saint Francis, Also Known As Francis Bernardone And Saint Francis Of Assisi

St. Francis is revered for his deep connection to the natural world, his love and concern for animals, and his empathy for people of all walks of life.

He came from a wealthy household and later joined the military when he was a young adult, at which time he was incarcerated for his service. While he was locked up, he had a realization that changed his life forever. He overheard Jesus instructing him to forsake his life in this world.

helps with animal communication and healing, overcoming delinquency in childhood, finding a meaningful profession, ecology, discovering one’s life purpose, finding serenity and spiritual devotion, protecting or relocating a house, and protecting or relocating one’s pets.

18. St. Germain

He was known as “the wonderman of Europe,” and his name was Count Saint-Germain.

Saint Germain is considered to be the most skilled alchemist working with the holy fire. The gift of the violet flame of freedom for the metamorphosis of the planet is bestowed on him. He was a guy of many talents, including being fluent in a great number of languages, being a painter, and having psychic abilities.

His strength is in transforming everything that stands in the way of the free and complete expression of the soul into a light that is freeing.

helps with alchemy, being able to communicate comfortably with authoritative and prominent people, having courage, having a direction in life, having a reason for living, miraculous manifestations, having tenacity, psychic protection, enhancements, and space clearing.

19. Saint John Of God, Often Known As The Father Of The Poor

It is well known that Saint John is the patron saint of those who suffer from mental and physical illness, as well as those who work in the medical field. He was a follower of Jesus and a first-hand witness to the life of Christ as well as the formation of the early church. He has come to assist in the healing of mankind and to bring the awareness of Christ into the body.

helps with issues such as anxiety, sadness, healing, heart conditions, hospitalizations, happiness, joy, increasing, space clearing, spiritual devotion, and faith.

20. Therese Of Lisieux, Known As The “Little Flower Of Jesus”

It is stated that if you pray to Saint Therese, she will grant your wish to see or smell roses when she hears it. Because of this, many people consider her to be the patron saint of florists.

She was a Roman Catholic nun who also served as a missionary and was responsible for establishing the Missionaries of Charity. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the less fortunate, and in 2016, she was made a saint.

helps with things like gardening, establishing a holy place, curing any and all types of disease or injury, undergoing metamorphosis, traveling, working with airline pilots and flight attendants, and providing spiritual counseling.

21. Serapis Bey, The Egyptian Deity Of The Underworld, And The Challenge Of Confronting One’s Own Inner Darkness

The venerable teacher, Serapis Bey, is the one who guides us through the several initiations necessary for the ascension.

He assists others in their efforts to attain enlightenment on a spiritual level. He inspires others to go toward a healthier lifestyle and improve their level of physical fitness. He is much like a spiritual fitness instructor who gently pushes us to perform at our highest level.

helps with overcoming addictions and cravings, ascension, having clear communication with God, exercising and losing weight, finding peace, carrying out a destiny or fulfilling a prophecy, and overcoming inner torments in order to become positive expressions for creators, musicians, artists, and forms of art.

22. Yogananda

Kriya yoga, meditation, and chanting were all practices that were unfamiliar to most people in the Western world until Paramahansa Yogananda taught them.

It is thought that in a prior incarnation, he lived in Atlantis and dealt with people who were having trouble loving themselves. These people struggled with self-love. He works to bring people of different cultures together and integrate them, inspiring them to get an understanding of spirituality from both the East and the West.

helps to bring about peace, unification among many religious views, clear contact with God, divine love, restoration, and healing on all levels, including the physical, the emotional, and the mental.

Who of the ascended masters serves as your guide?

Ask yourself what it is that you absolutely have to know at this juncture in your life.

…because life is a lengthy journey for the majority of people, and at various stages, you will need various sorts of support and aid.

Each person has a group of ascended masters standing behind them as support. There is a group. You are not led by a single master but rather by five different ones. The name of this group is the Five Ray Team.

There are a total of eight rays of incarnation, and each and every one of us is born with five of these rays. It is thought that each soul incarnates on one of these particular beams. According to the teachings that have been planned out for your life, each of the five rays has an ascended master that is associated with it.

A Guide to Establishing Communication With the Ascended Masters

You may invoke the assistance of ascended masters whenever you have a need for insight, direction, or healing. These creatures have already amassed a huge amount of knowledge and have reached a point where they have complete control over the mental, spiritual, and physical elements of their lives.

These masters, according to the knowledge and experience they possess, have the potential to act as your healer, spiritual guide, and teacher. We have the ability, similar to that of angels, to open ourselves up to them via conscious interaction…

We need to have a deeper grasp of the spiritual realm and elevate our own personal vibration.

The process of opening one’s heart in order to initiate a connection that goes in both directions is the simplest approach to connecting to a master. The approach of asking questions and receiving responses, often known as the Torus technique, is still another method.

The masters may appear to you in your dreams, when you are meditating or engaged in intuitive readings, or even during the ordinary activities of your daily life.

Here are some pointers that might help you connect with the Ascended Masters:

  1. Find a spot of seclusion that speaks to you as being pure and holy. You may choose to do it in a secure manner, whether you want to light a candle, burn some incense, or utilize other vibrational instruments.
  2. Take a few slow, deep breaths, and then connect with a particular teacher by reciting an affirmative prayer or setting an intention to do so.
  3. In order to communicate with the master with whom you have the closest connection, all you need to do is think about that one. After that, concentrate on that idea as you think about it in silence.
  4. Toning, also known as making noises or humming, writing what comes to you without thinking in a notebook (also known as automatic writing), or listening for sounds, colors, geometric forms, pictures, or visions are other ways to access your higher self. There are many different ways to get directions.
  5. You are welcome to seek direct assistance from me on any topic that pertains to your life.
  6. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to all the entities that helped guide you at the very end.

Once you have really opened your heart, mind, and body to accept the energy from your ascended master, you will be able to tell when this has occurred. They are always there for you, but you are the one who has to let go of control and submit sufficiently to enable their presence to merge with yours. They are always there for you.

As soon as you do so, the wonderful and lovely energy that is all around you will suddenly become overpowering…

…Their power often manifests as a brilliant outpouring of light or an intensely passionate love. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to maintain an openness to spiritual energy.

Following the completion of your invocation, you will very certainly sense a rush of powerful emotions, see visions of brilliant light, or experience an increase in your level of energy. This is an encounter that leaves a lasting impression and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

You have not yet had this deep of an experience if you are unsure as to whether or not you have allowed yourself to engage with your master(s).

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