How Intuition and Inner Wisdom Can Help You Survive Difficulties?

how intuition and inner wisdom help us?

We were all born with an intrinsic inner knowledge that directs our lives, acts as an inner “truth meter,” and assists us in making key choices at critical junctures in our lives.

This innate skill is variously referred to as intuition, spiritual direction, or “gut instincts.”

Each of us has our own style of connecting to intuition. Those with artistic or musical abilities might summon their muse to inspire them with new ideas.

Those whose profession requires a great deal of physical or mental stamina might connect with their inner knowledge by pushing themselves to overcome the boundaries that generally stand between them and their inner talents.

Some of us have very busy lives and don’t have a lot of time to listen to our inner guidance. Dreams, on the other hand, are messengers who can tell us important things we might have missed during the day.

Our intuition is a powerful gift that links our physical selves to our divine spiritual core.

We can connect with our souls through this stream of light, and we can work on this connection over time through meditation, prayer, and a desire to know ourselves better.

Our intuition may be very useful at any time in our lives, but it is particularly useful at times of high stress or trouble.

Many deep emotions occur inside us when we are confronted with unexpected obstacles, such as the death of a loved one or disease.

When our regular support is gone or disrupted, we may feel unmoored, adrift, and without anything to grab onto.

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Our intuition may serve as a compass, directing us intuitively to the resources we need to overcome the challenges we face.

When our wits fail us due to overload, the voice of our inner knowledge speaks plainly and will repeat itself as many times as we need.

If we are used to having control over our lives and are suddenly confronted with a situation that we cannot handle, we may become fearful and desperate since our regular coping mechanisms no longer function.

As for intuition, though, it will always work, even in the worst of situations, because our physical bodies are always linked to our bigger spiritual selves.

Our spiritual support systems are engaged from the spiritual realms at times of hardship or disaster. During this time, our intuition or guidance grows, and the loving creatures in the spiritual worlds who watch over and guide us get even more help.

If we’ve become used to dismissing our inner knowledge, or if we’ve simply shut down the intuitive portions of ourselves due to years of neglect, it may seem as if we can’t discover the thread of light that will reconnect us to our source.

It is critical to recognize that no matter how alienated we get from our divine inner knowledge, it is always there and accessible to us.

Even if we have created walls to keep our inner guidance out for a while, they may be lifted with persistent prayer and desire.

If we have been detached from ourselves for a long time, reconnecting may often bring up old feelings, ideas, and experiences that we may have concealed from ourselves because we were not ready to deal with them.

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It is beneficial to engage in some form of regular spiritual or emotional support system throughout this re-balancing period to assist in sustaining our inner connection with spirit.

Remembering that emotions and memories from the past are coming up in order to be healed and released is one of the most difficult components of the healing process.

A support system may assist us in anchoring into our inner strength and allowing emotions and feelings to travel through us and discharge from our body, mind, and spirit.

Because there are fewer obstacles between ourselves and our spirit as the cleaning process progresses, intuition and inner knowledge are automatically reinforced.

This deeper inner connection may bring insight, freedom, empowerment, and comfort at tough times and will sustain us with more love, joy, and serenity throughout our lives.

It is a great thing to have an inner knowledge that we are meant to share with others so that we can connect with the divine and make the world a better place.

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