What Angels Are Called To Do

duties of an angel

An Introduction to What Angels Do

Many people are unaware of the nature of our guardian angels. Every one of us has one or more angels with us at all times when we are in our human form.

In my many years of working with people to help them connect with their guardian angels, I’ve discovered that they are always there for each and every one of us.

This letter from them explains what they do, why they serve us, and how we might fully appreciate their offerings.

Message from the Angels

“We are given to you as God’s gifts, the Creator’s gifts. We are the Creator’s manifestation in a form that you can more readily reach and feel.

We have been given to you to assist in carrying you onto God, into God’s love, and into the manifestation of the love inside you.

Above all, we have been given to you for the purpose of expressing your soul; the authentic, profound, and full manifestation of your soul.

We have been with you since before your conception when you were a soul in the beauty of heaven. We were with you as you decided what gifts you would give to the people of Earth.

In its purest form, your soul is pure light, pure love, and pure pleasure. The talents you have chosen to embody, carry, and bring to full fulfillment on Earth are the same ones that offer you pleasure, wonder, and excitement.

They put you in a natural state of buoyancy, of delight in giving.

We enhance your capacity to connect with the talents you have inside you. We work with you to increase your readiness to feel your own talents inside, to see and recognize them as pure expressions of love, to cherish them as holy, truthful, and pure, and yet to give them without keeping them.

Without hesitation, They are unconcerned about how they will be received. We emphasize this final point: you have no worries, no expectations, and no demands on the individuals to whom you offer your presents.

We invite you to gaze up into the skies, observing the moon, planets, stars, and limitless and infinite galaxy of stars; all of this creation spins in order for the soul to be presented in pure and genuine form.

All of this has been bestowed on you and every other soul in form.

Recognize that, regardless of your present level of awareness, the reality is endless. God is limitless. Our skills, the Angels’ abilities, are essentially limitless. Nothing is withheld from you.

Nothing is withheld from you in your duty as a real creation, as a being of love, light, compassion, care, and commitment to what you have come to earth to express.

We are absolutely unconstrained by your notions of any form of constraint. We are not constrained by time, space, location, or quantity.

This is critical for you to grasp. When you call on us to aid you, there is no lessening of our enthusiasm, capability, or presence.

There is no dilution. We are given to the people of the world to serve, aid, lead, organize, and collaborate with. There is no other justification for our being.

Please take this to heart and know that you are our whole focus. We don’t have another “day job” or other duties that you may take our attention away from when you call.

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We want you to know that angels are completely at your disposal in your current state and degree of awareness. In the precise moment of your life that you are in right now, we don’t have any preconceived notions.

We don’t have any criticism. We have no expectations for you. We make no judgments regarding whether to assist you and when not to assist you.

We have no choice in this case. That is not our responsibility. We were not formed in a state of choice or judgment. We have no idea of judgment.

We convey the Creator’s will in a shape and manner that you can readily connect with and that you can access for anything you need in the present moment.

From moment to moment, throughout your life, this holds true. We never judge you as good or bad. We never give or withhold based on any notion of what is good or evil.

Within our domain, there is no withholding of any type. All we do is offer you indefinitely, completely, and forever.

Please understand as completely as you can that the grace we hold for you, the gifts we bring for you, and the love and loving presence we carry for you are not dependent on your actions.

It is not based on your history. It is not contingent on you doing anything right now other than accepting it.

We shine our light on you in the same way that the sun shines on every plant, tree, and bush, sparing no one. The light does not distinguish between excellent and inferior plants and shines only on one.

We want you to fully understand that our love is unlimited, our gifts are endless, our presence is infinite, and that it is offered to you precisely as you are right now.

There is nothing you need to do to get this. There is nothing you need to do to get this. There is no redemption required to acquire this. There is nothing you need to do except cultivating a receptive mind.

And this, which we have just characterized as an accomplishment, is just letting go of all thoughts of restriction, lack of critical appraisal, and judgment.

Because although we are not free-will creatures and are entirely devoted to you, you are a free-will being.

It is critical that you understand that your decisions are completely respected. Your decisions are fully respected. We do not and will not impose anything on you.

Even a blessing as vital as it is for you, precious to your heart, and dear to your spirit, can only be accepted if you let it.

We want you to understand that in order to get our support and help, you must choose it for yourself, evoke it inside yourself, and milk your own readiness to receive.

You must make a request to receive it. You must be open to receiving. And yet, this is all you need to do, nothing more.”

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