10 Secrets for a Joyful and Fulfilling Life (Despite the Stressors)

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an author, yogi, and mystic, in addition to being a philanthropist. You may read his remarks regarding the “stressors” in life below, and he also provided ten tips on how to deal with them.

When I initially arrived in the United States, everyone I encountered was talking about how to “control their stress.” This was something that completely eluded me since, as far as I was aware, we handle things that are really important to us, such as our company, our family, our finances, our assets, and our offspring. Why does it seem like everyone places such a high priority on stress in the first place?


The feelings that you label as worry, fear, or wrath are not caused by the environment around you; rather, they are the result of your own faculties not following the instructions that you give them. If your mind were following the instructions you gave it, it would produce happy experiences rather than negative ones. This issue arises from the fact that you are unable to effectively manage the system that you have created for yourself. Take charge of your own being, and you’ll find that everything else falls into place perfectly.


Just because someone else is leading a happy life does not indicate that they are acting in a different manner. After he gets out of bed in the morning, he does the same things you do, and he does the same things while he goes to bed at night. However, since it is being seen in this light, his existence takes on an enchanted and lovely quality that is beyond explanation. The level of your life’s quality does not depend on how straightforward or difficult your life is; rather, it is determined by the perspective through which you see it.


It is not necessary to have lofty goals in order to maintain a frenetic pace; just being happy will do the trick. If what you’re doing doesn’t cause you any tension, you’ll be ready to keep moving for as many or as few hours as the day requires. Being pushed is overrated; the best setting for you to work in is one that combines freedom with intellect.

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The inevitable consequence that occurs when human beings fail to maintain their proper perspective on the meaning of their existence is stress. Their cognitive state has grown to such a degree that it has significantly eclipsed their existential process. That is the essential driving force behind every kind of anguish. Even if everything seems to be going swimmingly in your immediate environment, all it takes is a single negative thought or feeling to derail everything.


Your mind is the garbage can for civilization. You are getting information crammed into your mind from everyone who is walking by. You do not have a choice in the matter of what to keep and what to throw away. If you give this information another glance, you will see that it is nothing more than something that is anticipated from you; it has no connection with the person that you are.


The point of life is to make the most of what you have, to know it inside and out, and to have experiences of it exactly as they are. There’s really no need to twist it in any way. If you feel that what you are thinking and feeling is significant, then all of your attention will be directed toward that. On the other hand, this is a mental reality rather than an existential one. We do not have stress thrust upon us; rather, we create it ourselves.


In today’s world, the pursuit of happiness has become so pervasive that it puts the very survival of our planet in jeopardy. Instead of trying to find happiness, focus on learning how to fully enjoy it and share it with others. When you look back on your life, you will see that the most wonderful moments were times when you were exhibiting your joy rather than trying to find it. These are the times that will stand out to you the most.

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You cannot change the quality of your existence by changing the clothing you wear or the amount of money you have in your bank account. Rather, it is dependent on how at ease and happy you feel deep inside yourself. People who are denied their fundamental necessities are likely to suffer from bodily misery and, as a result, need their situations to be improved. However, the requirements of the majority of other people are not determined by what they have but rather by what they are doing at that particular time.


The majority of individuals are unhappy not because of the things that they lack, but rather because they are always comparing themselves to another person. This is a silly game to play. You know from your own life experiences that genuine happiness and well-being originate inside oneself. You should focus on changing yourself before you attempt to change the world into something it is not. Instead of trying to make the world what you want it to be, focus on improving yourself. Avoiding feelings of jealousy is likely to result in positive outcomes.


Let’s take a look at the many different things that have an effect on us from the moment the sun rises to the moment it sets. If you did not get enough rest the night before, it is possible that your morning will be difficult as well. It is essential to maintain your system calm in such a manner that it is not taxed by activity, since the degree to which you are relaxed is the factor that determines how much of a difference it will make. You may be completely worn out physically, but that wouldn’t put you under any mental strain at all. Simple yoga poses may be beneficial.

If you are inspired on the article above, I will share with you an amazing program that can accompany you as you embark to live a “stress-free” life!

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Live Stress Free

Lessons and strategies to battle stress, together with countless relaxation and visualization sessions, are provided in order to dissolve stress, tension, and anxiety. This program has 15 hours of programming, which includes lessons and guided sessions that may be utilized to decrease stress on an individual level, as well as workshops and seminars on the topic of stress management.

The program “Live Stress Free provides you with a wealth of information and skills and is divided into three distinct parts to help you manage stress, regulate your emotions, and cope with individuals who are negative. The guided visualization sessions, Mind Talk®, and the subliminal programs help you dissolve stress and tension on a subconscious level, allowing you to handle challenging circumstances with calmness and inner peace.

During the course of this training, you will learn how to:

  • Learn to maintain control of your responses to difficult events.
  • Try not to overreact to anything.
  • Melt anger
  • Deal with unfavorable and challenging individuals.
  • Get rid of your stress, despair, and anxiety.
  • Create calm inside your thoughts as a defense mechanism against stress.
  • Avoid being a target of unfavorable circumstances at all costs.
  • Eliminate the underlying reasons of your stress.
  • Develop an immunity to those who are always moaning and being negative.
  • Find a way to overcome your fear of failing and being rejected.

The Program Consists of Mind Talk, Subliminal Messages, Visualizations, and Lessons.


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