Karma and Meditation

Karma is deeply ingrained in the Hindu religion and is not easy to avoid. You generate this karma every time you do something, like sin, or even when you stop doing it (ex: abstinence). The accumulation of such karma follows us from birth to death.

Karma doesn’t feel like a good thing for many people because it binds them to reincarnation. But karma can also release them from the process of rebirth.

Karma is a harsh reality that won’t allow you to find peace. No matter how hard you try, it’ll always hold you back from being happy. It is much more than achieving simple external satisfaction. While the good deeds or being uninterested in action, known as our Sreyokarma, can generate karma that allows us to reach prosperity and happiness of the soul.

When we want to get a result from an activity, our desires might influence us, leading to greed and ego demons. All purely unharmful actions done with pure intent are one of the steps that will drive us towards liberation.

Little by little, those who can carry out these charitable activities without asking for anything in return realize that God repays their generous actions. What they need and what gives them peace of mind is given without asking.

Perhaps ask yourself the question, “Why?”. Why is meditation so necessary?

The external dimension relating to the physical senses is always two-dimensional, compared to the internal dimension, which relies on intelligence and mind.

The internal conscience cannot move for itself but needs the intelligence and the mind to guide it. These are related to the external world and work like oxen who pull a carriage.

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These oxen are eager to get moving, but they’ll need to be informed about taking us where we want. They need guidance, too; they should know which route will take them there. These are the paths of Truth, Rightness, Peace, and Love.

Once we’ve raised our lives to the highest status, then to liberate us from the enslaving karma, it is necessary to teach intelligence and mind’s oxen life ease. For this purpose, there are practices like meditation and repetition.

And the psyche, to guide the oxen of intelligence and mind, needs to keep them under control by taming their conflicting desires. Learning how to focus our mind on one thing will be accomplished if we practice concentration.

When the mind is made clear with meditation, it becomes increasingly conducive for the universal source, which helps burn away any sense of wrong and helps illuminate a state of happiness.

Meditation is effective in any form it may come in because real progress is made when you focus on one point to exclude others. Whenever we do a task, we need to engage and apply what we know fully.

Even if it is the simplest thing, the power of a strong focus can make a big difference.

When we practice meditation, our minds can relax & stop thinking about worldly, meaningless things.

Doing this helps us realize the Divine Essence that lives inside us, which connects us with the Divine Essence in others and guides us to connect with ourselves.

How do you know if something is good? Experience it!

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