Do You Live Two Parallel Lives at Once?

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Living a parallel existence may not be as impossible as you first thought it would be, despite the fact that it might seem like something out of a science fiction movie. Obviously, this too is dependent on how you understand the concept of “life.”

It has now dawned on me that each of us is leading a life that is a mirror image of the other. As we proceed through our trip on Earth, everyone of us is concurrently navigating at least one other existence. While some of us are living out more lives than others, we are all navigating at least one other life.

Let me explain…

Why Do All of Our “Lives” Appear to be Running in Parallel?

The More Evolved Version of Oneself (Higher Self)

Only a portion of a soul will reincarnate each time it is ready to inhabit a new body. The remainder of your soul’s energy is dispersed across many worlds and dimensions, where it is used to do various other “things.”

This aspect of you may be inactive, or it may be enjoying a fruitful and fulfilling “life” elsewhere in the upper planes of existence.

This may also help to explain how a soul that has perhaps already reincarnated into another body and another existence can still visit loved ones and give them messages in the guise of a family member or friend that they were previously recognized as.

This aspect of you that is now existing in higher realms has the potential to break off or move to a dimension that is not Earth but is reachable by people who are currently residing on Earth. This is the dimension that the higher self resides in, also known as the realm.

Within this dimension, the energy of your soul, which I have dubbed your “Higher Self,” is able to guide you and collaborate with your physical self. It is almost as if your Higher Self is some kind of spirit guide, but in reality, it is just you!

Because your higher self (soul energy) understands and is aware of your earthly journey to a far greater extent than you are when you are physically present on this planet, it is able to direct and inspire you on your path ahead. You have the ability to, at any moment, tap into your higher self and get loving direction from, well, you!

If you want to access this aspect of yourself, you won’t be able to do so until you’ve learned how to open yourself up to a higher level of awareness.

Your higher self is more of an extension of you that lives in another dimension and is accessible as a resource. In this sense, your higher self is not actually leading a parallel life in the traditional sense.

Parallel/Twin Flame

These spirits, who are known as Twin Flames, have the ability to reincarnate into two different bodies at the same time.

These bodies do not need to be of the opposing gender; rather, they may choose whatever gender is going to be most beneficial to them as they work through the challenges of real life.

The connection between two individuals who share a twin flame may be quite powerful. Many people have a deep desire to locate their twin flame because they believe that they would make the ideal life partner. However, this is not always the case.

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Because your Twin Flame is composed of the same soul energy as you, being in a romantic relationship with them may, in most situations, be incredibly taxing due to the fact that you and they have the same energy.

Although it is not necessary for twin flames to have physical contact with one another or to have a romantic relationship with one another, it is common for them to be reborn at about the same time and to be engaged in the same kind of job.

It is a sign that a soul has progressed to a higher level of consciousness when it is living out two lifetimes at the same time. This is because the soul is doing so in order to accelerate its own development and education.

Even for mature souls, living out two lives at once may be incredibly taxing, which is why it is not very likely that your soul would choose to do this in every existence.

Being a Guide

It is feasible for a soul that is already a guide or that is in the process of learning how to be a guide to reincarnate on Earth while still being able to cater to the needs of the individuals for whom they are also responsible for providing guidance.

The vast majority of this guiding activity would be carried out in higher realms, far from the awareness of the guide as they went about their human existence.

It is conceivable that the guide will have the impression that this is their job, but it is quite doubtful that they will have clear recollections of the activities in which they are assisting their pupils.

There is a possibility that the guide also functions in the person’s physical existence as a kind of educator, healer, or mentor; however, this is not always the case.

No matter which way the guide goes in their life on Earth, a portion of their soul energy will always remain in higher realms, providing support and assistance to other people while they go through the motions of their human existence.

Because the size of our soul energy is so much larger than we will ever be able to comprehend, I suppose it is somewhat comprehensible that it is able to exist in a number of locations at the same time. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything to say.

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