Born Again: Spiritual Awakening and Near-death Experiences

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Those who have survived close calls with death often describe having out-of-body experiences and having a spiritual awakening. How is it that near-death experiences may result in religious experiences that can completely change a person’s outlook on life? Is it really possible to achieve enlightenment through the process that you’re going through right now?

The majority of people have the impression that religious figures, such as saints, yogis, and lamas, are the ones most closely linked with spiritual awakening. Therefore, for some individuals, seeing regular people go through the process of spiritual awakening may be both exciting and terrifying.

Some people set out on a path toward enlightenment with the purpose of arriving there by practicing meditation, yoga, and many other rituals and traditions. On the other hand, there are those people who have a spiritual awakening just before they pass away.

Dr. David San Filippo, in an article titled Religious Interpretations of NDEs, said that a near-death experience, also known as an NDE, is a conscious experience in which the person feels a sensation of being disconnected from the physical world while they are in the process of physiologically dying. San Filippo defined an NDE as a conscious experience in which the individual dies.

According to the definition provided by Dr. Filippo, a medical definition of a near-death experience occurs when the patient is unable to breathe, which causes the muscles in the heart to fail and causes strong compounds to be released.

In addition to this, some who have had an NDE report that they were able to have an out-of-body experience, which is when the spirit or soul separates itself from the body. During these detached states, survivors may have the feeling of seeing either darkness or light, encountering spiritual and holy individuals, and, in some sense, passing judgment on their own lives.

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According to a poll that was carried out in the United States in 1991, there were 13 million people who reported having an NDE, which is equivalent to five percent of the population. The spiritual awakenings that occur following near-death experiences are not limited to any one particular country or religious tradition. A patient may have a near-death experience regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs, even if they are completely atheist.

What goes through someone’s mind while they are having a near-death experience?

The first thing the survivor experiences is a sensation of having died and being at peace. When a person dies, their spirit or soul leaves their body and travels to the afterlife, where they reunite with loved ones, friends, and maybe even angels and religious figures who have already gone on. It looks as if the spirit is ascending into the air, and it then comes into contact with a light that is traditionally connected with the Supreme Being, whether it is God or Allah.

The survivor is then in a position to evaluate what occurred in their life and make sense of it. The survivors almost always have a strong resistance to the idea of entering back into the living world. The survivors are unable to detect the passage of time or anything else that would prevent them from moving wherever they like.

The survivors of these near-death experiences often report severe psychological repercussions as a result of the events. The following are some of the psychological impacts that may also be partially referred to as enlightenment or spiritual awakening, as stated by Dr. P.M.H. Atwater in his article titled “People are dramatically changed by NDEs”:

  • Love without conditions: Near-death experience (NDE) survivors report that they transform into more kind and giving people who wonder and express themselves to everyone they come in contact with.
  • Not bound by time: People who have survived an event have a tendency to start going with the flow and disregard timetables and time constraints. They would modify the way that they think about things and place a greater emphasis on the here and now.
  • Extrasensory awareness and heightened senses were common traits among those survivors who survived and returned to the realm of the living after the event.
  • The souls who survived would develop a greater fascination with reincarnation and, despite their initial resistance, eventually come to terms with the idea of prior lives. As a result of having firsthand experience with the soul or spirit departing from the body, they are aware of the fact that the body serves just as a storage facility for the soul.
  • Communication: People who have had near-death experiences often report speaking a new language or using new vocabularies, both of which are quite different from what they had been used to saying in the past.
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Because the individual goes through a transformation and becomes a new person as a result of the NDE, its consequences might be compared to a spiritual awakening.

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