How to Access Your Spiritual Guidance

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My job experience spans the last 35 years and includes advising individuals, couples, and families, in addition to advising clients on their professional connections. I’ve written eight books on relationships and healing, and several of them have become best-sellers in their fields.

I spent the first half of my career working in conventional psychotherapy, and although the job was interesting, I was never satisfied with the outcomes. I have spent the past 18 years working with a strong psychological and spiritual healing method.

This procedure, which consists of six steps, is called inner bonding. My research led me to conclude that a genuine recovery cannot take place in the absence of a personal connection with some kind of spiritual guidance.

Everyone in recovery, whether it be from alcohol, drugs, food, spending, gambling, sex, television, codependency, or any other addiction, is aware that they will not be able to heal without a connection with their higher power, but for many people, this connection remains elusive.

In my line of work, I often come into contact with individuals who have been working the Twelve Steps for a significant amount of time but have not yet had a direct and personal encounter with their higher power. Everyone longs for a direct connection to their own spiritual guidance.

This assistance is necessary for us to continue our abstinence and to accept responsibility for ourselves. We want to know what is in our greatest good, what the proper option is in a variety of circumstances, how to create appropriate boundaries, and how to materialize what we want in our lives.

A personal connection to God, in whatever form it may take for you, should be considered a fundamental human right. But only a small percentage of us have mastered the ability to do this whenever we want and on a regular basis. However, despite appearances, it is not that difficult to do.

The spiritual dimension operates at a higher frequency than the physical plane of planet Earth, where most of us are now located. It is necessary for us to be aware of how to elevate our “frequency” before we may enter the spiritual dimension.

Imagine a room full of people who are all smiling and laughing with each other and giving love as a method to get a better grasp on what “frequency” means. This space has a sense of lightness, which corresponds to a high frequency; in contrast, a room full of furious and uptight individuals has a sense of weight, which corresponds to a low frequency.

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The question now is, how can we increase our frequency? There are many things you can do to assist yourself in raising your frequency, but none of them will work unless you have the intention to learn with Spirit about loving yourself and others. There are many things you can do to assist yourself in raising your frequency.

When it comes to increasing our frequency, the most potent instrument at our disposal is our purpose. In every given instant, there are only two viable intentions: either to learn with God or Spirit how to love yourself and others, or to guard against your own sorrow and escape responsibility for your emotions.

When our goal is to shield ourselves from harm and steer clear of unpleasant experiences, we look to our many addictions to exert power over not just our own emotions but also those of others and the outcomes of situations.

When we have the intention to learn, we attempt to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions by figuring out what it is that we could be thinking or doing that is unloving to ourselves and others, as well as what it would mean to love ourselves and others.

You may attempt many different ways, including prayer, meditation, and chanting, in order to raise your frequency, but if your intention is to protect yourself rather than learn, none of them will be of any use to you at all. The reason for this is that whenever we have the intention of shielding ourselves from suffering, our hearts harden so that we are unable to experience whatever it is that we are experiencing. A heart that is not open to God cannot receive his presence.

When we arrive on this earth, we are individually endowed with the capacity to exercise our own free will. This indicates that we have the freedom to choose our purpose, whether it is to be open or closed, loving or unloving, shielded from suffering, or accept responsibility for our emotions.

Even though the love that is God is all-powerful, it is unable to enter a heart that is closed off to it. The love, power, and wisdom of God cannot enter your being unless you select the intent to learn about loving others. In the same way that the air you breathe cannot enter your lungs until you take a breath, God’s love, power, and wisdom cannot enter your being until you take a breath.

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When you have a genuine, unadulterated desire to learn something, your frequency will naturally increase. Without the will to increase your frequency, none of the things that I advise below will raise it. Having said that, once you have this intention, the acts that follow may assist you in raising your frequency even more.

Put some effort into using your creativity. God has given you a wonderful capacity for creativity. Moving into your imagination allows you to elevate your frequency, which in turn allows you to connect with the wellspring of your creativity and inspiration.

It is very necessary for us to be willing to delve into our imagination and to trust it in order to be able to connect with our unique spiritual guidance. It’s possible that when you first start utilizing your imagination to boost your frequency and connect with God, you’ll get the impression that you’re simply making things up since you’re using your imagination so much.

However, if you take the risk of believing what you believe you are “making up,” you will find that it is really flowing through you from God rather than originating from you. This will become clear as you continue to trust what you think you are “making up.”

Maintain a clean state in your physique. Your body is a complex energy distribution network. Your frequency will drop if the energy in your body is slowed down by substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, coffee, sugar, heavy foods, an excessive amount of food, or foods that have been tainted with pesticides, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or any of the other thousands of chemicals that are added to meals.

  • Pray: Your frequency may be raised by offering sincere prayers of thankfulness and asking God for assistance in repairing all of the barriers to love.
  • Chant: You may open yourself up to higher frequencies by singing in general, as well as by praying, chanting, and using mantras that include repetition.
  • Dance: You may be able to access higher frequencies by engaging in rapid repetitive movement, such as the drumming dances performed by Native Americans.
  • Spend time outside in the fresh air: A city has a much lower frequency compared to the surrounding natural environment. You may boost your frequency by being in nature, namely among plants and flowers, in water (such as a river, stream, or lake), or high up on a mountain or in the desert.
  • Listen to some uplifting spiritual music or classical music.
  • Engage in imaginative and artistic pursuits. Increasing the frequency requires you to go inside your creative imagination.
  • Make use of incense or engage in “smudging.” Incense has been utilized for raising the frequency of a space as well as inviting a spiritual connection for ages. To cleanse the energies in a space and increase their frequency, a practice known as “smudging” makes use of the smoke produced by burning dried herbs like sage, pine, cedar, and lavender, among others. The practice of smudging dates back thousands of years and is practiced by indigenous peoples all across the globe.
  • Turning on the candlelight. Even candlelight has been used for thousands of years to purify the atmosphere and elevate the frequency of sound.
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If you make it a practice to check in with yourself many times during the day and ask, “What is my purpose? When you ask yourself, “Am I trying to control something, or is my deepest desire in this moment to learn about loving myself and others?” you will start to grasp purpose.

This will ultimately take you to a place where you can hear, feel, and see your own unique spiritual guidance.

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