You Will Never Be Free of Your Problem

Information Regarding the Spiritual World: You Will Never Be Free of Your Problem

“I am having a significant issue with my romantic relationships. Could you perhaps assist me in solving this issue, Sir?It just won’t seem to go away,” the young guy told the spiritual guru. “I’ve tried everything.”

The young guy had achieved a great deal of success in his professional life, but he was unable to solve the problem he was having in his personal relationships.

He seemed to be terribly upset and had completely lost control. The wise old man answered, “I cannot assist you in getting rid of your problem; however, there is one thing that I can do for you……”

“I can help you get out of the problem.” The young guy became more perplexed at this point. The wise man continued to explain what he meant by “getting out of the problem,” and he smiled the whole while.

Whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation, there are always at least two other people engaged in the matter. You are a member of that group. Because the other person or partner does not accept your answer, you are having a tough time getting rid of the issue.

This is the reason you find it difficult. You have no say in the choices that he or she makes. This causes you discomfort, and you are unable to find a solution to the situation.

You expend all of your work in the hopes that he or she will embrace your ideas, and you even make some concessions along the way, but the other person is still not interested in following your method of doing business.

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Unfortunately, there is not much you can do, and this makes you quite upset. You do not want to take the drastic measures of breaking up with your lover, and as a result, you do not know what to do…

On the other hand, there is another approach that may be used to solve the same issue. There is always a way out of a difficult situation, even if the issue cannot be resolved.

The procedure is as follows: Your mind is the source of all of your problems, including the sorrow, grief, and anxiety you feel. It is your mind that is responsible for your happiness, and it is the same mind that is responsible for your unhappiness.

Therefore, the degree to which you are hurt will diminish to the extent that you are able to teach your mind to become emotionally detached from the source of the issue. The issue would still exist in the outside world, but beyond a certain point, it would no longer bother you.

It is rendered weak in the face of your formidable thinking. The internal world does not exist outside, as it should, but rather within, where it should never have been.

The exterior world is real. Building an internal kingdom inside yourself in which you are the king and every other person or issue must seek permission from you before entering your kingdom is one method for increasing the strength of your mind.

The longer you continue to give the issue attention, the worse it will become. You are making a far bigger deal out of your external situation than it really is, and it is getting worse every day.

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You, on the other hand, have never made even a single attempt to construct a rock-solid support system inside yourself that is capable of addressing all of these continuing issues.

The first thing you need to do to solve an issue is to emotionally remove yourself from it. This is how you may find a solution. It is a beautiful experience, and the benefits are really satisfying. You really should go through with it.”

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