Stress Eliminating Affirmations

Stress Eliminating Affirmations

Our ideas bring forth the world that we experience. The following are some affirmations that may help you create a reality that is more positive, joyful, and rewarding for you.

A. With Regards to Capability and Safety

1. Worrying about an issue won’t fix it; only taking action will.

2. The fact that I consider some issues to be problematic is the only reason why I consider them to be such.

3. No matter what challenges arise in my life, I am equipped with the inner capacity and resilience to overcome them.

4. I am able to handle any conceivable challenges that may arise in the future.

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5. I have a strong sense that I am protected and safe in all circumstances.

6. Even while I make my own honest effort, I put my life, my family, and the outcomes of all of my efforts in the hands of God, or the universe, to judge in a way that is wise and fair.

7. Life provides me with precisely what I need in each and every moment, in each and every circumstance, in order to be happy, to live my life and purpose, and to develop my spirituality.

8. I am capable of succeeding in any pursuit that is essential to me since I am clever and have the necessary skills.

B. In Regards to One’s Own Worth

1. My sense of self-worth is not based on what other people think of me or how much I get done; rather, it is a product of my inner being, of who I am.

2. The outcomes of my efforts are dependent on a wide variety of elements, including my own efforts, among other things.

3. My sense of value does not rely in the least on any other aspects of my life, including my IQ, riches, my house, my attractiveness, my abilities, my career success, the success of my children, my ability to attract people of the opposite sex, and my ability to form friendships, disciplines, or “spiritual” pursuits.

4. Despite the fact that I am not flawless in what I do and that I sometimes make errors, I am nevertheless deserving of love and respect.

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5. The degree to which other people agree with me or are pleased with me has no bearing whatsoever on the value I assign to myself.

6. The way other people treat me has no bearing whatsoever on the value I assign to myself.

7. The amount of effort put in by other people, the manner in which they put in that effort, or the opinions others have about me have no bearing whatsoever on the value I assign to myself.

8. My sense of value does not derive from my gender, religion, or socioeconomic status; rather, it is a reflection of my divine essence.

9. I am a morally upstanding and respectable human being.

C. Love and Freedom to Choose

1. I have deep regard and affection for all people, including my parents and other members of my family, but I do not feel any need to shape my life in accordance with the views or values they hold. I try to conduct my life in a way that is congruent with the core values and beliefs that guide me.

2. I am solely accountable for my own motivations and how I act toward other people; I am in no way responsible for the realities of other people.

3. I am the only one accountable for the world I live in. I carry complete responsibility for all that I think, feel, and experience throughout my life.

4. I am alone responsible for the integrity of my intentions and the quality of my work; I am not accountable for the outcomes of my efforts or the impact they have on other people.

5. Every living thing, including myself, is deserving of my love and respect.

6. I have an understanding of the concerns that lie behind the unfavorable acts of each individual.

7. I am unrestricted to be who I am in each and every moment.

8. No one may restrict my freedom unless I have a compelling reason to need their assistance.

9. True freedom is being free from restricting fears, wants, and incorrect ideas about yourself.

10. True freedom is the power to act in a manner that serves my own soul’s growth and development in the context of the process of evolution.

11. True liberty is the ability to live at peace with oneself and with others and to find joy in life regardless of the circumstances or the actions of other people.

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