Old Souls: The 6 Fascinating Myths

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Old Souls are people who like to be alone, who are philosophical and knowledgeable beyond their years, and who, like other social oddities, have a tendency to be mislabeled and misunderstood by a society that is blind to the beauty that exists among its own kind.

Old souls sometimes have the experience of walking through life with the impression that they are on the outside looking in, which may lead to their more mature temperament and view on life being questioned and condemned.

In this blog post, we will investigate six typical “myths” linked with the Old Soul temperament in the hopes of gaining a deeper understanding of popular but incorrect conceptions of this personality type.

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Here Are Some Common Misconceptions About Aged Souls

The Following are the Six Most Common Misunderstandings About Old Souls:

Myth 1: Old Souls are Slackers and Scumbags

The truth is that most of us want lives that are plain and straightforward.

There are many old souls that disagree with the way society should be. The Old Soul does not place any significance or attraction on wealth, material goods, or social position since these things are understood to be fleeting and only provide momentary satisfaction.

Why do such things when one can live a life that is uncomplicated and stress-free rather than wasting time and energy on academic degrees, employment rivalries, and ongoing debt? Because of this, a significant number of old souls make the decision to either labor in menial occupations that pay little or choose not to work at all.

Why, if money is the source of all evil, should you let it dictate the course of your life? The old soul would much rather use this opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Myth 2: People With Old Souls are Antisocial Narcissists

The truth is that most of us want to be alone and keep to ourselves.

As was said in one of my prior articles on old souls, a significant number of old souls have a propensity to be solitary or loners by nature. In a culture that places a high importance on social stimulation and extroversion, it is easy to see how this personality quirk may be seen in a very unfavorable light.

Old Souls have a tendency to enjoy their own company since they are able to conceive their finest ideas, compose their best works, and produce their best creations while they are alone. Old Souls have a strong desire to achieve spiritual self-actualization, which is what drives their insatiable need for solitude.

When people are searching inside themselves for significance and satisfaction, other people may often become obstacles or sources of diversion.

Myth 3: Old Souls are Full of Superiority and Arrogance

The truth is that we were born with an experienced and wise outlook on life.

When it comes to young old souls in particular, being true to their actual self sometimes results in a great deal of criticism from others.

What would anyone, and particularly one who is in their middle years or older, want to listen to a young man or woman who seems to be delusional about the significance of life? Especially if they are clothed in clothes that seem to have belonged to their parents or grandparents!

It is easy to see why many young old souls are judged according to what is considered “normal” for their age, and as a result, they end up falling short of what society expects of them. Because of this, there is a common misconception that people with old souls are “affected,” “artificial,” or “conceited.”

Myth 4: People With Old Souls Have Mental Impairments

Truth be told, we like taking our time to ensure that everything is done correctly.

I would want to express my gratitude to the members of the Old Soul Group on Facebook for sharing their stories, which served as the basis for this story.

These experiences, in addition to my own, have shown that old souls, in general, have a tendency to be quite careful. They often need more time to finish things because of their high level of sensitivity and concern for the world.

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Old souls are characterized by the fact that they put a significant amount of their time and energy into the people and endeavors they care about. Unfortunately, this might make them seem “slow” in the office, which can give the impression that they lack competence and intelligence in comparison to their coworkers who operate at a quicker speed.

Myth 5: People Who are Insecure or Egotistical and are Attempting to be Distinctive are the Ones Who Invented the Term “Old Soul.”

The experience of having an old mind and heart is often referred to using the term “old soul,” which is a real thing.

It’s easy to see why some people are skeptical, especially when they ask questions like “how can you calculate the age of a soul?” This is complete and utter hogwash.

Whether or not you subscribe to the reincarnation and soul age ideas that are associated with this group of people, the sensation of having an old soul is something that can only be experienced by a certain subset of the population as a whole. A sense of “mere familiarity with things,” “having been here previously,” and “having the sense that one has grown up and cognitively aged” is a subconscious experience that can’t be successfully evaluated by the conscious mind since it is a feeling of “feeling matured and mentally aged.”

Old souls do not have the perception that they are superior to other people, nor do they necessarily struggle with feelings of insecurity. They use the phrase to simply explain how they see themselves inside.

Myth 6: Old Souls are Unapproachable and Unfeeling

The truth is that we have a tendency to have a dispassionate yet sympathetic perspective on life.

What is the purpose of being too connected to anything, given that everything, including both good and terrible things, people, and belongings, is temporary?

A lot of the Old Soul’s acquaintances, lovers, and family members are taken aback by how disconnected they are from the worries of the outside world. It is easy to see how this may be disconcerting, and perhaps a bit disturbing, for some people. However, the old soul still has a sensitivity that is difficult to comprehend, and they often exhibit characteristics that are similar to those of the empathetic.

Even so, the Old Soul, who is a constant watcher of life, has a propensity to have a “been there, done that” mindset, which a lot of people, including the Old Soul himself, find perplexing. Old souls are less likely to experience difficulties such as backstabbing, gossiping, or arguing; addictions; troubles with money; and other day-to-day challenges.

The Old Soul is presented with more difficult existential challenges as the appeal of their bodily life wanes. It is possible that this is why Old Souls often experience feelings of exhaustion and world-weariness.


If you are interested in learning more about old souls, you may find out how old your soul is by taking an ancient soul test. The test will tell you how old your soul is.

Feel free to leave a comment below sharing any ideas, thoughts, or views that come to mind!

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