How to Change Your World: Raven Shifting Technique

The Raven Shifting Method – 9 Steps to Shifting Your Reality

Many individuals employ reality-shifting techniques either to attempt to escape reality or to try to create the reality that they wish. As a result, reality-shifting methods are becoming an increasingly popular topic to discuss online.

Since it is so simple to carry out, despite its high level of efficiency, the Raven Shifting technique has become one of the most often used reality-changing techniques.

In this article, I will discuss the common misunderstanding that the Raven Shifting Method is risky, as well as provide a more in-depth explanation of what the Raven Shifting Method is and the steps you need to take in order to test it out. In addition, I will dispel the myth that the Raven method is difficult to master.

What Exactly is the Method Known as “Raven Shifting”?

The Raven Shifting Technique is a highly well-known reality-shifting technique that enables one to not only mentally visit the reality of one’s choosing but also actually bring about the reality of one’s choosing via the technique’s employment.

The term “reality shifting methods” refers to techniques that may be used to mentally shift from one person’s “current reality” (CR) to another person’s “desired/dream reality” (DR).

Even if you are just utilizing the Raven Shifting Technique to mentally visit the desired reality, it is possible that this reality may eventually become your present reality—so long as it is a reality that is compatible with the three-dimensional universe in which we now reside. This is my opinion.

If you’re one of the many Harry Potter enthusiasts who finds themselves mentally traveling to Hogwarts, you should know that it’s quite unlikely that this will ever become a reality for you.

You may, however, allow yourself to mentally appreciate your visits to Hogwarts whenever they offer you happiness and contentment if you do it on a regular basis.

But watch out that you don’t start mixing together different aspects of your reality.

Since I am aware of the sort of power that the human mind has, the reason I believe that whatever you picture has the potential to quickly become your reality is because I know how powerful the mind can be.

If a person visualizes what they want in their lives with faith and purpose, they may bring about whatever it is that they are envisioning in their lives.

If you desire to move to a different reality, such as one in which you are healthy and abundant, for example, you may utilize the power of intent you already possess in conjunction with a reality-shifting technique to bring your dream reality into the one you are now living in.

You may also try doing these reality-shifting visualizations during a new moon in order to accomplish this goal. The energies of a new moon have the potential to assist you in manifesting whatever it is that you want in a more expedient and timely manner.

How Does the Raven Shifting Technique Affect the Reality Shifting Process?

Follow these steps to alter your perception of the world around you with the Raven Shifting Method:

1. Ensure that you are sufficiently exhausted.

In order to successfully complete the Raven Shifting Technique, you will need to sleep.

Hence, if you are not the kind of person who can fall asleep at any time or place, you need to be sure that you are exhausted before you try to sleep.

It is possible that in order to accommodate this need, you will need to get some exercise before attempting the Raven Shifting Technique, or you will need to have an early start on the day that you want to use it.

The goal is to have a state of mind that is conducive to changing your reality as well as a level of fatigue that will allow you to fall asleep while meditating.

2. Lie down in an area that is calm and serene.

You will need a location that is appropriate for the reality-shifting technique in order to test it out.

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This refers to a spot where one may become comfortable, rest, meditate, and fall asleep without being disturbed by other people.

So, you want a spot that is both private and pleasant.

Make sure that no one walks in on you while you are doing it, and also make sure that the room in which you are doing it is pleasant—that it has a comfortable bed, that it is quiet, that it is the appropriate temperature (warm or cold), that you may burn incense if you need to, and so on.

It is essential that you be aware of the fact that the Raven Method requires you to lie on your bed in a posture similar to that of a starfish, with your limbs spread far apart and not touching your torso.

You will be able to relax more completely and enter a more profound level of meditation if you do it this way.

3. Play some music for meditation or listening to hidden messages.

Playing some music that is conducive to meditation or subliminal entrainment might be of assistance while you are attempting a Reality Shifting Technique for the first time.

You may locate a great deal of songs similar to this on Youtube.

Your brain is able to more easily enter the theta state when you listen to music specifically designed for meditation. This is the state in which you are able to both imagine and manifest.

In order to help you materialize by increasing your self-confidence, subliminal music or sounds are phrases and affirmations that are taken up by your subconscious mind, which is the most potent portion of your mind.

Depending on their content, subliminal messages may be either beneficial or detrimental (similar to the ones that are used in advertisements to persuade you to purchase something).

You may discover subliminals with a beneficial effect on YouTube, such as affirmations that “manipulate” your brain into believing it is capable of doing everything you set your mind to.

So, playing these subliminals in the background during your reality-shifting process may both speed up the process and make it more successful.

4. Calm your body.

After you have assumed the starfish position and activated the meditation music or subliminal messages, the next step is to begin gradually relaxing each of your muscles, exactly as you would normally do before beginning a session of meditation.

Relax your muscles from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes, starting with the muscles at the top of your head, moving down to your face and shoulders, and finally finishing with the muscles at the bottom of your feet.

Imagine and sense how each muscle in your body relaxes, and give your whole body permission to become supple and unstiff.

Maintain your concentration on your breath, and all of the negative energy will eventually leave your body.

Clear your mind of any and all ideas that may be running through it, and direct all of your attention into the process of shifting your reality.

5. Begin to count while simultaneously reciting your affirmations.

The second phase of the Raven Shifting Technique also happens to be the most crucial one.

You need to begin counting up to 100, and between each number, you need to say changing affirmations to yourself.

I recommend that you count slowly and deliberately, that you make an effort to feel each number and each affirmation, and that you begin with the shortest and simplest affirmations, saving the more involved ones for the end.

“I am moving” is an example of a basic affirmation, whereas “I am opening the doors of my preferred reality” is an example of a more intricate affirmation.

Affirmations that help you alter your reality are called “shifting affirmations,” and they are the affirmations that get you closer to making that shift.

You should also attempt to imagine that you are ascending a staircase during the whole procedure and that with each step you take, you are getting closer and closer to the summit of the staircase.

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6. Immediately begin to imagine yourself living the life of your dreams.

As soon as you have reached the number 100, you should immediately begin imagining your desired reality in as much detail as you possibly can.

Imagine what the setting is like, who else is there with you, how you appear, what you’re wearing, how you’re feeling, and other details related to the situation.

Try to see all of these things while also feeling the delight and excitement that would come from experiencing them; this may help bring your goals closer to becoming a reality.

7. Utilize your intent.

Adding the powerful purpose of turning the desired reality into a reality is an additional stage that plays a significant role in the Raven Manifestation Technique.

Naturally, this is something that can only be accomplished if the reality in which we find ourselves and the reality that you want are compatible with one another.

The only thing that can happen if you attempt to manifest anything out of the ordinary, such as living in the world of Harry Potter or traveling back in time to the 5th century, is that, over the course of time, aspects of that period will somehow arise in your life, but you will never be able to completely materialize it. For example, if you try to live in the realm of Harry Potter,

If, on the other hand, your desired reality is something that is tangible and within your reach, such as having a vehicle or being happily married, then using the Raven Reality Shifting Technique will most certainly assist you in reaching your DR more quickly.

8. Fall asleep.

You will get a sensation of having “shifted” after practicing envisioning your dream reality for some time.

You won’t be able to put into words the sensation you’ll have when you’ve “arrived” at your desired reality, but you will recognize it.

It will be similar to an instinct alerting you that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

When you have this sensation, let yourself fall asleep with it rather than trying to fight it.

In this manner, you will have an experience of your desired reality while you are dreaming, and you may even wake up in an entirely new reality, one in which the thing you were attempting to manifest is already taking place or will start taking place very soon.

By doing things in this manner, you’ll be able to put the Raven Method to work for you in the same way as Vadim Zealand’s Reality Transurfing Techniques do.

9. Time it so that it coincides with the new moon.

If you wish to apply the Raven Way to change your chosen reality into your present reality, this last step is not required but may be quite helpful.

It is to go from one reality to another while maintaining one’s integrity.

Recall what I stated at the beginning about the Raven Shifting Technique being utilized in two different ways: either to just mentally explore another world or to make that alternate reality your own reality.

You will need to have intent when you are picturing in order to make it a reality for you, and you may attempt the meditation around the time of the New Moon, when the energies are most potent and can assist you in manifesting whatever reality you choose.

You may think of this as an additional piece of advice; it is a White Magic secret that has been carefully preserved for hundreds of years.

If you decide to put it into practice, you also need to be aware that there may be certain steps you need to take after the manifestation that are referred to as the spiritual price. These steps might include things like praying or fasting.

The emotional and mental toll that must be paid is proportional to the spiritual goal being pursued.

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If you wish to get back in touch with an old acquaintance, for instance, the spiritual price may be to put yourself in a vulnerable position and let them know that you miss them.

If you want more money to materialize in your life, one spiritual price you may have to pay is to put in a few additional hours of effort per week.

When the manifestation has taken place, it is important to pay attention to your intuition because it will guide you through the process of paying the spiritual fee.

Is It Safe to Use the Raven Method?

On the internet, a lot of people have been wondering whether there are any potential risks associated with using the Raven Technique.

According to what I’ve been saying, the Raven Shifting Technique may be used for two different things. The first is to mentally leave the present and go to a fantasy world, and the second is to bring about a certain outcome in the present moment.

As a result, I am going to discuss both approaches to using the Raven Technique in a separate section.

To begin, I want to make it clear that there is absolutely no risk involved in using the Raven Technique in the appropriate manner.

The only risk involved would be if, for instance, you used it to escape your reality but then lost touch with your current reality and began to believe that you were living in a world that did not exist. This would be the only instance in which this risk would arise.

On the other hand, this should not take place if you do not suffer from a significant mental or emotional disorder, such as schizophrenia or depression.

If you have ever suffered from a mental illness that is characterized by delusions, such as schizophrenia, and you are currently taking medication for your condition, I strongly recommend that you do not attempt any reality-shifting methods. This is because your brain may become more sensitive to images and begin to confuse different realities.

If you have struggled with serious depression within the last six months, my recommendation is that you put off using any Reality Shifting Technique for the time being and instead wait until you have fully recovered and are in a healthy emotional state.

The only “risk” that may arise if you use the Raven Shifting Technique to attempt to manifest anything into your life is that you won’t pay your spiritual price and won’t follow the road that your intuition is directing you down, and as a result, your dream reality won’t materialize. You might even wind up a little farther away from it and have to put in more effort to get there in the future.

The Raven Shifting Technique is not harmful; rather, it is something that is extremely useful and may either offer you the life that you desire or help you relax and expand your imagination. If you want to use it, it can do any of these things for you.

Yet, just as with any other spiritual approach, you need to make sure that you fully comprehend it and put it into practice correctly.

If you suffer from a mental disease that is based on delusions and need strong medication, it is generally better not to employ the Raven Shifting Technique since it is not appropriate for everyone and because it is similar to other spiritual methods in this regard.

Leave a comment in the space below for us to read if you’ve used the Raven Shifting Technique in your own house, and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

In addition, if you think that this post has provided you with valuable spiritual information and that you have enjoyed reading it, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Your opinion is important to us, and we want to know how you feel after reading a piece.

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