Vision Board Checklist to Create Your Ideal Life

The Vision Board Checklist For Manifesting Your Dream Life

Have you ever thought about what the perfect check list for a vision board might look like?

Because you are reading this post, I will presume that you, like me, are sick of leading an unsatisfying life, going to a job that doesn’t provide any opportunities for growth, and being in relationships that aren’t satisfying.

Or maybe you are fed up with the fact that you do not have enough money, that you are struggling with your health, or that you have been driving the same old automobile for the last ten years.

It doesn’t matter what element of your life you want to alter; if you create your own vision board, you can take the first step toward making your aspirations come true and living the life of your dreams.

Even if you want to make major changes to your life, you can greatly benefit from creating a vision board. In fact, I would go so far as to say that creating a vision board is the first step toward making significant life changes, because the first step in making a change is figuring out what you want to accomplish.

When it comes to quotations, “when you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t achieve your target” is one of my favorites.

At this point, a dream board may be quite helpful because, for one thing, it forces you to put things into perspective, and for another, it compels you to consider and decide upon the things that you really want to do in life.

It also exhorts you to marshal all of your resources — physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological — in order to work toward realizing your goals.

Continue reading this post if you are interested in learning more about what a vision board is and how to make one. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the function of a vision board as well as a checklist for the ideal vision board.

Understanding the Role That a Vision Board Does in Your Life

You may use a vision board to help you attain the life of your dreams by manifesting it, or you can use it to help you improve one aspect of your life that isn’t working well enough at the moment.

You may be wondering how a vision board might influence the course of your life.

Working with your vision board forces you to concentrate on the things you want, which increases the likelihood that you will be able to bring those things into your life.

The concept is straightforward: a vision board is a visual depiction of the things you want to bring into your life.

In order for you to make effective use of the vision board, you need to have an understanding of how a good vision board is built as well as how to utilize it.

The purpose of a vision board is not just to make one and then put it away, but rather to use it in a methodical and efficient manner after it has been created.

How to Make the Most of Your Personal Vision Board

The following are some suggestions that you should keep in mind if you want to make the most of your vision board and successfully bring into your life whatever it is that you want:

1. Spend at least a few minutes every day looking at your vision board

I would recommend establishing a practice in which you spend at least ten minutes gazing at your vision board as soon as you get up and again just before you go to sleep. This should be done with the aim of bringing into your life the things that are shown on your vision board.

2. Give the impression that everything on your vision board is already in place

You need to get your emotions engaged when you’re staring at your vision board with the intention of manifesting the things you see on it in your life.

As you look at your vision board, you should not just be gazing at it but rather imagining yourself with whatever is portrayed on it and feeling as if you already have it. This is what it means to “look” at your vision board.

Let yourself experience the happiness that you would feel if you already had those beautiful things in your life, and allow this sense of happiness to mingle with the purpose of bringing these things into your life so that you may feel the pleasure that you would feel if you already had them.

3. Reflect on the vision board you created for yourself

Meditation on your vision board is an additional stage that should not be skipped if you want to use a vision board effectively to bring your ideas into reality.

This meditation is quite similar to the daily visualization that I was describing before; however, it ought to be more in-depth and potent than the daily visualization.

You can concentrate on your vision board by first glancing at it before you begin your meditation, then shutting your eyes and playing a mental movie in which you already own everything that is on your vision board.

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In addition, you need to incorporate your feelings and your objective into the meditation.

The Checklist for Your Vision Board to Build Your Dream Life

1. Being aware of your goals and aspirations

As I’ve remarked in the past, the first step in living the life of your dreams is to have a clear mental picture of what that life entails.

In addition, you need to be as detailed as is humanly feasible.

Choose first what aspects of your life you value the most, then work backwards from there. Is it love, a relationship, money, a certain career, a celebrity, or something entirely else?

Whatever it is, before you begin creating your vision board, you should have a firm grasp on the characteristics of the life you see for yourself.

I recommend that, before you choose your photographs, you first identify what it is that you want to manifest and develop a list of those things. This will help you make sure that you don’t overlook anything significant in the process of manifesting your desires.

As you are composing your list, it is extremely important to be really honest, and you shouldn’t simply add random items to it. It is necessary to highlight this here since it is very significant.

When I say this, what I mean is that in order for you to materialize anything, you need to want that thing with all of your heart.

The manifestation is not going to take place if all you do is add items that you are aware are socially desirable or that someone else desires for you.

So, before you write down that list, evaluate what it is that your heart genuinely wants, and ask yourself what it is that you believe would bring you the most joy.

Because they are the things that are most likely to come into being as a result of your actions.

2. Photographs and quotations showing your aspirations and objectives

The next phase, after the selection of the things that you want to bring into your life by determining what your heart really wants and removing any insincere aspirations, is to start searching for photographs that portray those things.

Before the invention of the internet, getting the photographs that we needed required a significant amount of time and effort since we had to physically go through a variety of publications in the vain hope of stumbling upon the one we were looking for.

But, these days, we can discover practically any image by doing a search on Google; thus, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this incredible resource in order to obtain any photo that you could want.

On the other hand, finding photographs of certain objects may still be a little bit challenging.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that you desire to bring love into the world.

As love cannot be held in one’s hand, it will be up to the individual to choose what the concept of love means to them.

It may be an image of a heart, or a pair kissing and holding each other, or you could even photoshop your face next to the face of a loving person or a person you genuinely like; however, I do not recommend manifesting certain individuals.

The objective is to concentrate on the concept of love and to make use of any picture that is meaningful to you in terms of love and that assists you in bringing more love into your life.

You won’t run into any issues if you want to bring into existence a red vehicle or a beach home since the internet is loaded with photographs of these things, but if you want to bring about more abstract ideas, you’ll need to be creative.

Additionally, while selecting your photographs, don’t forget to pick with your heart instead of your brain. Choose the image that moves you the most and best represents who you are.

3. A Presentation Board

After deciding what you want to bring into existence with the help of your vision board and selecting the appropriate images for each of those things, the next step is to choose a board or a location where you can display them.

You may put them on display using a corkboard, a dry-erase board, a wooden board, or even a vision board desk pad. Other options include using a carton board or a wooden board.

If worse comes to worse, you may merely tape them to your mirror, your ceiling, or the door of your closet; nevertheless, I propose a location where you can easily glance at them while lying down, ideally from your bed or your normal meditation position, so that you can easily concentrate upon your vision board.

4. Adhesive or Tape

After selecting your photographs and deciding where or what they will be shown, the next step is to choose how you will affix them to the surface.

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You may secure the photographs by using tape, particularly if you decide to place them directly on a closet door, ceiling, or mirror. Alternatively, you can use glue, stickers, board pins (if you’re using a corkboard), or whatever else is convenient for you.

You should simply keep in mind that your vision board ought to be appealing to the eye. To that end, you shouldn’t select anything that seems unattractive or cluttered; instead, you should put some thought, energy, and time into making a beautiful vision board that is aesthetically pleasing and that motivates you. You should only make a cluttered vision board if you believe that this style most accurately reflects who you are.

5. Pens/Markers

Quotes that motivate you and have some bearing on the goals you want to accomplish may (and should) be included on your vision board.

Instead, it might include uplifting and inspirational affirmations that will assist you in reaching your objectives more quickly and that you can also recite while you are engaging in the vision board visualizations and meditations.

I am giving you my strongest recommendation that you use these affirmations in the process of bringing about the life of your dreams because I am certain of their power.

You have the option of printing these affirmations or leaving some vacant spaces between your photographs so that you may write them by hand using a pen or marker in a color of your choosing.

Writing things down while pouring your purpose into the words may work better than printing them out, but the option is yours, and whatever you choose should be a good one.

6. A secluded area in which you may post your vision board

The very last thing that you will need to decide for your vision board is where you will hang it or attach it.

This means that even if you did it on a display board, you still need to make sure that the board is stored in an area that is both secure and easy for you to access.

Regardless of whether you have already connected your vision board to a display or you are just now creating it and want to glue it to a closet or your ceiling/mirror, I recommend that you choose a quiet area for it since you may have guests who start asking questions about it.

You are free to hang it anywhere you choose if the inquiries do not upset you in any way.

If, on the other hand, you feel that it would be embarrassing to explain to people what is on your vision board and why you have it there, then I suggest that you either put it somewhere that not everyone can easily see it as they enter your room or simply glue it to a display board so that you can hide it whenever you need to.

When it comes to finding the ideal location for your vision board, one factor that is more crucial than maintaining your privacy is being able to examine it while lying down in an environment that is both peaceful and pleasant.

This way, you can picture it and concentrate on it without any interruptions, which is important since interruptions have the potential to disrupt the process and reduce the effectiveness of the work.

7. A predetermined course of action

Last but not least, you need a strategy in order to bring the life of your dreams into existence.

Since manifestation is not just meditating and expecting things to miraculously fall into your lap but also performing the appropriate activities at the appropriate times, it is important to keep that in mind.

It is not necessary for you to have a strategy in place before you begin utilizing your vision board. This is perfectly acceptable.

Yet, as you continue to utilize your vision board, the universe ought to signal to you about wonderful ideas, plans, and activities that you can do to bring into your life what it is that you want to manifest. These may help you bring about the changes you want.

For the sake of illustration, let’s imagine that you are manifesting your ideal career.

Your practice of meditation on your vision board is unquestionably going to pave the way for you, clear the way, and make it possible for you to have whatever it is that you want.

You will not, however, get hired by the business of your dreams just because you meditated in your room; you will still need to do the necessary physical acts, such as mailing your CV and attending the interview.

The same is true if you are trying to bring love into your life.

The appropriate person will come into your life as a result of working with your vision board, but you will still need to take some action to become close to them, such as texting or becoming friends with them.

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Any manifestation work you ever perform will demand that you take some specific, physical steps in order to bring your dream life into reality.

This is because manifesting your ideal life includes both spiritual work to align you with your goal and physical steps to make it a reality.

How to Make Your Own Personal Vision Board

When you have selected the appropriate photographs for your vision board, you may create it in one of two ways.

The first method is to print each photo separately in the appropriate size (which you will need to determine based on the dimensions of your display board or the location of the display) and then glue them next to each other on the designated object, leaving space for writing your affirmations and quotes.

If you choose this method, you will need to determine the dimensions of your display board or the location of the display in advance.

If you decide to go in this manner, my advice is that before you begin the job, you create a mental map of how you want to organize the board.

This will ensure that you have the vision board that you want at the conclusion of the process.

Printing a collage that you’ve made using computer software like Photoshop or CollageMaker to combine all of your images is the second method for making a vision board.

You may use this method if you already have some photos printed.

If you are familiar with how to use such computer software and how to incorporate your own quotations and affirmations, then this will work most effectively for you.

But, even if you do not know how to add text to a collage, you can always be creative and write your affirmations on a few post-it notes, which you can then put on your board.

This is something you can do even if you do not know how to insert text into a collage.

You are free to use any method that is practical for you; the only criteria are that you should like it and that the board should ultimately be an accurate reflection of who you are as a person.

You might also pick some physical things that are symbolic of what it is that you wish to materialize and place them on the board or position them nearby.

Gemstones, coins, lamps, pendants, jewels, ornaments, and other items that have personal significance to you may be used as protective emblems.

These items may have been presented to you by a close friend or family member, or they may have been purchased at a location that has a special place in your heart.

Also, you may opt to hang it or set it on an altar, surrounded by power emblems and lamps, and you can paint or decorate the display board’s frame as it inspires you.

You can also write symbols or sigils on it or do anything else that you believe will aid in your manifestation and best express who you are as a person.

Topics and Classes That May Be Seen on a Vision Board

It goes without saying that a vision board may contain everything you want it to since its purpose is to construct both your life and the life of another person.

Having said that, I just want to quickly discuss the key categories that are included on a vision board.

Individuals utilize vision boards as a law of attraction method to materialize their ideal relationship, ideal profession or ideal business, ideal amount of wealth, ideal physical health, and so on.

You may be as precise as you want, such as by wishing for a new pet, longer hair, the newest iPhone, or a closet full of beautiful outfits to materialize.

You can bring about whatever you want as long as you keep your attention fixed on the things that you want most in the world.

Do not make the mistake of trying to bring into existence a home just because your mother believes that you need one or a partner simply because you are in your late 30s.

If you put your attention and energy into the things that excite and motivate you the most, I can guarantee that you will eventually achieve those goals.

Have you ever attempted to make a “vision board” for yourself? If you answered yes to the question, what results did you see from utilizing it?

I would really appreciate it if you shared your experience in the comment box below. Moreover, please let me know how your understanding of vision boards has increased as a result of reading this post and whether or not it has helped you bring your ideal life into existence.

In addition, if you found this post on what a vision board is and the ultimate vision board checklist helpful, please let us know. We place a great deal of importance on your thoughts and insights.

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