Religion and Spiritual Awakening

what is the difference between religion and spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening has Nothing to do with Religion

Spiritual awakening refers to a person’s consciousness or awareness of being, the understanding that one exists, rather than their faith. As some people believe, spiritual awakening is unrelated to religion.

When people hear the word spiritual, they automatically assume it is something for religious or extremely spiritual individuals. Different religious beliefs have their interpretations of spiritual awakening.

The majority are founded on their own set of religious teachings and values. Through meditation and self-actualization, some people have attained spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual awakening, according to them, is the elimination of any layers or barriers that cover or obscure our inner selves.

It is experiencing the sensation of serenity, quiet, fulfillment, and completion. One individual described it briefly: it’s like waking up after a massive bump to the head. Of course, that is an overly primary way of describing the experience. 

Spiritual enlightenment is not the be-all and end-all. It is, in reality, only a stepping stone to making a difference in the lives of others and the environment in which you live.

Spiritual Awakening is the Realization of One’s True Nature

Suppose spiritual awakening is the discovery of your actual self. In that case, spiritual healing is gathering all of the good physical, emotional, and spiritual qualities and putting them to use to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

It is critical that this individual spread this incredible energy to others to promote spiritual healing. Some faiths encourage or even require people to complement spiritual healing with prayers and visits to their Church.

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They are adamant that prayers will supply or strengthen the principles they require to achieve, repeat, and sustain spiritual awareness.

Church’s Ideals: Path to Spiritual Rehabilitation?

For Christians, spiritual awakening occurs when they realize they are sinners and begin to repent. They have learned that God is the one genuine route.

Returning to him and adhering to the Church’s principles is the way to spiritual recovery. Of course, this is merely one religion’s interpretation of the core of spiritual awakening.

One cannot state that their perception is incorrect because the experience is entirely subjective and depends on judgments of what should and should not be.

Those who are less susceptible to religious influences now feel that meditation can lead to spiritual enlightenment. Inner peace and tranquility can be obtained via effective meditation.

Healing is also a possibility. However, meditation is merely the first step toward spiritual enlightenment. Some individuals feel that to acquire real enlightenment; one must proceed further into the process.

Meditation may take several forms and practices. There’s mantra meditation, which requires you to repeat a particular sound that appeals to your mind before entering a meditative state.

The trataka meditation technique requires one to focus his attention or mind on a specific object rather than on sound. Several religions have employed this strategy in the past.

On the other hand, chakra meditation is more of an energy-based meditation in which the objective is to open the chakra points in the body to attain a higher degree of awareness waking.

Spiritual Awakening as a Precondition for Spiritual Healing

Faith and spiritual awakening are linked. Spiritual awakening is a prerequisite for spiritual healing in various faiths. However, the understanding of spiritual awakening differs based on religion and the approach and tactics used.

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But one thing is sure: spiritual awakening leads to a more positive attitude on life, making a living in this world happier and contented.

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