Spiritual Channeling: What is It? (Quick and Simple Guide)

what is spiritual channeling?

Spiritual channeling is a process where you can initiate your communication with departed loved ones or spirit guides. You don’t need to be contacted by them to receive guidance this way.

Information is often scarce, but it can be insightful. Different points of view will prevent you from forming stereotypical opinions and narrow-minded ideologies.

Many channelers seem to continuously have the same entities or even a particular entity repeatedly, discussing a spiritual subject and related wisdom.

You can start exploring Channeling today. It’s beneficial to your personal growth and requires determination but is not difficult or impossible to master.

People who practice channeling don’t need years of special training. Still, it does require the ability to clear your mind and invest trust in yourself.

What is the Background of Spiritual Channeling?

In ancient times, priests and priestesses of the temples, psychics, and seers were the central energy channel from the unconscious to nature spirits. Witchdoctors and shamans were also seen as a source for working with spirit guides for specific individuals.

As civilizations and cultures have come into existence, so have we seen mystics, or as they are known in the field of parapsychology, “trace channelers.”

Although some individuals are considered “psychic,” they can provide information that is not received through normal means. These individuals tap into a different dimension and consider this their primary method of obtaining information.

This art form has continued to thrive and is now available to almost anyone with the right attitude. Shamans and priests have kept it alive until this day, and no one can deny their contributions.

The Purpose of Spiritual Channeling

Channeling is an approach to helping you develop into a healthier and more confident person. This can be done by meditating to allow personal solutions to come forward.

There are times when you need to do something to make a particular decision. Sometimes, your guide will be there for you when you need help seeing the options, making decisions, and finding genuine solutions.

Making channeling and the spiritual world a part of your medicine should not be confused with someone who has an intention to contact the dead and ask for their help.

What is a Spiritual Medium?

A medium has a connection with spirit and uses that connection to provide advice and guidance. They are in a deeper state of consciousness than their normal state, which allows them to use the energy that spirit provides.

Some spiritualists may feel an intense feeling of love or bright light, or maybe even a sense of reaching the highest potential when they meditate. However, this depends on what each individual believes happens when they reach that state and where/how they are doing so.

These are thoughts or images that don’t come from within them, and they speak in a way that is different than their normal thought process.

Channeling is one of many spiritual practices that offer opportunities to experience growth and greater awareness.

Channeling is not practiced as an end in itself but as a part of the channelers’ deep desire to be close to the great spirit and serve as an instrument for expressing the higher planes of consciousness.

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Spiritual channelers themselves don’t want glory; they feel privileged to be a part of the healing process.

How to Maintain Your High Vibration to Channel with Spirits

Have clarity when you can reach a higher vibrational source, maintain clear contact with it, and ground yourself as you do so.

The inner state that happens during a session seems to be relaxing and also brings new perspectives for you out of this altered state.

Suppose you are taking alcohol, medication, etc. In that case, right now, your connection with divine spiritual guidance can be disrupted due to the feelings of illness. It would be best if you only worked when you and your body are in top condition.

Your spiritual guide is there to help you see yourself through their perspective, which is an integral part of reaching your true potential.

For most people, accepting the truth about their essence is not as easy as it might seem. They inherently resist what is true for fear of losing control in a sea of change.

However, the more time you spend with yourself in self-introspection, the stronger you will be in your realization, and life will go on at a higher level of sense and awareness.

The key to living a life of love is accepting the truth of who you are. Once that happens, past traumas start to dissolve, and your day-to-day reality aligns with what you truly desire and your higher self.

Your peace and joy show that you’re on the correct path.

How to Work with Spiritual Channelers

When you work with a group that desires spiritual growth, you can achieve the best results by focusing on love and healing. There is plenty of energy to go around to benefit the group.

All channelers end up filtering the information and are significantly involved in deciding what comes through them. The purest forms of these messages come from a unit of pure energy comprised of total awareness and understanding.

When channeling, mediums express the messages they receive from their higher selves in a symbolic form that is easier to understand. So it will take on an earthly shape.

Energy is translated into words to get across a message. This process inevitably alters the message.

If you want somebody else to provide input, you might want to try sitting down with your instincts and asking them for advice. Keep it positive and choose someone you trust who makes you feel comfortable and accept yourself.

Channeled readings are a common occurrence in our society. You must try to separate your anxiety from the person channeling it.

If you experience discomfort or pain from working, it may be wise to work with someone else.

Before the session, feel free to ask questions. You may want to know the session’s focus, whether you can ask questions, and what results other people have received. Please ask permission from the host or moderator before taping any sessions.

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When replaying your recording, you’ll hear more about what’s going on and learn more about yourself. Try not to give in to many judgmental thoughts during the sessions and just let everything flow as it happens.

Don’t accept any statement that doesn’t resonate with you. Ask for more information or set it aside for consideration later.

Self-love is essential, so if you are pushing away positive statements about yourself, that can be a clue that you need to work on your self-esteem.

Before concluding, try to verify it with your inner voice. Let it go if you get no sense of internal confirmation about a statement.

Remember that when you’re channeling, it allows you to reclaim your authentic self-identity and brings about a sense of healing and safety.

Spiritual channeling helps get rid of fears, understand your options, and move forward confidently.

Pointing out your spiritual gift, telling you when you’re on the right track, and confirming your intuitions can give you the support to be yourself.

Preparing to Channel

I found that practicing channeling with others was more straightforward than for me alone. However, taking time for solitude and meditation is also essential as this helps strengthen your connection with your spirit guides.

Whether alone or with someone else, take some time to sit quietly. Create a sacred space for yourself by lighting a candle; you can also burn some incense.

Visualize and feel the white light from the heart flow into you. Breathe deeply and focus on the breath to give your brain a job (Sometimes, the busy brain needs a job).

You can tell your mind to focus on your breathing, which helps to quieten the mind.

How to Connect With Your Guide

Whenever you feel at ease and disconnected, try telepathically calling out to your angel or spirit guide for assistance. It can be done as a subtle reminder that you should be seeking help from higher powerholders when struggling.

You can see in your mind that a beam of light is beginning to radiate from the angel or spirit that guides you in the form of love. Feel this love and open your heart fully for them to enter.

Once that bridge of energy is made, imagine a second beam of light radiating from their third eye.

You should feel the flow of energy between your third eye and their third eye in your psychic senses. This skill you have helps strengthen the telepathic communication link.

Feel the love and enlightening energy your guide has for you if you’re at ease. There’s nothing to be afraid. Nothing to fear or worry about.

Feel free to invite your guide to come and blend with you. Just join them and feel yourself merging into one with someone else. It’s a great experience!

You will not be harmed if you let your guide come close. They abide by the principles of love in the spiritual realm and want to help you feel better.

It was an intense moment as my guide came up to me and became one with me. We were one for a while, as if we shared the same space.

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A clear mind can help you get into a state of oneness and love. Your spirit guides will always bring in tremendous loving energy and use their skills to help prevent you from going into darkness.

You should soon find yourself feeling comforted, soothed, and uplifted.

If you have any fear or are uncomfortable, go back to the beginning and focus on bringing in white light. Ask again why you’re afraid before starting.

If you feel any fear or feel uncomfortable, go back to the start and focus on bringing in white light. Before you start again, ask yourself why you are afraid.

Try to get rid of fear and understand that you have complete control over what enters your energy.

You are working with your guide and angel. Your guide and angel offer you loving, healing energy and valuable insight from their unique point of view.

Many people are doing something that strengthens their souls and helps them flow with life more effortlessly. Many people are starting to use guides and angels as a way to reach enlightenment or happier times in life. You can now access higher dimensions and feel a sense of being connected with your guide or angel if you want.

One way to deepen your relationship with your spirit guide is to reach out and tell them how much you appreciate all they do. Talk to them without expectation but trust that they hear everything you say.

They will reply to you, and it just takes an open mind for you to communicate back. They may communicate by feeling, vision, or words.

Practice makes perfect. Messaging speed is dependent on how much you practice. Some people may find it slow to begin, but don’t give up–as the more you use it, the faster it will become.

Keep a journal, a recorder, or a notebook and pen handy. If you get an important message, write it down for later.

This allows you to deal with the message until it seems fully incorporated. It also allows you to share the message with others, which is an excellent method to verify your own experiences.

By doing this practice, you can get to know your guide deeper and more meaningful. In these turbulent times, connecting with your spirit guide can provide you with the confidence you require.

Even if you don’t have a specific query, ask your healing guide to send you healing energy to help you balance and revitalize.

It’s vital to note that if your voice changes tone or your writing changes, don’t be worried; this is very normal while channeling.

Remember that trust is essential on both sides. Make an effort to open your heart and accept their affection. This may be highly significant and can assist you in understanding how your guide can help you in your life.

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