Bringing a Sacred Focus into Being (3 Simple Steps)

photo of man in gray t shirt and black jeans on sitting on wooden floor meditating

During the day, we nearly never have clear thoughts or intentions.

We often shift our attention from one subject to another, to the point that it might be difficult to identify what any one of us is concentrating on over any given period of five minutes. Most of the time, our thoughts do not function in this manner.

It should come as no surprise that we have difficulty confronting things that are terrifying, unpredictable, challenging, and significant. If, for instance, you want to write a book but you can never seem to get your thoughts in order, how are you going to accomplish that goal?

Our concentration is on things that are priceless and holy. And yet, we often treat it as if it had no value at all. How would you put your precious attention to use if it really counted for anything in your life?

Permit me to discuss a few concepts that, in my opinion, have the potential to completely transform one’s life if they are internalized…

To Begin: if One’s Attention is Valuable and Holy, One Should Prioritize Things That are Significant

Which aspects of your life may benefit from a more reverent perspective? Pick a manageable number of things that are really important to you. At the time, it is things like my Zen practice, doing writing, exercising, and eating meals that are sustaining.

My life will be different if I commit the holy focus of my attention to the few things that are really important to me. Just so you know, I haven’t included loved ones, coaching clients, or team members on my list since I’m confident in my ability to offer them my undivided attention at all times.

Second: Organize a Solemn Time for Concentration

One way to think of it is as a kind of meditation, in which, for a certain amount of time, you dedicate your undivided attention to nothing but the one thing that really matters.

In principle, you might meditate for the whole day, but if that is your objective, you would likely confuse the meditation with everything else that is going on around you. Practicing extensively with this holy concentration requires setting aside time for a dedicated session in which you may concentrate without distraction.

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It is highly recommended that you choose a certain time of day for your holy concentration session. For instance, I have decided that I will perform my writing session at 7:30 in the morning today.

Then, when the appropriate moment has arrived, clear everything away. Put the amount of time that you want to spend concentrating on the timer. Inform others around you that you need their silence during this period of time. When you are finished, bring the session to an end by expressing thanks to both your practice and to yourself.

Third: Give Your Whole Allegiance to the Cause

When you have entered the holy concentration session, the term “devotion” is the one that I prefer to use. If I really care about anything, I want to show it that I love it with all of my heart and give it my undivided attention and commitment.

Why should I write if I am just going to give it fifty percent of my attention? Why should I merely give anything a portion of my heart?

Distraction, resistance, doubt, and fear are common obstacles that might prevent someone from devoting their complete attention to anything. It’s all good!

We get experience using it. Take note of the factors preventing complete dedication. What solutions do you have for this fear?

If you do not give the thing that is preventing you from reaching your goal your full attention, you will always find a way to avoid being in the unpleasant situation.

Okay, that wraps up all I have to say on this topic for now. Try it out, and then report back to me what you discover.

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