How to Recognize Your Soulmate Energy: Signs to Look For

How to Recognize the Energy of Your Soulmate, Including 30 Signs to Look For

The energy of a soulmate is described as strong, intense, and magnificent; if you have already found your soulmate, I have no doubt that you will agree with this description.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who is still looking forward to the moment when you will meet your soulmate in a magical way, the following blog post on how to detect the energy of your soulmate may be of interest to you.

You may have been doing a lot of reading on the concept of meeting your soulmate, and now you are wondering what it is like to do so as well as how you may identify your soulmate.

I think that the best method to identify your soulmate is to attempt to sense, on an energetic level, whether this person is your soulmate. Since everything in the universe is energy, I believe that this is the easiest approach to recognizing your soulmate.

If you are a person who is reading this post right now, I will presume that you are a person who has been spiritually awakened, at the very least to some degree.

This indicates that you are able to pick up on energy, and it also suggests that you might potentially meet your soul mate at any moment.

Therefore, tuning in to the energy that comes from the other person and determining if the vibe that has been established between the two of you is a soulmate energy connection is the simplest approach to discerning an energy exchange between soulmates.

Let me begin by defining “soulmate energy” so that I can help you identify when you are experiencing a soulmate energy exchange.

What Exactly is Soulmate Energy, Though?

An energy connection is created between two individuals whenever there is any kind of connection between them, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional.

This energy link serves as the spiritual symbol of their relationship, and it is enhanced each time they think about one another, feel feelings for each other, talk about each other, or have any kind of physical touch or interaction with one another.

The nature of the two people’s mental and emotional states, as well as the words and deeds they exchange with one another, determines the nature of their connection.

Also, everything they say, do, think, or feel is imprinted in the energy field of their connection and follows them back into subsequent incarnations as their relationship karma. This is because the energetic field of their relationship is part of their soul.

Karma is the result of bad deeds, words, feelings, and ideas, whereas dharma is the result of good deeds, words, feelings, and thoughts.

Having said all of this, the energy connection that exists between soulmates is very potent and robust. They often carry a significant amount of karma and dharma with them from previous lifetimes.

If you are even somewhat energetically sensitive, you will be able to quickly sense the energy of your soulmate. This is because the energy connection between soulmates is so powerful.

Having stated this, the energy of a soulmate is the energetic relationship or connection that is developed between two soulmates. This energetic relationship or connection also contains karma or dharma from previous lifetimes or previous incarnations.

The energy that comes from a soulmate relationship is often robust, passionate, loving, caring, encouraging, and interesting all at the same time.

It is precisely that kind of energy that pulls you in, but you are unable to articulate why it exerts such a magnetic hold on you.

Because our soulmates originate from the same family, the energy that we share with them is often quite magnetic.

They captivate and reassure us at the same time, making us feel both secure and at ease in our surroundings.

Having stated all of this, let’s have a look at some of the signals that you are participating in an energy exchange with your soulmate:

There are Thirty Signs that Might Assist You in Recognizing the Energy of Your Soulmate

1. A sense of comfort and familiarity

If you experience a feeling of familiarity with them, this is the first clue that you are in the presence of the energy of your soulmate.

In spite of the fact that you have only just met someone, their energy has a sense of familiarity to it, and the sensation you receive when you are in their presence is that of being “at home.”

Because you are both portions of the same soul, their energy is a part of your house, and seeing them again is practically like reconciling with someone who also shares your “home energy.” This phenomenon occurs because their energy is part of your home (the energy of the spiritual realm you come from).

2. A Deja-Vu sensation

When you have just met a person, but you experience a strong sensation of déjà-vu — as if you’ve seen them before — this is another indication that the two of you are energetically compatible and might be soulmates.

The intense impression that you have met this person before or that the events that are occurring now have occurred before but, in fact, they have never happened before is known as the “deja vu” emotion.

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You just recall their energy from previous lifetimes, or encounters in those previous lives that were similar to the ones you remember from that person’s previous life.

3. A sense of reliance and confidence

When two people are in a relationship that is meant to be a soulmate match, there is an immediate and profound sense of trust between them.

As soon as you lay eyes on this person, if they are meant to be your soulmate, you will get an immediate and unshakeable sense that you can rely on them.

4. A sense of being protected

When you feel extremely secure in the aura of the other person, this is a good indication that you have found your soulmate.

You are certain that they will never harm you, at least not on purpose, and as a result, you are able to reveal your genuine, honest self without worrying that others would criticize you for it.

5. They have magnetic properties

It is definitely important to point out that you are the only one for whom they have a magnetic pull; no one else feels it.

When you come into contact with the energy of your soulmate for the first time, it will feel like a magnet is pulling you in its direction.

You will be intrigued by them since everything about them, including how they seem, move, dress, and what they do, will attract you.

6. You have a sense of belonging

One further essential component of an energy exchange with a soulmate is the sensation of being profoundly comprehended during and after the interaction.

Because your soulmate will never condemn you or put you down in any way, you will have a lot of freedom to just be yourself with them, and you will feel secure doing so.

7. Your energies are quite similar to one another

When the energy you’re experiencing is remarkably similar to your own energy—like staring in a mirror—this is a strong indication that the energy you’re feeling is that of your soulmate.

You will get the impression that this person is “just like you” or that this is “your tribe,” and being in their presence will make you feel secure and at ease.

8. Comparable life experiences

Your life experiences will be extremely similar to those of your soulmate, which is another key similarity that you should accept about the person you believe to be your perfect match.

When this individual starts telling you about their life story, if this is the person who is meant to be your soulmate, you will be astounded by how many things in their life are much like yours or exactly the same.

9. Shared objectives

When two energies are comparable, they will also express themselves similarly in their preferences and interests. Because you are one another’s soulmates, you have a comparable or even the same purpose for your lives.

Because of this, you and the other person will be attracted to and interested in the same things; hence, you will never run out of things to speak about.

10. The sensation of being accepted

When you are in the company of your soulmate, you experience a profound sense of acceptance and inner serenity.

You will also find it extremely simple to accept them in their current state, complete with drawbacks and defects just like any other human person, but you will also feel that you are getting the same acceptance in return from them.

11. A more profound understanding that “it’s meant to be”

You will always have the secret, inner understanding that the connection is meant to be, whether it is a friendship or a love relationship, when you are in a soulmate energy exchange with another person. This is true regardless of the nature of the relationship.

You will not only be able to freely express yourself and reveal your actual honest self, but you will also feel secure making errors because you have a gut feeling that this is meant to be and that they are not going to run away at the first thing that they don’t like.

12. Interpersonal telepathy

It is common knowledge that people who are meant to be together have a profound and potent psychic connection with one another.

When you find your soulmate, you will always know how they are thinking and feeling, and then you will be able to realize that they are also aware of how you are thinking and feeling at all times.

13. Needs and wants that are in sync with one another

When you find someone who is meant to be your soulmate, you will find that practically everything about the two of you is identical, or synced.

Because everything naturally falls into place when you are with your soulmate, there will be none of those challenging periods in which your needs and desires will be fully at odds with one another. This is unless we are talking about a karmic soulmate relationship.

14. A relaxing and safe energy

The fact that the energy connection between you and the other person is not only powerful but also feels reassuring and protected is a definite indication that the two of you are meant to be together.


If this person is actually meant to be your soulmate, you will feel as if you can be completely honest and open with them about everything.

Simply having a conversation with them might make you feel better and more secure when you are upset or worried.

15. Aligned aims

When your objectives and lifepath seem to be strangely matched, this is another significant sign that the person you are dating might be your soulmate.

You won’t have any disagreements or issues because you desire different things. In reality, what you want is pretty similar, and you’ll find it very simple to create a connection with someone who shares your objectives, so there won’t be any conflicts or issues caused by this.

16. Similar life values

When discussing the things that you and your soulmate have in common, it is essential to point out that the two of you will have either the same or very comparable priorities in life.

Your soulmate’s life will be governed by the same primary ideals as yours, regardless of whether those values center on spiritual development, family and consistency, loyalty, religion, freedom, or financial success.

Again, because of this, developing a romantic or platonic connection with your soulmate is something that is really simple and straightforward.

17. Strong sexual energy

When there is also an extremely high sexual energy and attachment between the two of you, this might be an indication that you are energetically connected to your soulmate.

If we are talking about a romantic soulmate, there will undoubtedly be a sexual connection between the two of you. However, if we are talking about a soulmate relationship that is built on friendship, this will not be the case at all.

You will be able to sense this connection even before really having sex with them, as a powerful attraction that draws you towards them. This feeling will come before you actually have sexual relations with them.

18. You start to feel dependent on them

If the energy you’re experiencing has an addictive quality, this is an even stronger indication that it is the energy of your soulmate.

The energy of your soulmates will always have an addicting effect on you.

This is due to the fact that their energy is also your energy, and because being in their company is relaxing and peaceful, it is only natural that you want more of it.

19. A profound acknowledgment

There are certain individuals who can look at their soulmate and know without a doubt that they have found the one. They do not need the assistance of any other persons, books, articles, or channels to convey this information to them.

They may need more evidence, but they will always have an intuitive understanding of who their soulmate is.

20. The sensation that you have never felt this way for anybody else before

Another significant indicator that you are connected to the energy of your soulmate is the fact that you have never felt this intensely for anyone else before.

One thing about people who are your soulmate: they will make you feel things for them that you have never felt for anybody else before.

Therefore, you are in a relationship with someone who is your soulmate if you have found new ways to love and new levels of love for that person.

21. Observing Angelic Numbers

Angel numbers are divine messages that tell us what we need to know and what’s going to happen next in our lives. These messages come to us in the form of numbers.

They have been given to us for a greater reason, and that purpose is to assist us in our path toward spiritual enlightenment.

Therefore, if you are seeing angel numbers in relation to love, you should conduct some study into the significance of those numbers, as it is possible that you are seeing angel numbers that indicate you have found your soulmate.

22. Synchronicities in one’s life

When a number of life synchronicities or odd occurrences take place in order for the two of you to be able to meet or to be together, this is a solid indicator that you are engaged in an energy exchange with your soulmate.

It’s possible that one of you may miss your train or that both of you will find yourselves at an unexpected location at an unusual time and run into each other there.

No matter what it is, it will feel as if the universe “directed” or “destined” your meeting!

23. Indicators that hint in the direction of love and potential soulmates

Angel numbers are only one of the many innovative ways that the universe communicates with us on a spiritual level to provide guidance and information about the events that are going to take place in our lives.

You could also get signals from music that keeps playing in the background, from feathers, from discovering stones shaped like hearts, and from the abundance of other signs that love is all around you.

When something like this occurs, it is the universe’s way of telling you to brace yourself because you have an amazing opportunity heading your way.

24. A sense of accomplishment and success

When you are in the presence of the energy of your soulmate, a sense of satisfaction will come over you naturally.


You won’t feel anything other than contentment and happiness, along with an intuitive sense that you are moving in the right direction.

This occurs not only because, as was discussed before, the energy of your soulmate is comforting to you, but also because the very fact that you meet your soulmate indicates that you are being led on the path that is most suitable for you.

Your Higher Self will be able to sense it instinctively, which is the cause of the profound sense of contentment and fulfillment you will experience.

25. A sense of calm and composure within oneself

When you meet your soulmate, in addition to the sensation of profound contentment, you will also experience an indescribable sense of deep inner calm. This feeling will accompany you for the rest of your life.

This will be quite similar to achieving the state of Nirvana, in which nothing can disturb your tranquility and you have no fear of anybody or anything.

This occurs for a number of reasons, the primary one being that your higher self will get the impression that you are proceeding in the appropriate direction for you, which will afterwards fill you with an overwhelming sensation of calm.

26. Healing of the soul and growth of the individual

You will sense a calling on your life to engage in deeper spiritual healing and personal development when you are in an energy exchange with your soul mate.

Or, your soulmate will place you in circumstances that will unavoidably lead to the realization that they are the one for you.

This occurs because the higher purpose of you and your soulmate meeting is to assist one another in advancing along your respective spiritual paths, and in order to do so, a significant amount of personal development and emotional healing is necessary.

It is also important to keep in mind that the very fact that your soulmate is in the same room with you may sometimes be enough to initiate spiritual healing and make you feel as if you are being healed.

27. The experience of being in tune with your life’s most meaningful work

After you have found your soulmate and spent a significant amount of time getting to know them, it is natural for you to have the sensation of being divinely guided as well as being in accordance with your higher purpose. This feeling may last for a very long time.

Since finding your soulmate is one of the goals you need to accomplish in this incarnation, the fact that you’ve already done so indicates that you’ve made progress toward achieving your divine purpose.

When you are in the presence of the energy of a soulmate, you will inevitably have a sense of being in alignment and on the correct path.

28. The sensation that you are evolving towards the greatest form of yourself

When you are in the energy of your soulmate, in addition to the sensation of alignment and of being on the correct path, you will also feel as if you are progressing toward becoming the very best version of yourself.

Being in the company of your soulmate may help you feel like the most healed and powerful version of yourself; as a result, you will enjoy feeling like you are becoming the greatest and smartest version of yourself.

29. Having the experience of being linked to the Divine Source

You will continuously have the sense that you are being directed by the Divine Source and linked to it when you are in an energy exchange with someone who is your soulmate, because it feels so lovely and gives you so much strength.

To tell you the truth, it would have been quite difficult for you to find your soulmate if you did not have a connection to and direction from the universe. It is likely that you do have this connection and guidance.

In addition, the presence of your soulmate helps to enhance that connection, bringing you closer to the source and bringing you one step closer to being your higher self.

30. The sensation of having an abundance of both ease and resources

You will have a sense of being “in the flow” of life as a direct consequence of your connection to the Divine Source and your willingness to be profoundly directed by it.

This ensures that you will effortlessly go in the correct direction and enjoy a life filled with every material good imaginable.

Because having a genuine connection to the Divine Source is one of the immediate consequences of this connection, you will have the opportunity to completely enjoy abundance in your life.

Have you had fun reading this article on how to detect the energy of your soulmate? In the following comment box, we would be delighted to read your thoughts and feedback.

In addition, if you have already found your soulmate and are familiar with the way the energy of a soulmate makes you feel, don’t hesitate to share your experience with the rest of us.

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