Incredible Signs You’ve Met A Soulmate From Another Life

Amazing Past Life Soulmate Signs: 17 Telltale Signs

A soulmate from a prior life is someone with whom you are familiar from a previous incarnation, as the phrase suggests.

Since we have many soulmates in this incarnation, it is quite possible that you also had numerous soulmates in previous lives.

The first thing you need to do in order to get a handle on this subject is acknowledge the fact that our souls are eternal, boundless, and infinite.

Therefore, we are not limited by the confines of the human intellect or the material universe; rather, we are multidimensional creatures who have access to energies and pathways of insight that extend beyond these spheres.

What Exactly is a Soulmate from a Previous Life?

Someone with whom you have a cosmic connection is said to be your soulmate from a previous life. Your souls recognize each other from the numerous incarnations you’ve shared.

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The connection is holy, unchanging, and profound. It all has to do with the connection that the two of you have to the energy field of the collective consciousness.

The recollection of your link continues to exist in your DNA, and the Akashic Records are the key to unlocking this information. In addition, through engaging in activities related to conscious dreaming, practicing transcendental meditation, and pursuing other holistic and spiritual pathways,

A good approach to bringing back long-forgotten memories is to go on a fast. This is due to the fact that water purifies, refreshes, and revitalizes you, bringing you deeper into alignment with multidimensional truth.

There is a connection between the domain of the subconscious and the mind, as well as mystic and ethereal waterways.

This indicates that participating in a water cleanse or detox might be an effective method for activating both your Akashic Records and the memories that are buried deep inside you.

Now that we’ve established what a “prior soulmate” is, let’s take a closer look at the indications that you may have already been in a relationship with one.

Indications of Soulmates from Previous Lives

1. An Immediate Sense of Chemistry or Attraction

To begin with, there is an immediate and unmistakable attraction between them.

You get the distinct impression that you vibe well together, and the love vibes are pleasant.

You are attracted to each other on some level, whether it be romantic, sexual, or platonic. You feel what the other person is feeling.

Despite the fact that you will most likely experience a combination of all three of these feelings—sexual chemistry, romantic desire, and a profound, kindred spirit-friendly love—when you are with this person,

This is due to the fact that soulmates from previous lives are connected at a very high frequency.

They are a representation of the soul and the psyche, which together make up the whole, healed, and balanced person.

You will, for the most part, have numerous illuminating and deep experiences. Time is what is required in order to precisely understand what your relationship is… You will “just know” some things at times.

When it comes to immediate chemistry, the two of you flow together like yin and yang. It seems to be quite easy for you, and your personalities suit each other.

It’s possible that you’ll be able to complete each other’s sentences and instantly jam together, much like two musicians who have been performing as one their entire lives.

You can also find out that you are both on the same journey for your soul.

2. A Profound Sense of Already Knowing One Another

You get the feeling that you know them on a profound and ageless level at the same time. There is a glimmer of love that will last forever.

You could physically get glimpses of the love that you and your partner have enjoyed in a previous life, or you might feel intense sensations.

These emotions may include deep sentiments of love and passion, romance, or a longing to be intimate with the other person.

There is a clear sensation of having experienced something before!

In addition, you develop a sense of bonding and familiarity with one another via eye contact and body language. This is the point at which you realize that you already know each other.

Chemistry, a connection, passionate and sexual yearnings, intensity, and an inexorable desire are all present in the relationship. In addition, the sentiments are genuine and heartfelt in their delivery.

The most important characteristics to look out for are depth, sensuous magnificent vibrations, as well as deep emotions and sensations.

3. Are You on the Same Soul Mission?

There is no question that you both have the same soul mission, as well as the same feeling of destiny, fate, or purpose. It’s quite possible that your journeys have been almost exactly the same!

This implies coming together, joining forces, and combining the skills and traits that come from having self-mastery in order to increase the collective vibration of mankind.

or to assist in the healing of others, the aiding of animals or the environment, or the joint pursuit of benevolent or humanitarian aims.

Unconditional love is one of the most important indicators that you and another person were soulmates in a prior life. Both of you feel it passionately.

You love people, animals, and the world as a whole, as well as each other, without conditions or restrictions on that love.

It is obvious that you have developed a mature sense of empathy and compassion. Both of you are more unselfish than you are selfish, and you sincerely care about one another.

4. Interests and Activities that are Enjoyed Together

Even if you do not have a common life purpose, it is likely that you will still share many of the same interests and abilities.

When two people from a previous life are reincarnated together, they experience a harmonious and abundant flow of passion.

When you’re trying to figure out who your soulmate was in a previous life, looking at their interests and activities is a certain way to locate the answer.

Many people who were meant to be together in a previous life find each other via shared interests, social networks, or cultural pursuits.

Alternately, they could have known each other before through a common acquaintance or family.

The latter denotes an already established link of loyalty and a desire to achieve more lofty goals.

When you meet your prior life soulmate via a common acquaintance or family friend, the vibration of, or the possibility for, devotion, fidelity, and something permanent is promptly brought through.

And it is profound, of course.

In any case, one cannot deny the presence of resonance. You are on the same frequency, or wavelength, and it makes you feel good.

5. An Appreciation for Individual Liberty and Creative Expression

The desire for liberty, exploration, and new experiences characterizes soulmate connections from past lives. and a passion for expressing oneself in unique ways.

As individuals, you each have a wide variety of cultural interests and inclinations.

There is a good chance that you are gifted in various fields of understanding, including philosophical and spiritual study.

Specifically, with regard to issues of freedom of speech, you are a very creative and independent person.

A funky soul and a free-spirited energy are characteristics that are shared by past-life relationships.

Why? It’s because we’re living in the Age of Aquarius, and a lot of us are only now becoming aware of our group consciousness.

The collective consciousness of humanity is shifting on a global scale, and this implies that each of us is coming into alignment with the members of our soul tribe.

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Your partner from a previous life was probably a member of your soul tribe.

Even if they aren’t, you have many of the characteristics that are associated with this New Age, such as a sharp intellect, inventiveness, and imagination; a vibrant personality and character; a profound interest in art, music, and other forms of creative self-expression; and a passion for gatherings, including festivals, that bring us all together in peace and harmony.

As a humanitarian, environmental fighter, and speaker/teacher, Aquarius is the idealistic dreamer who has combined these aspects of themselves.

They are masters of communication and are generous with the sharing of their ideas, abilities, and insights.

6. Kind, Empathetic, and a Good Nurturer

Additionally, you both possess an abundance of loving, nurturing, and sensitive qualities.

People who have this soulmate connection have an innate sense of self-awareness, and their intuitive capabilities are at an all-time high.

If you want to know who your soulmate was in a previous life, you definitely need to be aware of the possibility that you and your potential soulmate were both empaths or extremely sensitive individuals (HSPs).

Even if you aren’t, you definitely have the capacity to empathize with others. Both of you have a high capacity for compassion.

Empathy is a skill that can only be gained by souls who have incarnated on Earth more than once.

We are intuitive, sensitive, loving, and compassionate beings who also combine clairvoyant and psychic abilities into our makeup.

Because of the intensity of both your sensitivity and your spirituality, it’s possible that you’re also clairsentient and clairaudient.

You should keep an eye out for this since it is one of the symptoms of a soulmate connection from a prior life.

7. Is Vibrant, Inventive, and Endowed with a Natural Talent for the Arts!

Obviously, the final two indicators are what make these connections between kindred spirits and soulmates so extraordinarily artfully guided.

Soulmates from a previous life are colorful, creative, and possess a certain component of creative brilliance. They are also unique, eccentric, and have huge spirits.

You exude an enormous amount of creative life power, and as a result, you probably motivate others.

There’s a chance that the person you believe to be your soul mate is really a motivational speaker, coach, educator, composer, healer, entertainer, or other spoken-word artist.

Pay attention to any one-of-a-kind presents that require creativity or imagination. This is your key to detecting the unmistakable symptoms of a prior-life soulmate link, particularly if they are shared by you and the person you believe to be your soulmate from a previous life.

Or, if they are complementary to your creative gift, the service you provide, or the ability you possess,

8. A Guru of Materialization

Soulmates from a previous incarnation are experts in the art of manifestation. They have achieved mastery over the spiritual and quantum laws, which also encompass the mastery of the multiple realms of reality.

Astral knowledge, wisdom of the self, deeper secrets of existence, subtle and spiritual forces and energies, as well as the holy essence and vital force of life, are all present and may be accessed here.

You are skilled in working with cosmic principles, holy energy, and themes, as well as the tools for manifesting and attracting what you want in life.

Additionally, magnetism flows through you.

You may either attract things to you or adopt a more straightforward, manly, and purposefully action-oriented approach. Both strategies can be effective.

9. Psychic Talents and an Understanding of One’s Own Identity

It’s possible that after a very short amount of time spent meditating, practicing transcendental meditation, cultivating mindfulness, and engaging in other forms of spiritual practice, you’ll begin to develop psychic and intuitive abilities.

The same may be said about your companion or sweetheart as well. When two people have known each other in a previous life, their spiritual abilities tend to grow and spread more rapidly.

You ignite one another not just because your souls have spent countless lifetimes together but also because you have previously met each other.

This glimmer of hope is encouraging. Through each other’s reflection, it helps the two of you discover who you are as individuals.

The capacity for conscious reflection, or positive mirroring, is heightened and awakened.

You will also notice a rise in your own self-awareness, as well as the imagery, knowledge, and symbolism that can be discovered in the astral and subtle/spiritual worlds, as well as your psychic and intuitive understanding.

10. The Ability to Communicate Telepathically

Point 9 is connected in the same way to the psychic powers that you both possess.

Imagine dolphins if you want to fully comprehend one of the most definitive indicators of soulmates from a previous life and what they stand for. This sign relates to the fact that soulmates from a previous life have a common history.

Dolphins are able to converse with one another telepathically by using wavelengths of light and supersonic sound frequencies.

They are a symbol of community, fun, and family. If you watch a pod of dolphins interact with one another, you’ll notice how they cooperate with one another.

They want to live in peace, harmony, and collaboration with one another.

They are animals with a profound capacity for love and loyalty, but they also stand as a symbol of the strength that can be found in communities and families in general.

You will have a better understanding of your unique connection after looking at this picture. Because you have been linked over all of time and space, the connection that the two of you have is very strong.

As a result, it is not limited to the domain of the physical and, therefore, the physical senses.

It goes even farther beyond all that is connected to the mind, where logic, reason, and rationality seem to be the major (or only) emphasis.

11. An Abundance of Synchronous Events

You and your soulmate from a previous life have regular synchronicities that may be rather dramatic or vivid. The occurrence of related occurrences at what would seem to be “random” intervals is known as synchronicity.

When we tune in to our intuition, advanced spiritual vision, and extrasensory talents, we are able to recognize that things are not random, despite the fact that they seem to be random.

They are related; there is a heavenly order and a natural rule that govern everything in the universe.

Therefore, experiencing synchronicities with your soulmate while they are there may assist in the process of awakening and stimulating your higher mind.

Your higher self comes to life through self-knowledge, esoteric wisdom, and “ah-ha!” moments, which are instances in which you become aware of fundamental truths.

It’s possible that you’ll catch glimpses of the holographic and timeless nature of reality, which will allow you to see into and through the cycles of the past, present, and future…

The magical and awe-inspiring beauties of the natural world and the cosmos, as well as the natural soul connection, may become more apparent to you via the process of awakening to synchronicity.

Because you have established a connection to the organic vibrational magic of the universe via your increased self-awareness, it will then assist both you and your spouse in becoming more inspirational.

In a nutshell, your capacity for self-empowerment and self-evolution will benefit from the existence of synchronicities as a sign of your link.

Understanding and greater truth can only be attained through the acquisition of wisdom.

12. The Transition from Self-awareness to Self-actualization

You and your partner, each in their own right, have been traveling the path from self-awareness to self-actualization. You have had several breakthroughs on the path to self-awareness throughout your life.

You are now in a position to actualize your full potential as a result of this.

You don’t need to spend substantial lengths of time contemplating and analyzing the subconscious signals and insights since you immediately understand them.

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Your path to self-actualization may advance more quickly and more easily as a result of this.

You don’t just think about things; you really live through them. You embody it, transform into it, and experience it with complete consciousness.

This occurs rather often in the connections and interactions between soulmates from former lives.

Relationships that are considered “normal” are determined by karmic lessons and relatively poisonous cycles that individuals must learn to outgrow and recover from.

It’s possible that both sides will have an epiphany, but it’ll take both of them some extra time to fully assimilate the information or the lesson.

However, because of your connection, you have already arrived there; you have already gone on your own path toward spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

13. A Strong Aversion to Strife, Violence, and Anarchy

You abhor strife and anarchy because, quite simply, you are aware that your future together is predetermined by the constellations.

You are, to some extent, mindful of the fact that you gathered here in order to heal and advance your awareness.

If you discover that you have a strong aversion to drama and conflicts that lead to conflict of any type, it is possible that you are reuniting with a soulmate from a previous incarnation.

You would rather be concentrating your efforts on methods by which you can unify; you don’t want to become lost in petty disagreement or unreasonable and inconsequential distortion. You would rather concentrate on ways in which you can unite.

On a spiritual level, having a great aversion to contention is a sign that you are getting closer to having complete knowledge of your connection.

14. You Have a Greater Capacity for Empathy than Narcissism

Neither one of you is a narcissist, and that goes for both of you. At some point along your path, the concept of narcissism and the narcissistic culture that modern civilization has fostered will enter your conscious consciousness.

From a timeless and quantum point of view, if you have progressed very far down your soul journey, you may even be in a position to educate others on how to recover from narcissistic abuse.

or methods to connect with your empathic nature, in addition to being aware of HSPs, which stands for highly sensitive personalities, and the many different treatments that may be of use.

A couple of your soulmate connections from your former lives have this commonality, which is that you are meant to study about this subject or perhaps teach about it at some point in your journey.

15. It’s Possible That Your Dreams May Start to Merge Together

After just a little time spent getting to know each other, it is quite likely that you will start to share your dreams with one another.

This is an eerie but lovely experience, and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that the connection and love you have with one another will stand the test of time.

When we are dreaming, our subconscious mind, our higher self, and our soul all come to life.

Therefore, sharing space in the dream realms offers up incredible gateways to shared resonance, love, healing, knowledge, connection, evolution, and so on.

It is important to pay attention to the patterns of your dreams as well as any lucid, spiritual, or astral experiences you may have together. Then proceed to discuss them. Please share your thoughts, views, and observations with me.

This is another approach to achieving oneness as well as a means to enhance existing bonds.

16. Rapidly Advancing to More Harmful Stages

In a relationship with a soulmate from a prior life, you swiftly develop despite the presence of poison. Toxic characteristics that surface throughout the process of self-discovery and healing are recognized for what they really are.

There is little to no self-denial, an absence of responsibility and honesty, and a refusal to embrace and accept what is.

Because your superior eyes are still functioning normally, you have the ability to both identify and realign.

Toxic tendencies, shadow personality traits and actions, and karmic difficulties are all up for discussion.

You’re open to self-development.

Your own personal development will be a lot less difficult and a lot quicker if you can learn to master yourself first.

On the contrary, this does not imply that there won’t be any potentially harmful or karmic cycles for you to analyze. Working together on your recovery might be seen as one of the signals that you were soulmates in a previous life.

As a result, there will be energies that are concluding and lingering that come through.

Your path together will be characterized by how well you are able to help each other grow in love rather than struggle against it. There is a role for loving oneself in this.

17. The Practice of Conscious Mirroring

In conclusion, a relationship with a soulmate involves a significant amount of intentional mirroring. You bring out the best in each other while also highlighting the aspects of each other that are less appealing.

It is possible for light and darkness to coexist in the process of healing and unification.

On the most fundamental levels, the opening of your eyes and heart to intimacy acts as a catalyst for personal development.

You and your partner have similar goals for internal and external growth, and you want to achieve both simultaneously. Because you and she are both on a journey toward enlightenment… Your spirits are familiar with one another.

Because of this, you are going to be highly open to healing energies as well as ancestral energies, shamanic energies, and subtle energies.

Awakening is a part of your journey, and it may happen either because you intentionally bring in individuals who can assist you or because you have a soul contract with people who can help you.

The most important thing to learn is that we are all one.

The practices of conscious mirroring and reflection may act as a doorway into this realm.

When you realize that your soulmate from a previous incarnation is a mirror of you, you may achieve higher states of awareness as well as self-love and love that is not conditional.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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