Amazing Facts About Spirit Guides and Angels

what are facts about spirit guides and angels

Even when you feel entirely alone, there are Divine Companions who are constantly at your side. They decided to follow you throughout your lifespan before your incarnation, from the moment you took your first breath until the moment you died.

Spirit Guides are highly developed beings that have completed the physical plane’s cycle of birth and death and are now acting as instructors and guides to further raise their vibrations. They are as “real” as you are; they just vibrate at a different frequency and live on a different plane of reality.

They work with you to help you through your dreams and intuition. That soft voice you hear is often the voice of your professors and advisers. They may also communicate with you using signs and symbols.

When I’m at a crossroads in my life or going through a personal or emotional trial, I notice feathers everywhere. In addition, I see feather tattoos, and hawks, and hear certain tunes.

It serves as a reminder to me to stay still and listen to the counsel of my own guides. The feathers reflect the energy of my guides. One of them is a great shaman, and the other is from the Angelic Realm.

Some people have one guide, while others have a plethora of them—much of this relies on your life’s route and purpose.

A teacher or professor, for example, may have numerous guides, one to lead them through the intellectual side of their vocation and another to aid them with the high emotional demands of such an essential role.

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A police officer, firefighter, or soldier is often accompanied and protected by a “team” of warriors. Much of who your guides are reflects your own particular life path.

Spirit guides are almost always loved ones who have died. Although our loved ones remain with us in spirit and maybe contacted, they do not perform the same function as a “spirit guide.”

Archangels and angels are spirit guardians that accompany certain people at all times. The existence of angels, however, does not necessarily imply that they are your spirit guides.

For a limited period, angels may be summoned in times of need to help you. If you have an archangel or angel as a guide, your life goal is likely to be complicated.

Through my expertise as a psychic reader and spiritual teacher, I’ve discovered that people on a difficult life journey often have angels as spirit guardians.

Your spirit guide is constantly with you, whether you recognize them or not. You can’t summon them or send them away since they’re a part of you and your path.

You may, however, choose to learn about who they are and what function they play in your life. You may be more proactive in your interactions with your spirit guides.

Simply inquire as to who your guides are. Put yourself in a calm, contemplative area and ask them to show themselves to you. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t figure it out straight away.

Spiritual beings often communicate via signs and symbols. You must trust your own knowledge after you have asked. Pay attention to the images that come to mind. If you meet a guy in a suit, keep him in mind; he might be a philosopher or scientist.

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You could see a Native American Indian, a Buddhist monk, or nothing at all. Maintain an open mind and intuition. Keep an eye out for items that keep coming up after you’ve requested them to divulge their identity.

If you are having difficulty determining who they are, you might seek the assistance of a professional psychic or intuitive.

Working with your spirit guides may be a powerful tool for your personal and spiritual development. Unlike physical creatures, their knowledge and guidance are not impacted by the “world.”

They exist in a higher vibratory realm, and the prosaic details of your predicament are irrelevant to them. For example, if you seek relationship counsel from your spirit guide, they will direct you to concentrate on what you are learning, what you need to learn, what you are teaching your partner, and what the actual purpose of your relationship is.

It won’t matter whether they leave the toilet seat up or are lousy at managing the family funds. The activities that you will be given will be those that YOU MAY DO to obtain a better understanding.

You may also request help from your spirit guides with physical healing. Before you go to bed, pray for healing to come to you while you sleep.

You will never be alone. Never. Have trust in knowing and comprehending that there is a great deal of magic and mystery in this world. Allow the “world” to vanish for a little while.

Raise your frequency and allow the magnificent gifts of the spirit to wash over you. There is so much more to life than what we perceive. If you open your spiritual eyes and hearts, you will find a world of knowledge, beauty, and tranquility that you were unaware existed.

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You may, of course, choose not to believe it. It is always your decision. But really, why not? Why not ascend to a higher plane of existence?

Why not have faith in magic? You don’t have to tell others, but you may appreciate the glories of spirit in your own heart.

It will engulf you in a glow of love and understanding, magically transforming you into a more connected and loving human. What would people say at the water cooler in such a case?

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