Spiritual Awakening: Knowing the Signs

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You slowly opened your eyes and began to gaze around the room. Even though everything seems to be in the same order as it was when you left it some time ago, there still appears to be some kind of difference. As you progressively extended your arms and legs, you experienced a sensation of relaxation or calmness throughout your body and mind. You are revived, re-energized, and, just generally, content.

It was a productive time spent in meditation. However, there are moments when you have to question yourself, “What exactly is a genuine spiritual awakening, and have I already had such an experience?” Some people believe that since the experience of spiritual enlightenment is so deep and transformative, it is just impossible not to have it at some point in one’s life.

However, if one has attained spiritual awakening, being aware of the indicators may assist them in realizing that they have already arrived at their destination.

A spiritual awakening is not something that happens all the time; it is something that might come and go. Consequently, it may really be beneficial if you are aware of whether or not you are moving closer to attaining it.

Now, if we base our definition on the methods of Buddhism and Christianity, we have a spiritual awakening based on the enlightenment or waking of the consciousness and recognizing their real or original selves. This is the case when we look at Buddhist and Christian perspectives.

When a person’s consciousness is able to perceive beyond the more evident aspects of their bodily selves, they have attained a higher kind of awareness. A spiritual awakening happens when a person becomes conscious of their own existence and may do so by experiencing and feeling it.

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Being able to maintain a certain degree of composure is perhaps one of the most noticeable symptoms of having attained enlightenment. People whose souls have been awakened have been shown to be more concentrated in their efforts to achieve their objectives.

They seem to have attained a level of tranquility in which their past experiences, memories, events, concerns, problems, and even their wants no longer cause confusion and pauses in their thought processes. It is as if all of the things that may serve as distractions have been put to one side and put away, which has resulted in a clear road leading from the beginning to the end.

And much like the lyrics of the song: “I can see clearly now; the rain is gone; I can see all the obstacles in my way, I can see everything that is standing in my way. The gloomy clouds that had me completely blind have lifted.”

Self-control is one of the indicators that one has begun to spiritually awaken. When a person achieves a degree of spiritual enlightenment, not only can he exercise free will, but he also understands what negative things need to be abandoned and may select the correct path solely on the basis of appropriate knowledge and sound judgment.

Those who simply bring transitory and worldly enjoyment are no longer entertained since engaging in behaviors or doing things that only provide short-term pleasure almost always results in more sorrow in the long run.

Additional characteristics of an awakened spirit are humility and love that are not motivated by self-interest. A part of having a spirit that has been awakened is having the willingness to learn, comprehend, and strive for the well-being of not just oneself but also the well-being of others.

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Pride and arrogance are not indicators of a decent person to begin with, much less a person whose spirit has been awakened, and this is especially true of the former. The same may be said of love that is not conditional.

When people’s spirits are awakened, they will begin to live in harmony not just with nature but also with one another. No distinctions of color, country, culture, or other such things would be made with respect to compassion and love.

Other symptoms of spiritual awakening include genuine pleasure, non-attachment to outcomes, the ability to correctly follow one’s intuition, and sentiments of non-attachment.

If you discover that you have any of these symptoms present in you both during and after a session of meditation, it might be good to explore the possibility that you have genuinely experienced this profound philosophical enlightenment.

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