SUBLIME LIFE: The Only Way Out

how to have a life of freedom?

We live in a congested world that is plagued with various vices in the shape of ifs, buts, and whys, among other things, all of which produce annoyance and dispute.

Our bodies are built up of the virtues and vices that we have acquired throughout the course of our lives. It is crucial to root out vices, inhumanity, and evils and assimilate virtues in order to nurture the vital components of our bodies and live a healthy, smooth, and quiet existence.

Ifs, buts, and whys, for example, are like grit that, if not quickly removed from shoes (life), can do us great harm and slow our progress.

These are usually bothersome, like specks of dust in the eyes. These are also like thorns in our feet, pricking us in great anguish.

As a result, we must remove these tares and weeds from our lives in order to prevent the crippling and dampening of spirits.

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Keep in mind that everyone must face the consequences of their own actions. It is not the fault of anybody else.

So, in order to prevent sedentary lifestyles, we must eradicate them. If we are not vigilant and do not take care to keep the vices at bay, they will eventually take on an ugly form and take away the charms of our lives.

The life that has been given to us is a wake-up call with no space for sluggishness. Swami Vivekananda once stated, “Help yourself out of yourself.” So, rouse yourself from your nap as quickly as possible.

As Mark Twain so eloquently said, “It is your human environment that creates the climate.”

Let us shed some light on our biggest vices. Lust, ego, attachment, greed, selfishness, wrath, jealousy, arguments, sloth, competition with others, biases, unbalanced views, antagonizing others, being subordinate to someone, and so on are examples.

A person afflicted with vices exhibits a lack of implicit trust and vision in everything, and his existence is meaningless and full of chinks and uncertainties, which brings him to the nether realm after gradually reducing his life.

Because of our negligence, vices infiltrate our lives in the form of bumps and potholes from time to time.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and must be eradicated before they raise their hydra heads and swallow our lives.

All types of pinching thistles must be eradicated, otherwise, life will become chaotic rather than brilliant.

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A person with such disqualification will be unstable and lack self-confidence.

A person who practices virtues, on the other hand, succeeds in life because virtues are like hemming life in spangles and studding it with brilliant jewels for smooth, healthy, and progressing sailing.

Only by honestly abstaining from vices can one obtain sterling traits.

Some of the qualities are compassion, peace, love, humility, forgiveness, determination, contentment, control and command over senses, God-realization, societal upliftment, interfaith, brotherhood, concentration, altruism, and immaculate nature, discernment, restraint, optimistic attitude, and hope.

Virtues purify our character and cleanse the soul, making our current and future lives worthwhile.

To achieve this goal, our upbringing should be immaculate, such as separating stones and chaff (vices) from wheat, for example, by winnowing and screening.

The righteous people leave everything to chance and have complete confidence in the judgments of the Almighty.

They earn through honest methods solely for a living, aid the poor, and use discretion in all their actions and dealings.

Such people utilize words that are attractive and well-crafted in their language. Their qualities are pure, offering only genuine delight and calm.

Such a person takes you to God’s kingdom, leaving behind beautiful memories in our world.

First and foremost, we must cleanse our bodies of the dross of our vices. The only way to entirely eliminate vices from our lives is to vow to do so every day, with willpower and a clear head. Imbibing this habit and directing energy, like charging the batteries of our lives on and off, will do the work for a smooth run.

The removal of ifs, buts, and whys, among other vices, removes many curls from our lives and irons out the wrinkles.

One should remember the old proverb, “As you sow, so will you reap.” All of your good deeds will be strengthened when God resides inside you.

Also, God has given us this beautiful life, and if we do not recognize Him via our virtues and insight, we have accomplished nothing.

Seeing and identifying the two sides of a coin (obverse and reverse) to decrease our fears with foresight is analogous to seeing and recognizing the two sides of a coin (obverse and reverse).

Our lives will become more melodic if we have noble attributes. In one of his couplets, Tulsidasa states, “The stupid follow the vices of the Mahabharata rather than the noble models of the Ramayana.”

Whatever stage of life we are at, there is still time to tie up the loose ends so that we may spring forward with optimism.

We must not foster false dreams and get entangled in our own self-made snares, from which escape is impossible.

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Also, we should not imagine issues ahead of time without a foundation and rationale and then behave negatively.

Wait patiently for the plan until you are ready to cross the bridge. On the contrary, because of our qualities, the Lord’s kind hands will always rest on our shoulders.

If we just amass virtues in our lives, we may not have to carry the unbearably heavy burden of vices at the end of our lives.

Diseases cannot be eradicated just via the use of medications and hospitals, as a renowned and famous laureate and visionary, Shri HanumaPoddar, has clearly said.

Disease eradication is only achievable through sense control and mental purity, which safeguard our bodily, mental, and spiritual health.

Virtue and excellent character are the unrivaled jewels of our lives. Our existence, which has been monotonous and barren, will begin to blossom.

Our ways of thinking and living change for the better. It is possible to develop into an apostle of change and transformation.

God bless you for your knowledge and majesty.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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