Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

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The answer to this question is found in another: What are you searching for?

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your life right now, Tai Chi may assist.

For over two decades, I have studied and taught the Tai Chi Health Arts. During this period, I’ve discovered that the solution to every question is inside each of us.

The above may seem to be a bold assertion, yet it is founded on facts passed down through the generations. Because of the many advantages offered to anybody who practices tai chi,

There have been several articles published on the topic. The bulk of the articles is shrouded in mystery when it comes to comprehending the art of Tai Chi.

Today, Western medicine recognizes that Tai Chi may treat a variety of diseases, and a recent report in major publications said that experts acknowledged that Tai Chi helped but couldn’t explain how.

I’d want to share with you my knowledge of Tai Chi, which is taught entirely for health reasons and is based on Chinese medicine principles.

The internal energy (Chi energy) of your body is critical to the quality of your health. Chi energy surrounds you from the moment you are born to the moment you die.

A person who has well-developed Chi energy via Tai Chi practice has relatively few ailments. That is what we are all striving towards.

Most of us have a rudimentary idea of how our blood travels through our bodies and how our organs function.

Did you know that people who have very explosive emotions often have stagnation in their liver and gallbladder? The stagnation I’m referring to is that of your Chi energy.

This is because the flow of your body’s internal energy is not freely traveling about your body and effectively supporting your organs.

My late teacher used to remark that if you lose your anger or raise your voice, you are unwell.

From the first class, the motions of the Tai Chi Form begin to work on the development of your internal energy (Chi).

Our motions are easy to learn and practice on a daily basis, and the health advantages will last a lifetime.

Our Tai Chi Chuan Form serves as the basis for all of the other components of our art. It is the starting point for everybody who wants to enhance the quality of their health.

To achieve development in any aspect of your life, you must keep your mind tranquil. If you’re tense, your thoughts won’t flow freely, and everyday life will become more difficult.

Because we teach these classic motions in a contemporary way, you will notice that your mind gets calmer as you learn the mechanics.

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Your balance and coordination will also improve as you learn the mechanics. This is because your mind is kept busy by the many times you try to do the same things over and over again.

Another important component of our arts is proper breathing, although most of us go through our days without ever thinking about it.

I was instructed in school to breathe in and draw everything in. When we examine what happens to the lungs when we utilize this style of breathing, we discover that just the top section of the lungs is utilized.

Toxins may occur and accumulate in the lower region of the lungs as a result.

When you watch a newborn breathe, you’ll notice that their stomach expands as they breathe in and contracts as they breathe out; this type of breathing allows the entire lungs to be used properly.

There are many benefits to having healthy lungs. When this happens, the rest of your body works better.

Your blood moves freely, and your body’s natural energy (Chi) moves around, taking care of your body’s internal health.

You will also notice that your mind is more attentive and thoughts come to you more quickly, providing answers to problems in your life.

Tai Chi has been shown to be quite beneficial for those suffering from breathing problems such as asthma.

Tai Chi Chuan is ideal for everyone since the motions are soft and can be practiced without tension.

People are encouraged to go at their own speed.

Remember that if you are feeling stressed in any aspect of your life today, your mind, body, and soul are not in total harmony.

People who have arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancer, and other illnesses have been helped by the exercises we teach.

Balance, circulation, knee problems, low fertility, heart problems, hip problems, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, insomnia, neck problems, M.E., M.S., shoulder problems, thyroid, stress, and other issues

These disorders will be discussed in more detail in subsequent articles.

Tai Chi is a broad topic, and the expertise and information I have to offer you have already benefited many individuals.

I have a lot of written testimonials from people who have seen the benefits of Tai Chi.

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