The Seventh Source of Abundance

The Seventh Place That Gives Us Abundance

When you’re dealing with money, it’s easy to believe that the world is harsh and unkind.

There you are, working your tail off, and it’s all money out, money out, money out, putting you always on the breadline while everyone else seems to have everything they desire.

But, just as the sun seems to revolve around the earth rather than the other way around, this is an illusion.

I’m going to show you that, despite your limited financial resources, you are much more wealthy than you realize.

And when you realize how full your life is, your financial condition will change tremendously.

We have a tendency to believe that plenty, prosperity, riches, or the flow of all good things is limited to possessing money.

No, it isn’t. Here are six more types of abundance that you almost certainly have right now, without any investment or effort on your side.

Focusing on these areas of abundance will lead to a similar change in the way you think about your money, making you rich in both money and other ways as well.

1. Abundant Creativity

Even if you don’t have a cent, penny, or yen to your name, you may still come up with a slew of brilliant ideas.

While God did not create money (it is a wholly human idea), he did create a thought-based cosmos.

Your ideas have no boundaries. You are free to have as many as you want. You can make them as ornate as you like.

Your ideas actually travel across the cosmos and, according to some, even through time.

Allow yourself to fantasize about what you can bring into this world, and you will discover how rich you really are.

More specifically, all of your money-making ideas originate in your mind. It is a massive, free, and infinitely renewable resource. Make use of it.

2. A Plethora of Choices

You are a free person unless you are reading this from a jail cell, with free will and free choices about how to conduct your life.

So, if your current circumstances aren’t what you desire, all you have to do is switch your selections for something else, and you’ll receive a new outcome.

Choose another habit, another activity, a different manner of working, a different style, a different task, a different place, or a different endeavor.

Every instant of your life, you have a plethora of options. Make an informed decision.

3. An Overabundance of Gifts

Many individuals who remain impoverished do so because they are unaware of how wonderful they really are.

They are trapped in a victim mindset, making any number of excuses for why they do not have what they want.

There’s the excuse of “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not rich enough,” “I’m not fortunate enough,” or any other remark along those lines.

The fact is that God has not chosen someone to have greater talents than others. We are all endowed with distinct and bountiful gifts.

Once you’ve discovered your talents via trial and error, feedback from others, and honest self-evaluation, you’ll find yourself in an Aladdin’s cave of riches that will give you unlimited desires for the rest of your life.

You have a lot of skills, and you owe it to God, who gave you these abilities, to discover and apply them.

4. Abundance of Health

Even if you’re struggling financially, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the glow of abundant health.

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One of the paradoxes of contemporary living is that many individuals are forced to work long hours in order to afford the antidotes to their stressed and unhealthy lifestyle.

They overwork in order to afford the vacations they need to recuperate from their overwork.

The truth is that you were designed to enjoy a healthy, flourishing life full of energy and vigor.

It is your natural right. If you learn how to live the abundantly healthy lifestyle you were born to live, people who have a lot of money might want to copy you!

5. Love Abundance

While the concept that we are all bountiful in love may seem mushy, there is no denying that, while your ability to earn has boundaries, even for the super-wealthy, your capacity to love and be loved has no bounds.

When you uncork the love stoppers in your life, you unleash such a flood of beautiful things for yourself and others that it feels like champagne all the way through.

Give and show affection to people who mean a lot to you. Instead of fearing or condemning strangers, love them.

Respect all of the creatures with whom you share our world. Every day, I admire what you do.

Most importantly, love yourself.

Don’t become too attached to it.

The most powerful force in the cosmos is love. And there are no boundaries if you simply let yourself go.

6. Abundance of Material Things

Most individuals in our present society have been indoctrinated into thinking that they are not financially wealthy until they have money.

This is essentially a cunning marketing strategy designed to enrich the perpetrators of the lie.

The fact is that God, who did not invent money, designed you to enjoy the bounty of the earth’s fruits whether you have money or not.

To experience plenty, you don’t need a huge home, a big boat, a property in Spain, a six-figure salary, and four vacations a year.

And where should you look?

It certainly isn’t in the man-made malls and supermarkets. It’s found in nature.

Wandering through a wood in the fall reveals a lot of free food.

Take a walk along the beach after a stormy sea to discover what you’ve been given for free.

Convert your modest plant plot into a summertime pantry.

When you see the beauty of nature, you’ll never think that you need a lot of money to live happily and well.

7. The Most Important Aspect of Your Financial Future…

When you focus on these six areas of super-abundance, your limitless creative ability, your infinite range of life options, your unique talents, your inalienable right to health, your limitless capacity to love, and the cornucopia of the natural world, you cannot help but live a wonderfully abundant life.

If you really think that plenty and prosperity are already yours, you will have no trouble manifesting the seventh abundance.

And money will appear as if by magic in your life.

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