What Exactly are the Crystal Children?

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People used to think that the Earth was flat, and this was their reality until someone found otherwise.

The world had altered, but in truth, it was only people’s perceptions of the world that had changed, since the Earth had always been round.

The Earth is entering a new epoch, and a new spiritual dimension is emerging inside people’s hearts. A spiritual dimension that has always been there but that humans couldn’t understand and respond to.

Pure spirit energy is on its way to entirely invade the Earth right now. Not as a powerful white light or a great holy angel descending from heaven, but via all the children of the New Time born now and in the coming years.

They are born with pure spiritual energy completely incorporated into their bodies. In the year 1995, all children were born with a pure indigo aura.

Pure crystal children were born on Earth in 2012, but we began to witness crystal energy gradually integrating into the auras of the Indigo Children as early as 2004.

Children born in 1995 and after share several qualities and beliefs that are quite different from those of their parents and prior generations.

Parents, grandparents, kindergartens, schools, and the whole society have enormous hurdles to overcome in meeting these children’s future requirements, such as education and human development.

For example, how are the children doing, what are their requirements, and what influence will they have on our society as a whole?

How Crystal Children Are Defined

Crystal children are children who have a crystal-colored aura, which is a hypothesized field of radiation surrounding the body that some people claim to be able to perceive.

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They are said to be more spiritually mature from birth than others, along with indigo children—those with indigo auras.

Some individuals feel that they have been increasing in number in recent years. These youngsters are reported to have an opalescent aura and are sometimes referred to as rainbow children.

They are known to be captivated by rocks and crystals as well.

Crystal children are considered to have global awareness as opposed to a distinct sense of self. As a result, they are reported to communicate telepathically or nonverbally and may start speaking later than normal youngsters.

In some cases, parents think it is not important that they can’t communicate with their kids because there are other ways to do so like gestures and nonverbal sounds that they can use instead of talking.

When Did the Crystal Children First Appear?

While indigo children have allegedly existed for around 100 years, with a significant surge in indigo births starting in the 1970s, the first crystal children were born around the year 2000.

Crystal children and adults may grow their spirituality to become crystals; it is considered that everyone has the capacity to acquire a crystal aura, although those born with an indigo aura have a shorter road to take.

Crystal children are considered to be serene, forgiving, and even-tempered, while indigo children have more of a warrior spirit, yet both are claimed to have psychic talents, heightened spirituality, and sensitivity.

Crystal Children Have Distinct Characteristics

The eyes of crystal children are the most noticeable feature. They are huge, perceptive, and smart for their age. Their gaze locks on you and hypnotizes you as if your soul is being exposed for the crystal children to see.

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They have endearing and enticing personalities. They often begin talking late in childhood. They are also incredibly sensitive and sympathetic. They are primarily concerned with forgiveness, harmony, and beauty.

Crystal children are said to be the second generation of humans born with the express aim of transforming the planet. They come after the indigo children and before the rainbow children.

More about their personalities and traits:

  • Crystal children are prone to psychic talents.
  • They are conscious of their inner voice.
  • They have no desire to manipulate people.
  • They have an earthy flavor.
  • Crystal children are often autistic or on the autism spectrum.
  • Sixth, crystal youngsters have a tendency to gaze.
  • They often have unusually pigmented, spherical eyes.
  • Crystal children have high levels of physical and mental sensitivity.
  • They are impulsive and may act without concern for the repercussions.
  • Crystal youngsters have a good sense of balance and like climbing.
  • They might be too loving or lack personal limits.
  • They like expressing themselves via music and song.
  • Crystal youngsters are prone to sensory overload.
  • They have a strong bodily reaction to adversity.
  • Crystal children are full of affection for their family, pets, and friends.
  • They are truthful.

According to Doreen Virtue, author of The Crystal Children: A Guide to the Newest Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children, the traits of crystal children may manifest themselves at any age between birth and the age of seven.

It is important to keep in mind that the features they show are worth paying attention to and taking care of.

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Are Crystal Children Related to Autism?

It has also been proposed that the recent surge in autism diagnoses is related to the predominance of crystal children since both crystal and autistic children are very sensitive and have difficulty speaking vocally.

It should be observed, however, that the two phrases do not merely refer to distinct manifestations of the same occurrence.

Many alleged crystal children are not autistic, and even though they are said to be calm, autism is often linked to violence.

What is the Crystal Child’s Life Purpose?

Crystal children are aware of who they are on the inside. Their self-assurance shines brightly in the eyes of others.

Crystal children may have clairvoyant and healing abilities as they advocate for love and peace on Earth.

Children of crystal are said to enhance mankind and contribute to a bigger, global purpose.

When you watch a Crystal kid express their healing energy via art, music, or the way they love, you might be transported to your best self.

Their mission is to educate everyone around them, especially the older generation.

Because of their honest and impartial style of thinking, crystal children have the ability to persuade people to be their genuine selves.

The crystal children are also said to be “paving the way for the next generation of star people, the rainbow children.”

Everyone’s life mission will be different. However, it is an irrefutable fact that crystal children offer a distinct excitement that is intended to reach out to all of mankind.

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