The Sirius Constellation: Who are the Sirians?

The Sirius Constellation: Who are the Sirians?



The name “Sirius” originates from the Ancient Greek word “Seirios,” which may be translated as either “Glowing” or “Scorcher.”

The Bayer name for the system is CMa, which stands for Alpha Canis Majoris. What seems to be a single star to the unaided eye is really a binary star system consisting of two stars: a bright white main-sequence star with the spectral type A1V, which is referred to as Sirius A, and a dim white dwarf companion with the spectral type DA2, which is referred to as Sirius B.

Approximately 8.2 and 31.5 light years separate Sirius A and its companion star. This distance might change at any time. Both the star’s natural brilliance and its relative closeness to our planet contribute to the brightness with which we see Sirius.

One of Earth’s closest neighbors is the Sirius system, which is around 2.6 parsecs (or 8.6 light years) away from our solar system. Due to the fact that Sirius is inching its way closer to the Sun during the next 60,000 years, the brilliance of this star will see a very tiny rise. After that point, its proximity will begin to decrease; but, for the next 210,000 years, it will remain the brightest star visible in the sky above the Earth.

Sirius - Earth - The Incrredible Ancient

Because of its prominent position in the constellation Canis Major, the star Sirius is frequently referred to in common parlance as the “Dog Star” (Greater Dog). The heliacal rising of Sirius signaled the flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt as well as the “dog days” of summer for the ancient Greeks.

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On the other hand, for the Polynesians who lived in the southern hemisphere, Sirius signaled the beginning of cold season and was an essential star for route planning around the Pacific Ocean.

In Ancient Egypt, Sirius, also known as Sothis or Sopdet, was associated with the divine trinity of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. This is an interesting tidbit of information. The name Sothis is represented in Egyptian hieroglyphics by a combination of a triangle and a star.


The Sirians are an alien species of kind individuals that provide assistance to the humans who live on Earth. The Sirian people are known as “Spiritual Warriors” and are regarded to be more spiritually evolved than the majority of civilizations that exist off-world.

They have their genesis in a binary star system located in the constellation Canis Major, often known as Orion’s Dog. The distance to Sirius A, the closer of the two Sirii stars, is just eight light years. They have a humanoid appearance and are related to humans via our common ancestry.

The Sirians are, in general, friendly aliens (4th-6th dimensions). Even though they are far more technologically advanced and spiritually than we are, many Sirians are profoundly knowledgeable, aware, spiritual, and loving empaths.

This is because of their empathetic nature. Because Sirius is home to one of the most sophisticated training facilities or colleges known as the Mystery Academies, to which the Ascended Masters visit, they are more developed metaphysically. This is because the Ascended Masters travel to Sirius.

Creatures from our galaxy who seek to further their spiritual education will congregate in the star system Sirius, which serves as a gathering spot for such beings.


There is a connection between our solar system and the system of Sirius, and people from Sirius have been living among us at least as far back as the Mayan and Egyptian civilizations.

They imparted a great deal of sophisticated knowledge on astronomy and medicine to the Egyptians, and they also taught the Mayan people new things.

During the era of the catastrophic event in Atlantis, they were of assistance to the Earth and its inhabitants. The Sirians were engaged in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and temples, and they are now contributing to the process of bringing about the Golden Age on Earth.


Throughout history, the majority of their emblems have been depictions of dogs and serpents.

In general, the Sirians had a darker complexion, darker hair, and darker eyes, and they were not as tall or as massive as the Lyrans. In addition, their eyes were darker than those of the Lyrans. Regarding the traits of their personalities, we would conclude that they had a strong commitment to helping others in the world.

On the other hand, the Sirians were more concerned with assisting or even occasionally rescuing humans, in contrast to the Lyrans, who were dedicated to dominating humanity. They had the potential to be very, very zealous, and as a result of this character flaw, they often intervened in situations in which they were not welcome. On the other hand, one might claim that they were zealots for humanity.

​The majority of Sirians adhere to a philosophy known as service to others. They have played a part, at various points in time, in the history of Earth, and as a result, they are interested in the job that they have done. Some members of this alien group are acting in self-serving ways, as is the case with all such groupings. These statistics are rather low considering the total number of members who have chosen the orientation of service to others. The same may be said about the Pleiadians and the Nordics.


They are a dreamlike race that lives in the ocean and are, to some degree, essentially an advanced version of whales and dolphins.

They are claimed to exist in the Christ consciousness and inhabit a solar system that is psychically highly connected to our own in a variety of ways. They, too, contribute to the betterment of Earth, but in a more covert manner, such as by influencing the cetaceans that live in the oceans around our planet.

When it comes to the history of Earth’s place in the galaxy, the Sirians play a significant role.
Aeons and eons ago, the Sirians were among the earliest extraterrestrial civilizations to arrive in our solar system.

These earliest trips to Earth may have occurred between 4 and 5 million years ago, according to certain hypotheses that have not been verified by evidence. They were only there for a brief period of time, mostly for research purposes.

The region that is today known as Latin America was, however, the site of the earliest permanent colony, which was created roughly one million years ago. It was succeeded much later by tides of colonization, not only emanating from Sirius but also from Lyra and, subsequently, from Orion and the Pleiades. These waves of colonization occurred at different times.


When these colonizations of Earth took happened…

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the Sirians began playing an increasingly significant part in the annals of our planet’s history. They ended up “forming” two different versions of humanity with the help of the Lyrans and the Pleiadians by combining part of their DNA with that of other humanoid races who were already present on Earth at the time but were not as technologically evolved as their own.

In the early days of humanity, there were a lot of disagreements between both the Sirians and the Lyrans over the location of Earth. Fights between bird people or eagle people and snake people in ancient mythology often allude to battles that took place between the Lyrans and Pleiadians on the one hand (the people of the birds or eagles) and the Sirians (the people of the snake).

A good number of them have already called Sirius home. In fact, many of them lived several incarnations both on Earth and on Sirius, frequently during the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, which were periods of time when extraterrestrial civilizations openly engaged with our forefathers.

There is evidence that Sirius was the source of a significant amount of Atlantean knowledge, such as that about crystal healing, subtle bodies, and auras. It should thus not come as a surprise that in Egyptian mythology, Isis was regarded as the best healer. She was even able to restore Osiris’ life and body after Seth had slain and dismembered him.


When thinking about the people that live on Sirius, it is important to bear in mind that the Sirian system is the home to a wide variety of galactic species, including humanoid and non-humanoid beings as well as physical and non-physical beings. The majority of these species have a generally positive attitude toward human beings.

It is essential, however, to be aware that Sirius is also home to a small number of species that adhere to an unsavory ideology and want only to further their own interests by means of imperialism, domination, and manipulation. These malevolent Sirians, who reside in the Sirius B (and Sirius C) system, are responsible for carrying out some of the most heinous kidnappings that sometimes take place.

Attributes of the humanoid Sirians The Sirian race originated from Vega, which explains their humanoid appearance.
They have black complexion, and their eyes are as dark and pronounced.

However, the Sirians who chose to remain on Earth 1) had a great deal of interaction with the Lyrans and 2) adapted to the climatological circumstances that prevailed on Earth, which resulted in their skin becoming lighter and lighter through time. (It is important to keep in mind that the aforementioned description of the physical traits only pertains to the physical, humanoid Sirians. To members of no other racial group).

The idea that the ancestors of cetaceans, including as whales, dolphins, and porpoises, resided on a planet that orbited one of Sirius’s stars for a very long time is one of the legends that has the most staying power in the galaxy. (Sirius is not composed of a single star but rather of three stars; nonetheless, the scientific community is not totally certain of the presence of a third star since it was only detected once, in the year 1929). On Earth, there are a lot of individuals who think that dolphins and whales also have consciousness, which is quite comparable to human consciousness.

Some people believe that Alnitak, among the three stars that constitute the belt of Orion, is home to another planet in the Orion constellation that is populated by cetaceans.


The History of Lemuria and Tiahuanaco (also known as Mu’Ra), Egypt, and Sumeria all Include Significant Contributions from the Sirians


Alex Collier discusses a beneficent Sirian culture called the Katayy that resides in the Sirius A system. The Katayy are descended from the Lyran people and are vegan.

In addition to this, he cites human occupants of the Sirius B system who have skin that is red, brown, gray, or black, along with reptile and ‘aquatic’ species.

The eyes of humans would be similar to those of cats.



Around two million years ago, Sirians started inserting little amounts of their own DNA into the genomes of Homo sapiens’ ancestors in order to improve their fitness. They were important in the development of our current bodies, and as a result, we share a virtually similar genetic make-up to them.

The primary differences in appearance between people from Earth and Sirians are that Sirians are typically taller than humans from Earth, have bigger and more fully developed minds, and live far longer than humans from Earth.

In point of fact, the Sirian brain contains additional lobe located above the frontal, similar to how dolphin and whale brains are structured. Because of this, they are able to have stereoscopic vision, which means that they can see the interior of an item in addition to the exterior and the opposite side in the third dimension.

Additionally, both the Sirians and cetaceans possess extraordinary telepathic and psychic powers. When it comes to telepathic communication, the fourth chakra, often known as the heart chakra, is used much more frequently than the fifth and sixth chakras.

Because of this, the communication is far more loving than it would be with only words or ideas. The Sirians were also involved in the genetic co-creation of whales and dolphins, which is one of the reasons why so many Sirian souls feel drawn to reincarnated on Earth as whales, dolphins, or other cetaceans.

They delight in being enthusiastically transformed into their own co-creations.

With their natural or etheric form, the Sirians are now assisting many of us in reactivating and unlocking our five higher inter-planetary chakras as well as areas of our brains that have been dormant. In addition, they are assisting us in the process of modifying our genetic make-up.

The structure of human DNA is destined to change from its present double strand to its original twelve-strand helix in the near future. Now that we have reached adulthood, the DNA that is contained inside our bodies will not be altering very much.

However, for those of us who already have young children or who want to have a family in the not-too-distant future, the Sirians are collaborating with a few of us to really modify the DNA in our eggs and sperm. This will benefit those of us who already have young children.

This will ensure that the children are born with their entire 12-strand DNA and that they instantly already have the infrastructure inside their physical bodies for being fully aware. Afterwards, this will ensure that the children are born with their full 12-strand DNA. As a result, kids won’t have to go through the same “retrofitting” process that we grownups do!

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Earth used to be a part of this Galactic Federation at some point in the past, before our so-called “documented history.” The Sirians are members of a great Galactic Federation, and this Federation is where they belong. There are a variety of theories, which, depending on the source, either explain why humans were expelled from the Federation or why they were not allowed to join the organization following some kind of catastrophe involving genetic engineering.

But things are about to change drastically on Earth, and it appears that almost everyone wants to be present to see it. Some people, like the Sirians, want to take part in the transformation, while others just want to watch it unfold. Following the completion of the ascension, Earth will resume its role as an active participant in the Galactic Federation.


This process of ascension may and will appear in many various ways, and it is up to each of us collectively to determine how and when this happens. The process of creating the Ascension begins on the inside of each one of us individually. The Sirians have told us that the single most essential thing we can do is to look inside ourselves and allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable to love.

The Sirians are dealing with individual humans first, and then when we meet other people and establish little groups together that link with one another, they are providing us suggestions as to what is occurring, and then we begin to share our experiences with one another.

In the long run, this would result in a more aware grasp of what their or our role is in the evolution of planet Earth throughout the Ascension process. The ascension will be like a key in that it will open and anchor the Light Body with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This will make it possible for all of these bodies to integrate, which in turn will grant each person significantly increased access to higher dimensions and experiences of oneness with other people.

Because everyone would be aware of how they are connected to the whole, the concept of a “other” would be meaningless. Obviously, if all of these things were to occur, it would still be everyone’s decision for them to take place.

I already know which option I’m going to go with…

I have no idea what the true nature of the future will be, but I do foresee a significant paradigm change as well as a rebirth for Earth and its symbiotic friends who reside both on this planet and in other realms.

There are many creatures from different realms, dimensions, universes, and solar systems that have come to assist us on this wondrous adventure that we are all on. We are all here to enjoy this magnificent voyage.

One group of these species is known as the Sirians. They collaborate with us, including some of us, in the third dimension in subtle ways that are difficult for our limited set of five physical senses to detect, and they cooperate with us on higher dimensions in more overt and direct ways that we are still unable to perceive unless we have access to those dimensions.

The thing is, we do have access; we’re simply typically not in a cognizant state when we do so.
Therefore, they often communicate with us during dream states, since this is a time when our consciousness is less influenced by the filters of our personality and ego.

The natural form of the Sirians is etheric, and they are now collaborating with many of us not just to awaken and open our five upper inter-planetary chakras, which have been inactive, but they are also modifying our genetic make-up.

The structure of human DNA is about to change from its present double strand to its original twelve-strand configuration, and the Sirians have come to assist us in making this transition.

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