What is the Lyra Star Cluster & its Importance to Human Consciousness?

What is the Lyra Star Cluster & its Importance to Human Consciousness?

What is the Lyra Star Cluster & its Significance to Human Consciousness?



Usually, in the course of performing my Akashic Readings for customers, the subject of the Lyra Galaxy turns up.

Why is this little, seemly unimportant constellation so crucial to most of my customers here in the world?

Why does it turn up so typically in galactic-oriented Akashic Readings?

Due to the fact that practically all of us who are presently incarnated in this galaxy feel a really deep soul connection to Lyra, it’s.

It is for this factor that Lyra, in addition to its biggest star Vega (likewise called Alpha Lyrae),.
is referred to as “The House of Human Consciousness.”.

It’s where our human story started … on many multidimensional levels.

In the start, just Source existed in its limitless omnipresence.

Source chose one day in the infinity of time that it was lonesome and wished to produce alternate elements of itself.

Source very first split itself off into 2 elements of itself, producing the Alpha Matriarch God Galaxy (represented astronomically by the Andromeda Galaxy) and Omega Patriarch God Galaxy (represented by the Galaxy).

This splitting off into a duality consciousness by Source displayed itself physically by the splitting of the Galaxy from the Andromeda Galaxy.

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For this factor, I constantly call Andromeda Galaxy “the Mom galaxy.” Throughout this time, the really first stargate in our Galaxy was produced: the Antares (Scorpio constellation) Stargate.

We’ll get more information about this stargate in the Antares area of this site module, however for the basic functions in this story, it was developed to be a star website that linked the Andromeda Galaxy to the Galaxy Galaxy.



Through this website, numerous etheric (non-physical) beings from the Andromeda Galaxy showed up in the brand-new Galaxy to start the brand-new cosmic experimentation into a more physical truth.

The Galactic Center (likewise understood as the Grand Central Sun, or the Hunab Ku) was developed in a place not far from the Antares star system, in a location in between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

In this area, the preliminary “star councils” were developed, which were consisted of OverSoul groups which were the extension and mixes of the splitting off of the Alpha Matriarch God Consciousness and the Omega Patriarch God Consciousness.

Among the most widely known of these OverSoul group consciousness ended up being called the Co-Creators, the Creators, or “Elohim” explained in spiritual texts in the world and throughout the Galaxy.


The “Elohim” Creator Co-Creator group chose as a group cumulative that they wished to co-produce life much like Source.

They chose to begin their experimentation in the small constellation of Lyra for a number of factors:.

1) it was a galaxy situated relatively near Galactic Center, and

2) it had the conditions most beneficial for physical life

Based upon genetically human kinds in greater worlds and really extremely developed Universes, it was chosen that numerous types of life would be developed here in Lyra since it seemed perfect as far as the age of the Suns and Planets and the length of possible stability.

This factor was at first revealed to me in the Akashic Records, however, my research study has actually revealed that this is in fact a clinical truth: even today in our contemporary times, several of the Kepler worlds in the “most livable worlds in our galaxy” huge lists are really situated in the Lyra constellation.

When they picked Lyra as their canvas to start the development of physical life, it appears that the Co-Creators understood what they were doing.



The very first 2 races that were “produced” in the Lyran galaxy were the Feline and the Bird extra-terrestrial races.

It is really believed that the Felines themselves were the Co-Creators welcomed here to our Galaxy from another Universe by invite from the Creators.

Having actually effectively finished their Universal game and finishing their universe, a group of 45 Felines offered to come to this universe to assist set up and supervising the very same game here.

As part of the brand-new Universal game, the Creators offered the Felines a brand-new world in the Lyra Constellation for their house. The Felines called it Avyon.




Ra - (Blue Avian).jpg



Avyon was a paradise world with mountains, oceans, lakes and streams. This blue world was quite like our present earth in kind and range of plants and life types.

When the Felines got here, they remained in etheric type, and for that reason, went through the phase of developing a physique in which to live in the world.

After lots of countless years, they progressed the lion and other felines and started incarnating into those kinds.

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With the DNA from the ape-like mammal they developed on Avyon, the Felines had the ability to handle a more human-like body while maintaining the majority of the facial functions and other attributes of the feline.

It was from this crossing when it reached a particular phase that the hereditary line referred to as the Royal Line of Avyon, or Home of Avyon, entered being.

The etheric Felines would continue to take turns incarnating to offer not just DNA updating, however, mentor and training in greater dimensional principals lest their world-bound sis and bros get stuck in the non-sentient animal version cycle.

As you can see, the Felines progressed on Avyon in a similar way as People progressed here in the world.

In time the mindful Felines grew big enough in number to handle the duties of planetary guardians of their house world.

They continued to develop and ultimately established the innovation for area travel and after that warp innovation.

Their etheric bros and sis continued to function as their guides.

Numerous amongst them ended up being geneticists (a Feline specialized) and started assisting to establish life kinds of different kinds for worlds and stars in deep space.

Some amongst them ended up being fantastic area explorers and researchers of numerous kinds.

It was throughout this phase in their advancement that the Felines would turn their attention to that bipedal mammal they owed a lot to, and start a program of hereditary crossing and updating that would provide a soul and while doing so produce brand-new types that would end up being called the People.







After hereditary upgrades and various crossings, the Adamic Human being was made.

There were numerous subgroups of people in Lyra (such as the redheaded and platinum blonde pressures in the Lyran race) however the primary 2 races of People were therefore developed:.

1) The “white” Nordic Lyran race, which was produced to be the physical representation of the Omega Patriarch God Consciousness All Lyrans are humanoid and are stated to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy.

Some Lyrans have feline-like functions around the eyes and nose, others have bird-like functions and a few of them look extremely comparable to human beings.

In spite of looking human, they are really different in their eye, hair, and skin color depending upon their house worlds position from the star and the kind of star.

Lyrans played a crucial function in the development of mankind and seeded a few of the very first souls onto Atlantis.

Throughout the production of humankind, the Lyrans contributed the component of Fire to Earth and presented mankind with Lyran work principles.

The Lyrans contributed a great deal of understanding to Atlantis and Lemuria concerning making use of physical energy. Lyrans are outstanding at running in the physical aspects.

They have actually mastered the energies of the divine masculine and as an outcome comprehend the typically ignored power of excellent old-made, difficult physical labor.

As an outcome, numerous Lyran human beings who resided in the Lyran worlds, especially Avyon, Avalon, Peak, Bila, Teka, and Merok, were mainly farming in nature.

For roughly 40 million years, the Lyran mankind ended up being plentiful and abundant and resided in peace in their stunning paradise worlds.

2) The “blue” Vegan race was produced to be the physical representation of the Alpha Matriarch God Consciousness.

The Vegans were a darker or ‘blue’ skinned group of people and were likely the ‘blue race’ of sophisticated people pointed out in numerous Vedic texts, and from whom the Hindu gods Vishnu and Krishna obtained.

As a more Magnificent Feminine-oriented race, the Vegans were more reflective than the physically oriented Lyrans, and were for that reason more concentrated on spirituality and being of service through recovery.

In spite of the concentrate on spirituality, the Vegan races were rather technically advanced, a number of their technological advances being explained in terrific information in the ancient Vedic texts from India here in the world.




The Brazilian contactee, Jefferson Souza, declares that he fulfilled the Vegans of Lyra, who he referred to as looking extremely comparable to locals of India.

According to Alex Collier, Vega was the very first galaxy in Lyra to be occupied by people. In addition to the Nordic-looking human beings from Lyra, the Vegans played a crucial colonizing function throughout the Galaxy.

As a culture, the Lyran and Vegan humanoid individuals were an extremely serene race on the whole.

There were arguments and light disputes, however much was constantly cleared and solved.

The Lyran and Vega individuals were discovered to adjust to practically all of the planetary environments that they settled.

They found out to reside in total consistency with their particular worlds.

They established farming neighborhoods that were actually amazing. They were not just effective and might feed billions of beings, however, it was really boosting the world itself and developing an even wealthier environment.

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All elements of life appear to take advantage of the Lyran’s dedication to be at one with their house worlds.

At the exact same time, the life span was between 300– 425 years on average.

This was to increase by 3 times, later on, however, everybody collaborated as a neighborhood or community.

They were not in service of self, however were a race that beat as one heart, and shared and relocated the exact same path as an entire, and would attempt to make certain that none of their race would lag or fall too far behind the entire.

Simply put, they were an amazing good example for all mankind that followed to this present minute.

Relating to the 2nd Creator Race in Lyra, the Bird individuals, it is believed that simply like the initial Felines, they likewise stemmed from another Universe and came to this Universe billion of years earlier.

Numerous Avians in this Universe have actually progressed from little birds that were seeded by the 12D Avians on 3D worlds in different galaxies.

Ultimately numerous established a broadened consciousness due to the fact that of their capability to see a huge photo of their world.

Some discovered themselves able to teleport and skyrocket in their minds to other lands and then worlds.



Some accounts of Stellar history state that the ancient Bird races might have contributed to producing a few of the Reptilian types here in this Universe, however my own understanding from the Akashic Records is that the Extreme beings initially came here to this Universe from another Universe after the Feline and bird races were currently establishing here billions of years earlier.

The Reptilian races developed themselves in the Draco and Orion constellation areas here in this Galaxy and after that set out to dominate other worlds.


Later on, bird types were genetically combined with people, as this was a speculative pattern in these universes (just like the felines).

A few of the humanoid races in the Andromeda constellation, especially a master race of a minimum of 7-9′ winged Andromedan humanoids that exist in greater dimensions, are believed to have their origins from ancient Bird races.


Birds here in the world are a present from the greater dimensional Bird beings to assist control our electromagnetic environment.

Concluding the story of Lyra and Vega, the majority of, if not all, Earth human beings today can declare their origins to the genes of the different Creator groups that produced the Lyran system, which integrated a fascinating mix of feline, humanoid, and bird genes.

Lyrans are the cosmic human forefathers who are the ancestral line of all human beings in our galaxy.

Your MASTERY OF LIFE begins the moment you break through your prisons of self-created limitations and enter the inner worlds where creation begins.

-Dr. Jonathan Parker-

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