What is an Aura? How to Read Auras?

What Is an Aura?

At the most fundamental level, an aura may be defined as the electromagnetic field that envelops every living thing. The human energy field, sometimes abbreviated as HEF, is another name for it.

An aura is not a single thing but rather is composed of seven distinct layers that are connected to one another and create a body that is relatively unified.

The layers reveal aspects of a person’s physical makeup, psychological makeup, emotional makeup, celestial or astral makeup, and divine makeup.
Every person has their own unique energy, which is reflected in their aura and has an effect on their capacity to connect with the energies of other people.

The majority of individuals have an aura that surrounds them at a distance of around three feet and generally extends beyond their bodies by anywhere from 18 inches to two feet. A larger aura is characteristic of those who have successfully fought off illness, injury, or other adverse conditions.

The vast majority of individuals are unable to recognize it even with their bare eyes. Despite this, clairvoyants are able to see it, and Kirlian photography may pick up on the aura.

There is meaning associated with each hue in the aura. In the energy field, certain clairvoyants are able to see scenes, energy patterns, and impediments. Someone who is endowed with this sort of sight has access to a large amount of information that is easily accessible.

The piece of information that has been left out, despite the fact that it is very essential, is so straightforward and simple to understand that once it has been spoken, it seems to be self-evident.

Because we all have an aura that immediately surrounds our bodies, the first thing that we see when we look at the energy field of another person is really our own! Here’s the crucial part: Before we can see the energy of another person, we need to examine the energy that we exude ourselves.

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Being Self-Aware Enough To See Auras

A person has to have a level of self-awareness that allows them to distinguish between their own energy field and the energy field of another person in order to accurately see and evaluate auras.

If this is not the case, then the understanding and analysis are essentially a projection of the self rather than a comprehension of the other person.

Aura readings may be provided more accurately by more experienced individuals, such as spirit mediums, who have really developed the ability of bilocation (while keeping the body in close proximity in order to maintain the capacity to continue observing the immediate surroundings).

These impressions may be beneficial when scanning the body for imbalances and blockages, revealing and identifying character strengths, and conveying scenarios of situations that have really just taken place or will take place in the future.

Even at a distance, experienced clairvoyants take joy in putting this knowledge to use to improve the accuracy of their psychic readings and energy recoveries.

It is a one-of-a-kind gift as well as a skill that can be developed, and it adds depth to the experience of having a psychic reading done.

How to See Auras

Even though you may not be able to see an individual’s aura at first, it is quite probable that you will be able to detect it. You are able to correlate the feeling of attraction or repulsion that you experience from a person’s aura with the first meeting between you and that individual.

However, with practice, you may learn to sense auras, which can aid you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you.

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Knowing to Determine Your Aura

Every living thing has an energy field, or aura, around it; however, not everyone is able to perceive auras or comprehend what they mean.

Auras are unique to each individual, which means that yours will not be the same as those of your friends or loved ones.

However, due to the fact that your aura is constantly mixing with the auras of others around you, it has a significant influence not just on the connections you have but also on the daily encounters you have with people you don’t know.

In spite of the fact that the frequencies of your aura and the other person’s aura do not need to be identical for the two of you to get along, a love psychic will tell you that relationships benefit greatly from the presence of frequencies that are similar to one another.

Determining Auras with Sight

To begin, you should attempt to visualize your aura by relying on your sense of sight. To eliminate any potential sources of distraction, place yourself in front of a mirror that has a plain neutral or white backdrop behind it.

Maintain your focus on your forehead for about one minute, and then allow your eyes to relax and close themselves. Beginning with a gentle white light, you will start to get the sense of a halo revolving around your head.

If you maintain your concentration in the same spot, you will see a hue very immediately. Beware, though, of afterimages that may appear after you have concentrated for an extended period of time. These afterimages have the appearance of an unpleasant reflection of the actual hue of your aura.

Determining Auras with Instinct

Even if it is possible to see an aura with your regular senses, you will probably have far more success if you rely on your intuition instead.

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In order to do this, you will need to develop a much stronger sense of your own energy. Put yourself in a relaxed position and keep your hands open approximately a foot and a half apart from your head.

While doing so, be sure to maintain your hands approximately 6 inches apart at all times. Gradually glide your palms down the length of your body. Give yourself permission to experience your own energy and pay attention to the color of it.

What Your Aura States About You

Auras, with their many layers of spiritual, psychological, and even physical components, may convey a great deal of information. Auras, despite the fact that they include all of the hues of the rainbow, change in appearance depending on the state of mind and mood of the bearer.

If you are feeling happy and lucky, your aura will expand to cover a much larger area than just your physical body. On the other hand, if you are feeling unhappy or unlucky, your aura will constrict and remain much closer to your body.

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