What Exactly Constitutes Enlightenment?

What, exactly, are the elements that make up enlightenment?

Both enlightenment and ascension are terms that allude to an increase in one’s level of awareness.

They are the most natural and intriguing things to explore since they connect to how you go through life and how you develop. Because of this, they are the most exciting topics to pursue.

Throw aside all you know about enlightenment based on what you’ve heard about it and what you believe it is in order to get an understanding of what it actually is.

I can tell you that it will not be like that for the simple reason that what constitutes enlightenment will not be what your rational mind considers it to be.

It is not a psychiatric condition or a spiritual delusion; rather, it is the true understanding of who and what you are, the essence of reality, and the key to the freedoms you have been looking for all along.

An increased degree of consciousness that has an effect on everything a person thinks, feels, and believes is referred to as “enlightenment.”

Your awareness is mirrored in every experience you have because it dictates how your lifeforce is channeled to bring everything and everyone into your life, including the things you produce and the people you attract.

Your physical well-being, the quality of your relationships, the choices you make professionally, and the level of contentment you experience are all impacted by the thoughts and beliefs that you have in

Although it might be challenging to provide a definition for enlightenment, its impacts can be described.

For example, some of the most often reported results are a profound sense of calm, contentment, mental expansion, connection, liberty, mindfulness, fulfillment, pleasure, compassion, and ultimate acceptance. These effects are not included in any particular sequence.

The mind also becomes quite peaceful and quiet, and there is a constant feeling of being whole and content. This is another benefit of meditation.

You won’t have to make any effort at all to be here and now because it will come to you naturally and spontaneously.

A persistent knowledge of being one with the Source of all that is is one of the spiritually defined realizations that are included in the path to enlightenment.

This state of consciousness is referred to as “unity consciousness,” and some people also experience the revelation that they are not simply one with the Source of all but that they themselves are the non-conceptual awareness from whence all creation emerges.

The mind of the average person, which is often preoccupied with getting a livelihood, navigating the complexities of relationships, and coping with a variety of other issues, may find all of this to be implausible.

Those individuals whose lives have been altered by the shift in awareness that accompanies enlightenment no longer live the same lives. As you continue reading, you will learn the reason why.

What Exactly Does it Mean to be Enlightened?

The meaning of the term “enlightenment” may vary greatly depending on the context.

It is interesting to note that there was a time in the history of Europe in the 1700s that is known as the “Age of Enlightenment,” yet this age has very little to do with enlightenment as it is understood in a spiritual context today.

The idea of the power of human reason was prevalent throughout that time period in history; nevertheless, spiritual enlightenment goes beyond the capacity of the rational mind to comprehend it.

Understanding what enlightenment is requires first realizing that enlightened consciousness is certainly a continuum of evolving awareness that goes far beyond the blissful and mind-expanding experiences that are typically described as occurring when a person undergoes a spiritual awakening for the first time.

This is necessary in order to grasp the concept of enlightenment.

The idea that enlightenment is the crowning achievement of one’s spiritual journey has a number of flaws that need to be addressed.

For one reason, many individuals who have illuminating experiences do not keep the consciousness of their enlightenment.

Instead, they often express the impression that they are unable to preserve their enlightenment, or they even describe losing it entirely as they regress back to a previous state of being.

Following an awakening experience, it is not uncommon for individuals to have an overwhelming sensation of comfort, lightness, and grace permeating their lives for many days or even weeks after the event.

However, after some period of time, and often to their great surprise and dismay, individuals begin to experience a return to normalcy as well as the reappearance of situations that they had believed they had left in the past.

When something like this occurs, people could start to think that they are losing their enlightenment.

This is something that happens to a lot of people. One of the factors that contributes to their condition is the fact that they have experienced wonderful and sublime experiences, yet at those times they did not release and cleanse their underlying beliefs and programming.

Your core convictions and the way you were raised are much more than just concepts in your head.

They also have subtle-energy elements in your body system, aura, subconscious, chakras, and other locations, some of which you may be unconscious of. These components may manifest in different ways depending on the individual.

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In addition, karmic forces, which are responsible for creating and attracting the events that occur in your life, have an influence, if not complete control, over you. These constituents take the form of thoughtforms.

You carry hundreds upon thousands of thoughtforms with you at all times, and most of the time, you have very little concept of how these thoughtforms filter and impact every thought, sensation, and experience that you have.

Thoughtforms are formed from experiences, beliefs, ideas, memories, and emotions.

When these patterns are brought to light, they have the potential to set off emotions that, if you do not comprehend what is taking place or what you should do in response to it, may at times be quite disheartening.

As your understanding of what constitutes enlightenment develops further, you will undergo changes in awareness that are sometimes referred to as “ascension.”

This indicates that your awareness will advance to greater levels of realization, which will ultimately lead to release from the tribulations and suffering you have been experiencing.

Everyone has the potential to experience spiritual awakening, ascension, and enlightenment; in fact, achieving these states is your predetermined path in life.

When you rid yourself of erroneous notions about what constitutes enlightenment and commit yourself to achieving the greatest levels of clearing and realizations, you will quickly come to the conclusion that you are not the same person you formerly considered yourself to be.

You will find that a more liberated and joyful version of yourself is developing.

Above and Beyond What I Had Expected

Some people feel that enlightened states of consciousness are only hallucinations, delusions, or fantasies.

This is mainly due to the fact that these individuals have not personally experienced enlightened states of consciousness, and as a result, they do not believe that they are genuine.

It’s possible that they don’t have any internal reference for how someone like that feels and reacts to life.

The enlightened condition can only be understood through direct personal experience. Up until that point, all that can be done is speculate about what it would be like.

Every change in awareness that I’ve experienced has been unique and unimaginably beyond what I could have imagined it to be.

At first, some of these characteristics were in a fleeting condition, but over the course of time, they developed into a persistent state.

They are far more than fleeting altered states, dreams, mental projections, visions, inspirations, channeled information, or contemplative insights; they completely changed me, and they will do the same for you.

The Path to Enlightenment Is Always Being Traveled

Many others have made the same remark, which is that attaining enlightenment is more of a journey than a destination.

For instance, Ken Wilbur’s integrated approach to human development categorizes levels of consciousness into distinct tiers that ascend along a spectrum. This method views degrees of consciousness as a continuum.

In his book, Power vs. Force, David Hawkins uses a scale that ranges from zero to one thousand to represent the progression of awareness. He says that enlightenment begins at the six hundred mark on the scale.

The experience of life shifts and evolves at each successive degree of awareness. For instance, a person may experience love in a variety of ways and to varying degrees of intensity.

Love may be experienced in many various ways, and these ways can be very distinct from one another depending on the person who is experiencing it and the amount of awareness they possess.

As individuals go from one level to the next, they experience a range of feelings, beliefs, and responses along the way. At each level, there is a substantial difference between the perceptions and experiences.

It is possible that some of the characteristics linked with enlightenment will only be transient before they are permanently transformed.

Even though it may appear as if they are always changing, in reality they are just becoming stronger and more consistent with time.

When meditating, some individuals, for example, are able to calm their minds and experience feelings of serenity, but they do not necessarily have their thoughts totally cease or have all bad emotions erased at all times; these states may become permanent with subsequent adjustments.

I have worked directly with thousands of individuals in the form of programs, meditation camps, and one-on-one sessions, and I have seen people make transformations at various levels; as a result, I am aware of what is possible for everyone.

Isn’t it About Damn Time that You Began Living an Enlightened life?

More than ever before, there are a great number of individuals scouring the internet for in-depth explanations and directions on how to obtain long-term pleasure and tranquility, as well as relief from the difficulties they are now experiencing.

Whether or not they are aware of it, what they are really looking for is knowledge of what enlightenment is and how they might achieve it through their own actions.

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