How to Get Rid of Your Ego

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Have you ever taken a good long look at yourself in the mirror and pondered, “Who am I?” The way in which you respond to that question reveals a great deal about how you understand who you are and the factors that have influenced the trajectory of your life.

If you don’t discover answers to this question, you’ll go through life like a robot, searching and chasing things without ever understanding why you’re doing it, and I can’t think of a more vital question to answer.

This article will assist you not only in further knowing yourself, but will also show you a means to advance your enlightenment path and awareness growth by assisting you in clearing the ego. This will be accomplished by assisting you in better understanding how to clear the ego.

To get to the heart of the matter, there is only one method for you to advance spiritually, and that path is exactly proportional to the extent to which you purge the ego.

In order to do this, you must first get an understanding of the ego and then work to integrate that understanding with the presence of the soul.

This procedure is directly reliant on your capacity to let go of each and every component of your ego in its entirety. More will be said about it at a later time.

To begin, it is imperative that you acknowledge that your identity is comprised of two primary components:

The most visible kind of connection is with your personality, or what is known as your “ego-personality” from a spiritual perspective.

It is essential for you to be aware of a variety of qualities that are associated with the ego in order to determine which aspects of it need clearing, healing, or neutralization.

Why It Is Necessary To Get Your Ego Out Of The Way

Ego is an extremely complicated collection of several thousand thoughtforms that operate similarly to programs in a computer. These thoughtforms cause you to think and respond in ways that are often counterproductive to your goals.

Because it is made up of so many distinct components, the ego cannot be eradicated with the stroke of a general brush. In order to purge the ego, it is necessary to demolish it little by little until a certain critical mass is achieved, at which point the ego will dissolve on its own.

The difficulty is that there is no way to predict how long this will last or when it will take place.

I can only guarantee that it will if you remain consistent in addressing the aspects of the ego until it occurs to you that this change has occurred.

The second facet of who you are is your soul, which is also known as your authentic self. The ego, on the other hand, is an artificial self that is generated by the intellect, and it can only be accessed via the five senses.

The ego, which directs your life much as a captain directs a ship, possesses a number of crucial traits, some of which are listed here.

There Are Ten Major Aspects of Your Ego That Work Against You

1. The ego is a combination of judgments and beliefs that have been accumulated over the course of one’s existence.

2. The ego is a coping strategy that has as its goals the attainment of security, stability, and immortality.

It works toward achieving these objectives by continually amassing more of everything that makes it experience an increased sense of security.

This may obviously involve money, but it can also encompass other things that money can purchase.

The need for control is perhaps the most powerful aspect of the ego. Fear of losing one’s grip on things is the primary motivator behind the drive for control.

Because of this, fear is the greatest and most fundamental factor that drives the ego.

No matter what a person has, there will always be a sensation that something is lacking, and as a result, there will always be a desire for more. This is because the ego never comes to the realization that it has enough for ultimate safety and security.

3. Beliefs, emotional responses, and mental representations of past experiences are the three major components that make up the ego.

Because all of these things operate, for the most part, outside our conscious awareness, we get the impression that what occurs to us just pops up out of nowhere.

4. The happiness that may be derived from one’s material possessions is limited and only fleeting.

This leads to the ego wanting more as soon as the initial pleasure or joy of having something wears off, which often occurs between a few days and a few weeks after the acquisition.

The ego always gets the sensation that something is lacking or that it does not have enough, and as a result, it is constantly looking for more and trying to acquire as much as it possibly can.

5. The ego associates its identity with the things it has gathered through time.

The result of this is that I end up talking about my home, my degrees and certifications, my thoughts, my vehicle, my wife, my spouse, my kid, and my child’s father.

The ego enjoys amassing ownership accumulations because they provide it with a false sense of security that it acquires from the things.

6. The ego believes that it has a great many desires and requirements. As an example, it will reason, “I need a higher level of control.” I need a larger sum of money. I need additional people with skills. I need further details.

This trait presents a significant challenge since it makes it impossible for the ego to ever reach a point where it can be content for any significant amount of time.

It has an insatiable appetite and will force you to go to any lengths to provide it with more of what it believes it needs.

7. The ego has the sensation of being unfinished and the belief that something is lacking. As a result, it is always searching for something that it does not already own in the expectation that acquiring this object will result in an increase in levels of satisfaction.

8. In order for the ego to have a greater sense of safety and security, it searches for more authority.

It is possible to associate fame and riches with increased power. However, it will also want recognition via education, college degrees, joining organizations, succeeding in sports, trophies, diplomas, and names on lists of prominent people.

9. The ego enjoys pointing fingers, making complaints, and assigning blame. Each of these traits originates from a strong desire to maintain a positive image.

When the ego is accused or criticized, it takes this as a sign of vulnerability and an assault that is harmful to its security. As a result, the ego responds by criticizing and blaming the person who attacked it.

10. It is possible, after the ego traits have been discovered, to demolish and finally get rid of all of the qualities described above.

However, due to the fact that these characteristics have been honed over the course of many lives, clearing the ego requires dogged determination, unwavering patience, and an unwavering commitment to clearing techniques.

The Answer to Getting Rid of Your Ego

The act of completely letting go, also known as surrender, is something that is discussed throughout all world religions; nevertheless, very little is explained about what it implies or how it may be accomplished.

Divine wisdom and changes in awareness take place when the collapse of the ego proceeds gradually until it is complete. This is one of the amazing things that occurs when you learn the art of surrendering.

When you confront the darkness that is typical of the ego with the light that is associated with the soul, you will be able to watch how the light dispels the darkness.

Invite more of the brilliant, powerful, and reassuring presence of the soul into your life and allow it to dissolve any unfavorable feelings, bad beliefs, and stubbornness that you may be harboring.

Notice how, as you continue to do this, the presence starts to seem more and more like home. It offers complete comfort as well as support and safety.

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When you have reached this moment, all you can do to make the change occur is be present and sensitive to it. Nothing else you do will affect it.

Here are some suggestions for surrendering aspirations to help you get started. Be open and receptive to all that comes with surrendering after you have completed the process of formulating your wishes. Give yourself permission to accept without putting up any opposition.

Say these phrases to yourself again and again:

  • I am prepared to give up and let go of the need for everyone else to be fighting.
  • I am willing to let go of the desire for suffering and pain and give up my attachment to them.
  • I am completely immersed in the tranquility and ease that come from being in the presence of the soul.

The Portal to One’s Ego

The solar plexus is the portal to the ego, whereas the heart core of your body is the doorway to your soul and your connection to the divine.

This is because the third chakra is located there, and the third chakra is where the majority of individuals store their attachments and their desire to exert control over their lives.

The third chakra is the primary location for the processing and storage of negative emotions, including fear, guilt, hatred, wrath, resentment, and a bad opinion of oneself.

If you ever feel a constriction in the abdominal region, it might be because you are resisting letting go of something out of fear.

Because it has been with you for such a long time, the ego fights against any process that it considers to be a danger to its continued existence.

One intriguing trait of the ego is that it will constantly make its desires, needs, and fears known to its audience. This may be both a strength and a weakness.

This is the scream for assistance and healing that the ego is making, but most people aren’t listening to it or aren’t sure what to do about it.

Your ego will make its requirements known to you by either causing a reaction in you or communicating with you via your inner voice or mental chatter.

If you choose to ignore the ego’s request for assistance or take a drug in order to suppress it, the pattern may appear to fade away for a short period of time; however, you can rest assured that it will continue to look for ways to bring itself to the forefront in the expectation that you will ultimately confront it and clear the ego program.

You have inner voices that speak with the power of the ego, and as you refine the questions that you ask yourself, you will uncover keys to destroying the ego. Following these steps will allow you to access the programming of the ego via its voices:

  • Engage the voices in conversation in order to comprehend them and pave the way for their release.
  • Talk to them about your suffering and your difficulties, and invite them to talk to you as well.
  • You should inquire as to what they think and what it is that they desire from you.
  • Inquire as to the reason for their being there and whether or not they want to be treated.
  • Engage in conversation with them like you would with someone you are just getting to know better.

Expecting everything you hear to make sense is unrealistic due to the fact that most of the time it won’t, but it will provide you with insights into the ideas the ego has and the reasons why it holds them.

As you let go of your rage, wrath, guilt, and fear, the sub-personalities that are associated with your ego begin to dissolve because you realize that they are not real.

Although all of the aspects of the ego are mental constructions and not realities, the ego and its components may certainly have a real-world influence on your life in the form of suffering that leads to conviction.

You wouldn’t have a negative ego if you didn’t have a false belief serving as the foundation for it.

Eliminating the ego’s false beliefs is a necessary step in the process of deconstructing and purging the ego. This is one way to go about doing that:

1. Get in touch with the innermost parts of your subpersonalities, such as wrath, resentment, guilt, and fear. Be conscious of this fact. Feel it.

Simply watch what is happening and give permission for the feelings to rise to the surface so they may dissolve into the light.

The light of your presence represents your soul, which is never far from you and is always there. In the past, you may have had some intuitive or intellectual understanding of this, but you may not have completely comprehended its implications.

2. Now speak the following sentences to yourself slowly, either out loud or in your head, but move your lips while you do so:

  • I give up and let go of any urge to hold onto the ego’s wrath, resentment, remorse, and fear in whatever form.
  • I am open to letting go of any and all holdings, and I am eager to submit.
  • I am completely receptive to the presence of the divine.

3. As more and more of the ego’s sub-personalities fade away, the voices and complaints become fragmented and make increasingly less sense, until there is just silence.

Simply continue to observe, acknowledge, and relinquish whatever is happening. Let it happen. Continue to give in and submit to the process.

4. Give yourself permission to investigate any emotions of helplessness, isolation, or abandonment and bring the light and presence of your soul to bear on those experiences.

Allow the feelings and revelations of the light, which are the soul and the Source’s intellect, presence, and love, to travel into all of the areas in your body where you were harboring negative sentiments. This will help you to release those feelings and replace them with positive ones.

Inviting its presence in will allow you to experience its embrace more fully.

You are not required to make any attempts to control the light in any way. Just let it in; it has a complete understanding of where it needs to go, what it needs to do, and how it needs to accomplish it.

It is as if the light were shining inside of you, and that sun represents your soul. That is the essence of who you are.

5. Allow the light to permeate every aspect of your life and give it permission to do so.

Inviting the light of the soul to pour into your job, your relationships, and all that you say, think, and do is a powerful way to transform your life.

This method puts you in a state of awareness and, in reality, removes everything that hinders you from being attentive, making it simple and instinctive to remain mindful after having gone through this process.

This is your reality, as well as the process through which you uncover it.

You must keep extending an invitation for the process to go on, and you must submit to the process a bit more each day.

When started, this procedure will go on uninterrupted all the way through to its conclusion. Although the soul and light were present everywhere and at all times, it’s possible that you lived your life as if they were absent and that they did not exist.

If you engage in this kind of activity, you will develop a greater awareness of its presence as well as the benefits that come with it.

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