Why Are We Here on Earth and What’s Our Purpose? (Magnificent Truth!)

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The True Meaning of Our Existence

When NewEarthKnowledge.com’s Michael Becker requested that I contribute to his forthcoming eBook with my ideas on the issue of “Why are we here?”

I understood what he meant: “Why are we here experiencing this human experience on Earth?” What’s the point and significance of all of this, if there is one, in my mind?

What’s the point?

Because this was one of the first topics I talked about when I began this site, I was a little amused when I got his offer.

Since then, my perspective on the wider world has changed, and this post is no longer relevant.

As a result, I’m overjoyed to be able to write on this issue once again.

The Answer Is Multifaceted

There is no one response to the question, “Why are we here?” The solution is multi-layered and multidimensional, like many of the issues in spiritual metaphysics.

For the sake of this discussion, I’ll just consider two separate viewpoints, although there are undoubtedly more.

However, I believe that the two I’ve selected are the most significant and vital ones. But first, let’s see what other individuals have had to say about this subject throughout history.

Life’s Purpose and Meaning?

It’s possible that we’re here by accident. Because all forms of life were created by random chance, there is no true purpose or significance to any of them—it simply is.

It’s OK to have this perspective since we can always find our own motivations. We have the freedom to determine for ourselves why we’re here and then act appropriately. Having said that, it’s perfectly OK.

Is there a deeper significance to all of this? What if there’s anything going on in the background? A casual examination of our world and the cosmos suggests that what we see is all there is to know.

If there’s anything more going on, it’s not immediately clear. To conclude that what we perceive is all there is, I believe it’s entirely acceptable. As well as the fact that it was made by the laws of physics and has no purpose or meaning on its own.

Many others, though, are certain that there is something greater at work, and that everything is meant to be. Even in ancient societies, this concept may be shown to be universally held by the vast majority of people.

That said, despite the fact that I’ve been an atheist for much of my life, I now feel there is something going on behind the scenes and that it serves an important function.

I’ve also come to feel that our existence as human beings is connected to this greater purpose. It’s not by chance that we have a human experience.

You’ll need a broader perspective in order to appreciate the purpose of the human experience and each soul’s path through those events. Let’s get started there.

Inquiring Into the Broader Context

The first step is to broaden the scope of the original query. It then becomes clear why our world was created in the first place—and why is it taking on so many roles?

What if you knew that the source of all reality plays every role in every one of its creations? In a way, yes, but that’s another discussion (check out The Multidimensional Self to learn more about that).

This is one of the most profoundly occult truths in the universe. In this game, like in other games, each and every character’s soul is a component of the source consciousness!

There is only one player in this game, and we are all the source. And this isn’t the only game it (we) made—it (we) are playing numerous roles in many other games!

So, what’s up with that? because it’s fun to play in several realities and universes at the same time. There is nothing more you can do, which is both startling and straightforward.

Let me begin by laying out my reasoning. For this, I’ll need a deep discussion of what reality and existence are all about.

Existence’s Foundation

A field of energy or information is ruled by intelligence at the very core of existence. I like to use the term “Source Consciousness” to describe this intellect.

Source Field and Source Energy are two names for the energy and information fields that this intelligence governs. The avatars we use to represent ourselves in virtual worlds are made of source energy, which is sculpted into worlds and universes.

Of course, the intellect that is sculpting is Source Consciousness. “The Creator” has long been used to describe the source of all things.

The One and Only Game in Town

The question is, why does it do this? For the sole purpose of experiencing their contents, it produces them. Why do we do it then?

For one thing, the development and evolution of its awareness are fueled by “physical” experiences! Additionally, it’s the only game in town. ”

The source of all things is non-physical, non-formative, and non-material. Despite the fact that we refer to it as energy, the source field is really made up of information.

In other words, Source is a self-aware and intelligent data system! As a result, it is limited to the functions of reading, processing, storing, and exchanging information inside itself.

“Thinking” is all that it can do natively. There’s no way around it, of course, until it creates a new category called “Realities,” which it did.

These “physical” worlds helped them see themselves as separate people living in a “physical” reality together.


Reality’s Virtual Nature

Both of these truths have been skillfully disguised from us in this reality to make it a more immersive and thrilling game (see Constructing the Separation Game for more).

My claims may come as a surprise to you, and you may even be dubious about them.

Though it may be difficult to believe, source awareness is actively producing and participating in a wide variety of virtual reality games, all via the medium of our own consciousness.

What a mess! That’s just amazing!

In fact, “virtual” experiences are just as wonderful, if not better, than “actual” ones. Even if you’re experiencing them in environments that aren’t real, the feelings you’re experiencing are.

Those experiences are forming into awareness, and that’s all that counts. It’s all about expanding our awareness, which is why “formative to consciousness” is so important since, ultimately, consciousness is all there is!

The One and the Many are One and the Same

Amazingly, we (each and every one of us) are personalized fragments of this awareness – the consciousness of the source itself.

You may wonder, “How is this possible?” Despite the fact that source awareness is the only consciousness in existence, it is not monolithic. ”

We wouldn’t be here if that were the case. The source of the awareness is a network, a multiplex, or a composite.

It consists of a network of consciousnesses that are all linked together. You (your awareness) have all those nodes as well, don’t you?

As many separate nodes of awareness as the source consciousness desires. Because of this, it is capable of doing a wide range of tasks simultaneously, including developing and creating virtual worlds and playing all of the characters in them.

“Souls” are the nodes of awareness that devote themselves to fulfilling roles in the so-called “physical” realms.

A soul is a portion of the source consciousness system that is several degrees of subdivision away from the root.

In the end, we may now examine the topic of “why are we here?” from a spiritual standpoint.

The Soul’s Journey

Every experience a soul has while playing a role in different realities adds to its own growth and development as well as that of the whole universe.

The root node of the network of consciousness is the source of all experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Ultimately, it all converges at the top—in the source itself.

Learning and development are terms that we use to refer to the expansion and evolution of our awareness from our viewpoint as souls playing roles in this world.

Since we are all part of a larger awareness (the Source), our growth and development help each other.

Consequently, our ultimate mission is to help expand and evolve source awareness. And virtual reality experiences are a huge part of it.

You are here to facilitate the unfolding of the divine plan of the Universe. Your significance cannot be overstated. A quote from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now:

The Journey of Individual Souls

However, within the framework of our greater mission, each and every soul has its own special reasons and purposes for repeatedly playing the game of being human.

We all have an ongoing journey of human experiences in which our awareness grows and evolves through time; each soul is no different.

It’s like a school with many grades or a game with multiple levels. Every step of the way, it gets to pick and choose the topics and lessons it wants to study. It’s going through a unique yet beneficial process of learning and development.

As with all realities, the Earth game and human experience were picked for their amusement and educational value. It’s both a fun game and an informative one at the same time.

As a result, the soul wants to have pleasure, but it’s also attempting to learn and develop. Here’s the deal: Challenge and hardship are the strongest catalysts for learning and progress.

Remember that, and you’ll be less likely to gripe about the situation—after all, you agreed to it. In the end, everything serves a greater good. I could go on and on about the journey of the soul, but I’ll stop here for the time being.

The Verdict

Our experiences and the expansion of the Source are both happening at the same time! The source is gathering a lot of experience and learning wisdom through this process, which we are all a part of.

Ultimately, we are all connected to one another since we are all part of the same source. When it comes to our origins and our purpose, there can be no greater revelation.

All of my affection!

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