You are the Universe, Expressing Itself as a Human

you are the universe as a human

Awakening: You are the One, and the Movement of the Universe Can Be Felt Within You

There are massive transformations in awareness taking place in the field, and we can also feel these alterations profoundly inside the cells of our bodies. There is now taking place a Great Realignment, which developing individuals are currently going through in every element of their lives, including their relationships, jobs, and basic living situations. Because everything is made up of awareness, as we shift away from the old paradigm, the entire fabric of our life, which has been built on it, is starting to come apart. When we are working through our karma, it may sometimes seem like we are being forced through the eye of a needle; first, we compress into the density, and then we emerge gloriously on the other side. How can you make the most of your journey on this incredible rollercoaster?

Keep in mind that you are the One at the center of everything, and that everything flows inside you…

Having a complete immersion in your own personal narrative

The reality of life is a wondrous contradiction. As the soul, you are going on a trip through a little version of the world that we live in. It’s your own personal tale that fits into the bigger picture of the great mosaic, in which every single piece is necessary to finish the masterpiece. The idea is that you can’t completely taste the apple, embrace love, and the bountiful marvels of nature until you accept relativity — you as a unique tale of life. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to do any of those things.

It’s about immersing yourself completely in your own personal narrative. What gets your blood pumping, what gives you life, what stokes the flames of your passion, and what fills you with the energizing marvels of the cosmos?

The ego has been in possession of a great number of these limitless experiences; it has preserved them in bottles, extracted their vital essence, and then sold us a pale imitation of them. But this does not imply that you should completely forego the experience. We may remove the impurities by tuning into the contraction of the ego, which enables us to liberate the genuine fruit from its shackles once again.

Taking Joy in the Wonderful Paradox

And here is the holy paradox: when you own your one-of-a-kind experience and when you settle into the mainstream of your soul, it is similar to riding a wave all the way back to the One. Let there be no misunderstanding: it is impossible to purposefully seek that holy presence since the act of intention itself creates a barrier between you and it. However, if you ride the wave of your soul, you will automatically come into line with the Universal Torus, and as a result, you will become aware that everything is flowing inside you.

This is a significant factor that must be taken into consideration in order to ride the waves of the transition at this time. Absolutely, the situation will get quite dangerous out there. The transition from the old paradigm to the new one is taking place right now at an important inflexion point. There may be moments when you will feel as if you are an old jumper that is being tugged in every direction before finally unraveling in blissful surrender and returning to the completeness that you are.

It is imperative that we digest what has come up rather than delay or divert attention in an attempt to deny what has occurred. However, it would not be a good idea to be sucked into an unending processing cycle; rather, it would be vital to constantly come up for air and to take in some air that is expansively and warmly pleasant. What about it appeals to you? What allows you to let go so that you may experience a few priceless minutes of pure delight and bliss? It might be the outdoors; alternatively, it could be yoga, meditation, or dancing. It may be anything in the creative arts, like painting for the sheer joy of it. Keep doing whatever it is that makes your wonderful cookies crumble as frequently as you possibly can!

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The answer may be found in the conflict itself

Keep in mind that you are the one when you are in the thick of a difficult situation, such as when you are confronted with a complex puzzle that seems unsolvable and almost impossible to solve.

It’s a paradox: on the one hand, you’re in the microcosym experiencing a one-of-a-kind experience that sometimes makes you feel like you’re living in two places at once, but on the other hand, you are the One, and everything is moving and flowing inside of you.

So many times, when I was having trouble making sense of a particular situation in the microcosym of my life, I discovered that if I simply surrendered, expanded out, and held the unresolution within me, I would first experience the infinite peace of the One, and I would become the macrocosym as an experience; but then also, in some mysterious way, the unresolution in the microcosym would simply unwind and resolve itself. This occurred so frequently for me that I eventually came to the conclusion that the vast awareness that comes with resignation just seems to find its way.

Take off your shoes, spread your arms, and take several deep breaths…

A similar occurrence took place for me not too long ago, and it was then that I stumbled across this incredible time-lapse film depicting the changing energies in the Atacama Desert. Do yourself a favor and read this. Take a little break of just five minutes, take off your shoes, stretch out your arms, set the film on widescreen with the nicest headphones you own, breathe deeply, and feel yourself expanding all the way back to the One. Allow everything to flow around inside of you…

And after you’ve completed, make it a permanent part of your lifestyle…

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