The Ascension Process: 5 Excellent Ways to Attain Escape Velocity

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Achieving the Necessary Velocity for Ascension According to Physics

Robert Monroe, who is considered to be the “Father of OBE,” or out-of-body experience, referred to the ascension process as escape velocity. Despite the fact that the meaning of this word may set off alarm bells for certain people, the term “trigger” really comes from the field of physics. In the field of physics, the term “escape velocity” refers to the lowest speed required for a free, unpropelled item to escape from the gravitational attraction of a huge body. This means that the object must finally reach an infinite distance from the body in question. The mass of the body has an increasing effect on the escape velocity, whereas the object’s distance from the body’s center has a decreasing effect.

In order for us to experience the space-time of Earth, a being must first enter the gravitational influence of the planet. However, in this case, the gravitational influence is more than just the mass of the planet itself; rather, it encompasses the planet’s entire life system, which includes its dominant thought forms, beliefs, social structures, linear time, and emotional climate.

This indicates that entities whose vibratory rate is higher than the Earth’s life system would need to slow down their rate of vibration in order to experience the third dimension of Earth. Our level of being must be fragmented in order to have a human identity, and this reduction in frequency does just that. This procedure might be thought of as a type of spiritual amnesia that is purposefully caused in order to get access to the most dense levels of reality.

However, taking on a human identity in the third dimension, lifetime after lifetime, together with the heavy emotions, unprocessed trauma, and karmic imprints that come with it, generates additional forgetfulness until we have reached the absolute lowest point possible on a metaphysical level. Some experiences are so traumatic and life-altering that they are buried deep inside a person’s mind and body. These memories remain there until an incarnation comes along that is ready to be healed, which may be many lifetimes after the initial trauma.

The journey into deeper worlds involves a significant amount of soul loss on the way there and back again. This happens in the aftermath of a terrible experience, when a component of our essence decides it is no longer secure enough to be embodied and, as a kind of self-preservation, separates from the soul. These fragmented components of our whole contain both the creative life force and the energy of our being. Every one of them is a separate facet that, when taken together, makes up the whole of who we are.

Existential pain, unexplainable sadness, apathy, and worry are some of the less well-known signs of soul loss. Soul loss may make a number of different appearances. In point of fact, soul retrieval is one of the services that my customers request during energy healing sessions more often than any other service that I provide.

Robert Monroe’s groundbreaking research on the out-of-body experience provided considerable documentation of the addictive component of the human experience. Despite this, a significant piece of the puzzle about the root cause of addiction was not addressed.

Addiction is caused by the loss of one’s soul.

In addition to this, the loss of one’s soul results in forgetfulness. From a shamanic point of view, the reason we continue to cycle through “unfinished business” is because we have lost a part of our soul. It is because those aspects contain the light of our essence, and if we left them here, it would only continue to magnetize us to these realms until they are reclaimed. This is the reason why we can’t just move on; even if we tried, we wouldn’t be able to. This is the reason why we can’t just move on.

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The only way to achieve escape velocity is to fully integrate all of our facets into our multidimensional self.

After the intricacies of this time-space have been uncovered, the Higher Self will next bring about an awakening by reversing the path from fragmentation to wholeness. Healing is another term that may be used to refer to awakening. This is why the concept of healing is so common during a significant change in awareness, such as the one that a lot of people on Earth are going through right now.

The ascent of our energy field back into awareness is what we mean when we talk about healing. In this manner, we build up our initial vibratory rate in preparation for our entry into the life system of Earth before we descend in density. Our vibratory rate quickens as a result of a healing trip, and the increased energetic momentum is channeled and used as fuel to shift our focus to another plane of reality. Once all of our elements have been gathered and reintegrated, our rate of vibration quickens.

The idiom “light as a feather” now has an altogether fresh meaning in light of this discovery. The major judgment was decided by the departed person’s heart being weighed against a feather, and the Kemetic trip through the underworld to join ancient Egypt’s afterlife was somewhat similar to this notion.

Obtaining the Necessary Speed for Evacuation

 1- Heal the heavy emotions that are causing Prime Energy to be diffused.

Emotion, also known as energy in motion, is an expression of our prime energy, which is our creative life force. Our energy field becomes distorted, which results in dissonance when we carry around a hefty emotional burden that is composed mostly of negative and repressed emotions.

It is not the intention of this statement to minimize the significance of our negative feelings; rather, it is a call to bring expression, unconditional presence, and voice into these regions so that our difficult feelings have the opportunity to find resolution. When we don’t let these suppressed feelings move, they cause our life force to become stagnant, which erodes our coherence in the same way that an injury to the nervous system would impair the tissues’ capacity to properly communicate with one another. Negative feelings are confined to the confines of space-time and are incompatible with other aspects of awareness that exist outside of it.

The only form of prime energy that is capable of traveling through the lesser dimensions is the original form, which is also the form that we return to. True love is more than romantic attachment, friendship, or empathy; nonetheless, it is all of these many manifestations of love that give the possibility to develop love in its purest form. Love is more than just an emotion; it is a state of being.

The cultivation of genuine love takes place in the commonplace moments of shared humanity and the life lessons that lead to deep knowledge that we go through on a daily basis. A power is created that is greater than the sum of its parts when all of the many manifestations of its essence are combined. Monroe even went so far as to come to the conclusion that the whole goal of the Earth’s living system was to learn how to become a first-order generator of love.

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The power source that builds up the necessary momentum for emancipation is real love.

2 – Become conscious of the wants that you have not yet satisfied.

These are the most powerful magnets that draw us into this phase of awareness, and they keep us here. This is the unfinished business that we are hoping to find a solution for. The unfulfilled yearnings of our hearts truly torment us and keep us moving on through the cycle of reincarnation in search of experiences that may satiate their longings.

One way to come in touch with these wants is to make a list of all the things you want to do in your life that, if you didn’t do them, you would definitely experience regret and yearning on a spiritual level. This is an activity that may help you get in touch with these desires. In the space provided next to each point, jot down the actions you plan to take in order to satisfy each wish. Be aware of the fact that these unstated requirements are likely going to shift over time as we cultivate new frames of reference along the road. As we free ourselves from our links to the third dimension, we will also lose some of these people. The soul will be given the impetus to ascend if it is understood that unfinished business is an integral component of what it is here on Earth to settle.

3 – Let go of your ties to your ego.

The distinction between wishes and ego attachments lies in the fact that desires serve as the compass for our will, but ego attachments are developed as a result of our tendency to objectify ourselves. If we unknowingly treat our self-image as a stock whose rise and fall is contingent on the rise and fall of our perceived value, then we have attached our sense of worth to the things we acquire, whether they be material, monetary, or people. This can be a problem for us in a number of different ways. When we let go of these attachments, we make room in our lives to become more of who we really are.

4 – Find as many different belief systems and illusions as you can and then let them go.

The vast majority of our views are fraught with inconsistency, and as a result, I would characterize the process of healing as one that involves the consolidation of our inconsistencies. They often argue with one another, despite their astounding level of rigidity.

Because we are physical creatures, we naturally see the world through the lenses of corporeal reality, yet we are oblivious to the fact that even the corporeal may be manipulated. Even though there is an objective framework to reality that functions completely independently of any of our beliefs, regardless of how much we may attempt to bend its will, there are several aspects within reality that do respond to us, and it is these aspects that have the ability to change our reality.

Our beliefs serve as invisible constraints that govern everything from our sense of self-worth to what we believe is feasible and what we do not believe is conceivable.

Over the course of our lives, we have the potential to amass a large number of limiting beliefs and illusions, which, when combined, lock us within a very restricted bandwidth of experience. Even if we believe that limiting ideas just act as a barrier between us and a bigger reality that is too overwhelming to comprehend, we are nevertheless able to create attachments to such beliefs.

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The process of detaching our energy field from its connection to these ideas may be started when we become conscious of them and pay attention to the function that they have played for us in the past. This method is also referred to as self-inquiry in certain circles. Because of this, a person whose awareness is growing may go through phases in which they feel disoriented and confused while their energy field readjusts to the new state of being that comes with the expansion of their consciousness. The neuroplastic changes that occur in our physiology as a result of these transitions in awareness are a reflection of the rising condition of the body and mind.

5 – Relieve the Guilt

Shame drives two enormous tapes: “Never good enough;” and if you can talk it out of that one, “Who do you think you are?” is the second tape. “Never good enough” is a credo I continually utter, with a Texan accent no less.

The monster of shame is quite real, and it causes us to feel burdened.

At its core, shame is nothing more than a dread of being alone. It stems from the idea that we are inherently flawed, which stokes feelings of unworthiness and drives us to believe that we cannot be trusted. Its esoteric flaw is that shame, like fear, is a particularly preferred source of food for certain extradimensional entities that feed themselves off of our life energy. This is one of the reasons why shame is such a detrimental emotion. The only way to counteract this dynamic is to accept the unsettling emotions that are triggered by shame and take responsibility for the aspects of ourselves that make us feel inferior.

Because shame is a dread of being alone, its inherent quality is to cut people off from others. The impression that no one else has experienced what we are experiencing or has difficulties similar to our own is the one that is associated with this misconception more than any other.

The results of Dr. Brown’s decades of study on shame have led him to the conclusion that shame may be mitigated by practicing self-compassion. The capacity to talk about our experiences with individuals we can confide in and to show ourselves empathy in the face of shame are the keys to peeling back the layers of this emotion over time. Because it is the place in which all of our facets are merged, waking requires that the heart center be activated. This is one of the most important parts of awakening.

Detoxification from the third-dimensional phase of awareness may be accomplished effectively using any of the aforementioned methods. These are the fundamental activities that ascending beings must engage in in order to quicken their rate of vibration and move their whole selves into new dimensions of experience.

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