How the Universe Was Born: From Your Light and Spirit

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As light beings, we were responsible for the creation of everything that exists on this level, and we imbued our souls into and all around the things that we made.

This provided the thing with the vitality it needed to keep itself together. Even the most inconsequential things that may be found on this level are imbued with some kind of spirit.

However, despite being inside or around people, this spirit is not a soul. A soul is not present in every single item. Every form of creature that has the capacity to experience emotions has a soul.

Even while some beings operate at a very low frequency and have only the most fundamental experiences, they nonetheless possess a soul.

Consider the life of an ant and the events it has seen, for example. Now, it could strike you as a rather pathetic experience.

Despite this, the ant is continuing to report all that it is experiencing back to Source, since Source is the sum total of everything.

The thinking process is the dividing line between material that is soul-related and material that is not soul-related. Instinct is a notion that has been examined.

Spirit and the Frequency of Energy

Everything has some trace of the spirit that created it. The vast majority of individuals, for instance, would agree that a lawn tractor lacks any kind of soul or character.

And we would argue that it exudes an air of spiritual energy. It has all of the materials that have been derived from the earth, and anything that possesses material (or matter) has some type of spirit, though not necessarily a soul as well.

Due to the very thick nature of the lawn tractor’s material, its energy frequency is extremely low. It does have a spirit, and the energy that it has moves through time and all of existence, just as all energy does.

This spirit moves through time and all of existence. Because of this, humanoids are able to have an out-of-body experience or travel across time and be able to identify another person or building that is contemporaneous with the time period they visited.

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It is because of the residue, also known as the residual energy spirit, that has been left behind by that existence for all time and all eternity.

Because it contains energy, it can be seen, and to some extent, it can also be felt by those who come into contact with it. Theoretically speaking, this is what an apparition is: residual spirit energy that remains in the space where that being used to be.

The densities of gravity, the atmosphere, oxygen, and hydrogen are all significantly different from the density of spirit energy.

They are all distinguished from one another not only by their distinct molecular structures but also by the distinct energy frequencies and densities that they each possess.

Even though they are all distinct, they cooperate with one another to accomplish the task at hand.

It is the energy of the spirit that binds all of the energy and matter together, and it has been imbued with life so that it may perpetually advance and transform itself.

Creations in the Atmosphere

Take into consideration the biological materials that may be found on this level. The synchrony that the light beings were able to build is astounding; it perfectly fits with the atmospheric conditions that are present in this location.

Light beings were responsible for designing it in such a way that everything would develop in harmonious union with all of the other energies that develop here.

Its alignment, which is the result of its evolutionary process, aligns with the alignment of the planetary system, the alignment of the stars, the cosmic bodies, and the energy vortex—in short, everything that exists!

Everything develops in accordance with the climatic conditions that exist in the many galaxies across the cosmos. They all operate wonderfully well together due to the fact that everything is always changing.

That is, until man starts making artificial changes to it! Then it must struggle to get back into the equilibrium or rhythm of its original creative process in order to continue functioning properly.

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Every kind of energy puts out a call for the desired state of equilibrium to materialize. Because of this, there is friction in the relationship between the humanoids and their own environment, which they are destroying.

In spite of the fact that human beings are responsible for an alarmingly high rate of environmental destruction, there are other issues in the cosmos that more than make up for the difficulties caused by humanoids.

Because all of the other entities that inhabit this dimension rely on it for their survival, the demands made by these beings have the same weight as those made by humans. As a result, their requests help maintain a healthy equilibrium across the cosmos.

The Deception That There Is Conflict

Isn’t it incredible how the existence of everything in our world depends on the delicate equilibrium maintained by everything else?

It’s incredible not only because of how straightforward everything is but also because humanoids are so skilled at making a mess of things despite the fact that it’s all an illusion!

The delusion is what gives rise to the dread and, as a result, the conflict that is there. Humanoids are experiencing inner emotional conflict within themselves because, at the very center of their souls, they remember who they are and that they are Source. This knowledge causes humanoids to have inner emotional conflict.

The humanoids have accumulated fabricated (fake) knowledge regarding their uniqueness. They have caved in to the dictates of many religious institutions, governments, and societies.

All of these things are teaching you that you are a miserable creature, a sinner, that you are separated from God, that you are lower than God, that you have to work your way back to God or else you will be punished, and that you must work your way back in order to restore your relationship with God.

Since the beginning of time, people have been fooled by this fear-driven illusion.

We Are All That I Am

Nevertheless, the knowledge that “I am” exists deep inside your being, at the very center of your existence.

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The assertion that enables you to acknowledge to yourself that what you’ve been told is incorrect and that you should not be falling in to the illusion is the one that we call “the statement.”

You are aware of who you are and that you are the source; furthermore, you are aware that you cannot reject your beingness in the context of the entirety of all things.

You will only be able to disregard that fact when you are operating on the deceptive plane of demonstration.

You have to reconnect with the wisdom that is deep inside you. Your degree of knowledge will determine what is true for you, and your knowing will tell you what that is.

You will get a little bit better if you continue to cling to the knowledge that you already have, and then a little bit better, and then a little bit better.

This is the step-by-step process of making progress—the breakthrough. Sometimes it takes more than one lifetime for it to happen, while other times it occurs in only one lifetime.

All of this is a necessary step in the process of waking. the mending, if you will, of the experiences that your soul has had in order for you to become aware of who you are and your link to the Source.

Once you have gained knowledge, it is impossible for anybody to prevent you from moving forward, unless you give them permission to do so.

Your soul is filled with joy at the knowledge that, in the course of your lifetime, you will begin to have many new experiences.

Start relishing who you are right now. You are a creature made of light! You are very welcome, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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