4 Spectacular Ways to Boost Your Happiness! (no matter what)

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Do You Despise Your Life? Here Are Four Ways to Improve Your Mood

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“A person might have hope when they are able to recognize that there is light even when there is a lot of darkness.” ~Desmond Tutu

I despise everything about my existence. Do you find any truth in the claims made in this statement? Do you feel as if you’ve reached an all-time low? The good news is that it’s possible that it won’t be as horrible as you worry it will be.

I spent a significant portion of my life being terrified of everything.

I had a breakdown in my emotional state, which made life appear very frightening all of a sudden. What exactly had taken place? Had the place where I was living moved on without me? Was it possible that anything had happened to my country?

No, what had happened was that I had shifted the lens through which I saw the world from one of optimism and happiness to one of pessimism and despair.

My most significant challenge wasn’t that I felt horrible; rather, it was that I had unwittingly bought into the concept that the issue was “out there,” or that maybe I had lost my mind. This was my greatest challenge. Being exposed to such profound darkness, in which there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel, made me feel afraid.

When We Buy Into Our Negative Self-Talk and the Perceptions of the Terrible Life We Have

What had really taken place was that, as a result of a string of unfortunate events, I had been quite depressed, and then much more depressed than before. I didn’t know that, even after the first terrible situations, I was continuing to cause a significant amount of my own unhappiness with the ways that I was thinking about things.

Because of the way my perspective was filtered, I could only perceive the negative aspects of life. Everything seemed greyer somehow. It became progressively worse, and I found myself sinking more and deeper into its grasp as time went on.

Were the unfortunate circumstances to blame? Perhaps, but the actual issue was that they forced me to alter the color of my filter to grey, and now I was trapped in that setting. The more I saw the world in this manner, the more I prepared myself for it. The more I subconsciously prepared myself for it, the more evidence my senses unearthed to back up the worst of my suspicions.

Both my therapists and the books I read brought me back to the period when the breakdown occurred and even farther, to the time when I was a kid, in an effort to alleviate the feeling of anguish and misery I was experiencing.

I “worked through it” by determining what the primary issue was and then solving it. To some extent, I believe that it is necessary to go through past hurts and unresolved issues; doing so is often necessary for maintaining one’s mental health. On the other hand, it was re-traumatizing for me, and it mostly simply pulled out old things that I had already reconciled. I was often put in the position of starting again from scratch. I was nowhere near getting well; in fact, I was stuck in a cycle of becoming worse.

What kept me coming back to it was something as basic as the fact that the negative experiences I had been through had passed a long time ago, and while I had practiced forgiveness and mourning, I was still feeling horrible. The only explanation I could come up with was that I needed to focus more energy on mending wounds from the past. Having said that, when I think about it now, it appears like the only thing that kept it alive was my own conviction that the issue was still there.

The Shock to the System

For me, this revelation was a tremendous truth bomb: Even if I’ve been through things in the past that were distressing at the time they occurred, I’m the one who keeps reliving those traumatic moments in my life. I was in the habit of detesting my own existence.

Does it imply that I am to blame for it? No, I was simply going about my day like everyone else. I was in the habit of making myself feel bad on a daily basis, and after about a month of doing so, it had become second nature. I was someone who lived their life in constant terror.

Yes, the initial upheaval or challenges in my life may have been problematic, but at this point, they were no longer occurring. I kept them alive in two different ways: first, by engaging in learned patterns of behavior; and second, by continuously picking at them in an effort to understand why I continued to feel horrible.

Do Not Cover It With a Sticker That Features a Smile

At the moment, there is a lot of discussion on the concept of toxic positivity, as well as worries over the practice of sticking a smiley face sticker over difficulties. I do understand why some individuals behave in such a way. I do not think that the majority of individuals who speak about poisonous positivity are genuinely warning about it, which is irresponsible since running away from a real-life issue is a sign of irresponsibility.

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My theory is that many of the individuals who speak about toxic positivity are really trapped with their filter set to gray, and they are fighting for their own limits when they do so.

The concept of “love and light” is becoming more and more associated with negative connotations. It’s gotten to the point that people practically laugh about it. I agree that it is absurd to believe that “love and light” is the solution to any and all problems in the world. But if you discover that you are unhappy with your life and feel trapped in old things, I encourage you to give it a try before dismissing it as naive or evasive advice. If you feel caught in old stuff and find that you are unhappy about your life.

Please keep in mind that even some seemingly highly intelligent spiritual and transformative guides or gurus are still very much locked in their own egos. This is something that you should keep in mind. They still have the notion that they should be the ones to fight through their suffering and talk about how they managed to survive. It does not make a person any less human just because they are well-known and adored by a large number of people. Simply because they assert that they are more knowledgeable than others does not indicate that they really are.

Some parts of the internet have a negative perception of positivity, but it is important to keep in mind that the concept that we don’t have to focus on the challenges we face has been around for centuries and has been advocated for by mystics and gurus from the beginning of time.

According to an ancient Buddhist proverb, “Pain is inevitable; suffering, on the other hand, is voluntary.” I understand that there is a time and a place for addressing suffering; coming to terms with one’s situation and working through one’s sadness is of the utmost significance. However, we do not have to continue to endure beyond the first anguish.

How to Experience Discomfort Without Falling Into the Trap of Suffering

You will, without a doubt, run across challenges, and at times those challenges will be dreadful, horrific, and surprising. Nevertheless, after the initial processing has been completed and the mourning process is well under way, there are many reasons to consider putting a smiley face sticker into the mix! rather of going over or around the wound, we went around it. There is no need for us to wallow in either poisonous optimism or toxic negativity.

What exactly do I mean when I say “initial processing” of the challenges that life presents? It will be different for everyone, and it will depend on the circumstances, but what I truly mean is this: give yourself a decent amount of time to experience the sentiments, and then make an attempt to go on with the rest of your life!

Nobody would expect you to be cheerful the day after you saw a horrendous crime or after a loved one passed away, and no one would expect you to be joyful. This is an absurd concept, and it is precisely what is meant by the term “poison positivity,” which refers to the idea that one ought to be cheerful at all times, irrespective of one’s surroundings.

However, there comes a moment when we have to make the conscious decision to adjust our perspective and discover reasons to grin since this is something that only occurs if we make it happen.

Place a Sticker Depicting a Smiley Face Next to It, and then Begin to Congregate There

If you really despise your life, you may have reached the point where you have begun to accept the idea that things will never get any better for you. If you ask someone who is in the know, they will tell you that this is not the case. Since you are aware of your surroundings and still alive, there is a chance that things may be made better. I did. I am not more extraordinary than you are, and I do not possess any unique abilities. If I can do it, then you can too.

It goes without saying that you should seek medical attention if you have a serious illness. Reach out to a medical expert for guidance and to obtain their point of view if you are confused about anything. This is a must!

Be a risk taker and give the much-maligned “positive thinking and action” technique described in the following sentence a shot after you have determined that you do not need the assistance of a medical professional.

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What I’m about to advise following is something I really tried, and it was successful for me. Customers have had success using it. Does this indicate that it will be successful for you? No, this is not required at all, and it’s possible that you’ll carry out the steps somewhat differently. But I have faith that you will be able to grasp the core of what I am recommending, and I hope that you will give it a go.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by participating in this activity.

How to Improve Your Happiness Levels in 4 Ways (The Recipe That Isn’t So Magical)

To begin, put the notion that you do not want to participate in “toxic positivity” on hold for the time being and give this twenty-minute morning ritual a go for a couple of weeks. No one has ever mentioned to me that they felt worse as a result of using it.

Work Out As Soon As You Arise From Bed in the Morning

All right, first of all, use the restroom! After that, spend the next two to ten minutes engaging in some aerobic workouts, weight lifting, or stretching. First, get some music going, and then go to work.

The routine consists of two light weights and a resistance band, and I do it first thing in the morning. I spend five minutes using the resistance band on my legs; five minutes working out my core either on the floor or with the weights, and then I spend five minutes working out my arms with the weights. Not only does it make my physique seem better, but it also gets the hormones in my body that make me feel good pumping.

Create a Vision Board, Some Goal Sheets, and Some Inspirational Quotations

Post them in the space where you will be doing out, and read them or gaze at them while you are moving to get into an empowered mentality. You may contribute photographs, quotations, or thoughts.

I have a total of thirteen papers as well as a bunch of sticky notes. While I am working on my arms every day, I do read a good portion of it. However, I do not read everything correctly every day. Since I’m not a big believer in establishing particular objectives, I’ve mostly included quotations from some of my favorite writers that focus on personal change instead. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to include.

Gratitude Notebook

Spend the next minute thinking about three things for which you are thankful. This is the very minimum that must be done. If you have some spare time, you may want to try writing down your objectives for the day or making a list of the ways you believe the Universe has assisted you in the recent past.

Even if you think there are twenty different things about which you may complain, you should nonetheless write about the one positive aspect of the situation if there is one.

The practice of looking back on the days that have passed and acknowledging how much you have for which to be thankful or how many of your wishes have been fulfilled is a wonderful compliment to the activities that are being discussed here. Remember that this isn’t the case even if you feel like you haven’t accomplished any of your goals so far! If you write in your thankfulness diary on more than one day, it means that you are showing up for yourself and keeping it up, at least to some degree. A significant portion of the population won’t even make it this far.

Be kind to yourself and glad that you have made some effort to dedicate yourself to improving your life, regardless of how little that effort may have seemed at first.

Every Morning, Put on Something Uplifting and Inspirational to Listen To

This is something that I do in the background when I am getting ready or going through my to-do list. I like to watch something that focuses more on the positive aspects of life, such as what I have going for me and the world, as well as what we are capable of doing.

Is it more effective for me to bury my head in the sand or to refuse to acknowledge that there are problems in the world? Actually, it’s for the purpose of getting me hyped up and giving me the confidence to tackle the challenge of actually live my life.

You have access to a great deal of free material that is available throughout social media platforms. Conduct a search on social media and begin looking for content that inspires you, motivates you to think positively, and helps you approach each day with a sense of purpose.

No one looks forward with eager anticipation to experiencing the suffering or the devastation that lies in wait for them. Therefore, it is essential that we be able to partly reframe the situation so that we may view it as a constructive challenge rather than just an unpleasant experience. This is true even when there are terrible things that we must confront.

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It is not that we are trying to be irresponsible or escape the truth when we do this; rather, it is so that we may give ourselves the greatest opportunity of being able to approach the things that we need to accomplish with excitement and a positive energy level. Because of this, we are of greater service not just to ourselves but also to the people and the world around us.

Insight: A Concise Overview of the Strategy to Relocate Away from the Ache

You don’t like your life… Okay, no need to worry.

Please take a minute to assess whether or not you may need help from medical personnel. Get in touch with a health expert if you are unsure about anything. Ask yourself if you are expecting yourself to feel better before you have had a reasonable amount of time to grieve or recover from a recent event. Once you have done this and are certain that you do not have a clinical reason for feeling so badly about life, ask yourself if you are expecting yourself to feel better.

In the event that something terrible has occurred, you are going to need some time to experience it and work through it. It does seem that the world wants us to believe that we should constantly be in a good mood, yet this expectation cannot be met. It is only normal for our thoughts to look for an easy answer and to try to avoid digesting an unpleasant experience, but doing so will only make it last for a longer period of time. Be sure that you are not hastening a healthy mourning process by doing so.

If you really despise your life right now, you owe it to yourself to check in with yourself and determine whether or not you are just going through a rough patch. Expecting oneself to be happy all the time is not only unrealistic but also harmful. No one feels joyful all the time.

Consider giving the aforementioned suggestions a shot and seeing what a more upbeat beginning to your day might do for you after you’ve ruled out any potential medical causes and ensured that there isn’t a temporary or logical justification for why you’re feeling so awful. After you’ve made sure that there isn’t a temporary or logical justification for why you’re feeling

Try it out for a whole month and note any differences.

It’s possible that beginning your day with exercise, positive thinking, and appreciation won’t be effective, but I’d be astonished if it wasn’t at least worth a try! Will it find a solution to all of your issues? No, this is not the case at all. However, we hope that it will provide you with a burst of optimism and a feeling of hope, as well as demonstrate that you are capable of making changes in your life that will help you feel better about it.

As soon as you realize that even little adjustments may result in significant improvements, you will get enthusiastic about all of the other aspects of your life that you can alter and make better. It shifts you into first gear from the reverse gear that you were previously in. It may not seem like much, but it’s a beginning—and a very encouraging one at that!

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