Frequency is Powerful: It Changes Everything. So Vibrate Higher!

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Since frequency affects everything, let’s switch timelines, shall we?

You may believe that we are doomed to the impending climate change catastrophe, which would be very bad indeed. However, the timeline that is in play at this moment definitely appears to be leading in the direction of a perilously devastated world. However, we as a collective have the power to change timelines, prevent catastrophe, and create a happy ending. Not just in terms of our priceless biosphere but also, and this is of equal if not more significance, in terms of the “sociosphere,” which is the word I’m using to signify the state of mankind and the societies it forms.

In spite of Greta Thunberg and her courageous efforts to push global governments and motivate her generation, we are aware that we cannot rely on governments and laws to achieve the required changes in a timely manner.

Now is the time to take action, and we have the ability to do so.

I am recommending, urging, encouraging, and beseeching you to comprehend that you have the ability—and the responsibility—to “transform yourself and change the world” when I say, “Ignore the Drama—Vibrate Higher.”

How? Well, you ask.

Everything is energy, and various frequencies of energy vibrate at different rates. Depending on the frequency that is active, we either experience love, joy, and harmony, or we experience fear, aggression, chaos, and destruction.

At this very moment, on the surface, the collective frequency is exhibiting the effects of the latter. However, what most people are unable to perceive is the groundswell of the former, which was precipitated by individuals all over the world who have lifted themselves out of the 3D static and have ascended energetically to a higher consciousness and higher reality.

As a matter of fact, people all over the world are opening their eyes, coming to the realization that they are Light Beings inhabiting human bodies, and cultivating a higher frequency in their personal energy fields. This, in turn, is contributing more light to the quantum field and resulting in progress toward a kinder, gentler humanity.

[In case you were unaware, the Quantum Field is the energy field in which we all participate and which comprises everything and everyone. It was just recently discovered and validated by scientific research. Whether intentionally or not, each and every one of us is a part of the problem, and we are also all impacted by it. Because we are aware creatures, each of us also has our own individual electromagnetic field as well as a unique frequency signature. We function as transmitting and receiving stations, picking up signals from all over the place and continuously broadcasting signals based on the state of our energy field at any given moment. These signals can be emotional or mental static, or they can be the harmony and serenity that comes with functioning as Consciousness itself.]

Right now, you are in a situation where you get to decide — and are responsible for carrying out — precisely how you want to position yourself in terms of the quality of your contribution. Because it is already taking place, whether consciously or unconsciously, and because simply calling yourself spiritual isn’t enough if you haven’t activated and embodied the love that you are and developed sufficient self-mastery to affect the frequency you hold and emanate, it is already taking place, whether consciously or unconsciously.

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If you haven’t mastered your reactions to the thoughts that arise, if you haven’t mastered your speaking (in terms of intention, integrity, and follow-through), and if you haven’t integrated awareness in your actions, you are similar to a pinball: bounced around willy-nilly, at-effect-of random societal or internal input, and subject to all of the emotional and psychological static that is inherent in the third dimension: Life on Earth as a mostly reactive human being

However, once you make the decision to activate and enhance the love frequency in your energy field and cultivate the awareness necessary to become a master of thought, word, and deed, you will be able to lift yourself out of the chaos of the third dimension and into a realm in which harmony is the dominant force.

You have increased the frequency of the energy field around you, and as a result, you are more in tune with the Light Being that you really are. As a result, you are finding it easier and easier to breeze through life, and your trajectory is heading in the right direction.

You are not only in harmony with the Legions of Light, who are doing all in their power to elevate and inspire mankind during this time of transition, but you are also making a significant contribution to the concentrated effort to “alter the fabric of reality for the well-being of everyone.”

And for that purpose, my dears, we have come to this place.

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