What Exactly Does Ensoulment Mean? (Mysticism and the Way of the Path)

what is spiritual-ensoulment

Are you one of the mystics? 

The Transcendent, often known as the Spirit, is accorded a significant amount of importance in contemporary spirituality. Nevertheless, it is regrettable that this preoccupation with the ethereal comes at the expense of the soul.

The soul is the embodiment of the spirit. The soul is an embodiment of magic, enchantment, and poetry; it is earthy, sensuous, euphoric, and firmly based in the here and now. While the soul is mostly feminine in nature, the spirit is predominately male (masculine).

We are in desperate need of yin in this world, which is now ruled by an imbalance of yang. We have an immediate and critical need to reestablish connection with the soul.

We have to travel the way of the mystic, who is inherently and inevitably attracted to the flame of the soul, which may also be referred to as an individual’s inner light.

Ensoulment is the method that may be used to accomplish this goal.

What Exactly is a Soul?

Every single one of us has a soul. The term “soul,” which comes from the Old English word “s,” refers to our living essence at the most basic level. “Wol” is a Tibetan word that may be translated as “spiritual and emotional component of a person” or “animate existence”. The concept that the soul is the indwelling spark of divinity that everyone of us carries has developed throughout the course of history as a result of the combined impact of many religious and broader spiritual traditions.

In a word, your true nature is your soul; it is the core essence or spirit of your being that is incarnate in a physical form on earth. To employ a straightforward comparison, Spirit may be compared to unadulterated light, whereas Soul can be compared to a kaleidoscope of multicolored lenses through which Spirit shines.

What Exactly Does Ensoulment Mean?

The process and journey of embracing one’s true nature is referred to as ensoulment (your soul). It’s your capacity to accept, live as, and have experiences with the most real version of yourself. The process of ensoulment is an essential step on the route to spiritual awakening, and it is at the heart of the mystic’s way of life. Soul retrieval is another term that may be used interchangeably with ensoulment. However, ensoulment refers to both a philosophy and an ongoing lived experience, while soul retrieval is often a one-time procedure.

Note that the word “ensoulment” originally had religious overtones and referred to the process through which a fetus acquires a soul over the course of pregnancy. On the other hand, it is not the subject of discussion in this article. Instead, we have purposefully rethought and redefined the term “ensoulment” to denote the process of soul initiation that occurs on a continuing basis.

The Most Ominous Pandemic That Has Ever Existed: The Loss of Souls

When the soul is neglected, it doesn’t just go away; it appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, violence, and a loss of meaning. “Loss of soul” is the great ailment of the twenty-first century, implicated in all of our problems and affecting us individually and socially. It is the disease that defines our generation.

– T. Moore

What is it that is at the heart of all of our anguish?

This is a question that has plagued the psyches of people ever since the beginning of recorded history.

Religion and other spiritual traditions have both taught us the same thing, which is that the source of human suffering may be found deep inside each individual person.

It is a disease that eats away at the soul. A splintering of the mind and its components A disorder that affects the psyche A break from the natural world. A profanation of the very world that surrounds us here and now.

The absence of a soul is the source of all of this anguish.

When we are severed from our connection to the soul, we are severed from our connection to one another and the planet. When this happens, we fall into a condition of fundamentalism, which is characterized by a cold rationality and a mechanical reductionism that views the world and other people as objects that can be used and discarded.

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When our connection to the soul is destroyed, the human being becomes mentally unstable. Diseases of every kind start to manifest themselves, beginning inside the body as chronic illnesses and eating disorders and progressing all the way up to mental illnesses, existential crises, paranoia, hate, suicide, murder, and the psychotic abuse of our society’s most innocent members.

It is imperative that a connection be made with the soul if mankind is to experience healing. It is necessary for us to become ensouled. We need to be initiated into the spiritual path if we are going to have any chance of turning back from the road of self-destruction that we are building right now, however small that chance may be. It is necessary for us to travel the way of the Bodhisattva, or the embodied mystic.

Ensoulment is the treatment for soul loss, the most serious epidemic in the history of mankind, which affects individuals of all different ethnicities and geographic locations.

This must not go unnoticed. Put this in stone and consider it done. It should be shouted from the rooftops that this is true. The spirit of humanity has been lost, and if we do not take steps toward ensoulment, what chance do our children’s children have of surviving on a planet that is being systematically destroyed even as we speak?

The 11 Telltale Signs That You’re a Contemporary Mystic

Because the prefix en, which comes from the Latin word for “in,” is at the beginning of the word “ensoulment,” its literal meaning is “being in the soul” or “embodying the Divine essence that is already inside you.”

A person who feels the urge to live, express, and fulfill the destined path of their soul is referred to as a contemporary mystic.

If you consider yourself to be a contemporary mystic, you will:

  1. Acquire the awareness that you are here on this earth to fulfill a particular and significant function (perhaps since an early age).
  2. With all your heart, long for a life that is rich in meaning that is rich in
  3. When you are unsure about your future or when you are unable to “figure it out,” you may experience feelings of depression.
  4. Feel a pull toward the world of the spiritual or the metaphysical?
  5. I have been through a spiritual awakening, a Kundalini Awakening, or a “Dark Night of the Soul,” among other similar experiences.
  6. You may find it difficult to integrate or feel like you belong in this world.
  7. As someone who is very sensitive and/or an empath, you feel everything to an incredible degree.
  8. Long for your own company and take pleasure in quiet reflection.
  9. I often struggle with problems of many kinds (such as the quarter-life crisis, existential crisis, etc.).
  10. You may have difficulty finding your soul tribe (perhaps as a result of the aforementioned pandemic of soul loss!), and as a result, you may have difficulty overcoming emotions of loneliness and isolation.
  11. You want to be one with the Divine, God or Gods, Life, and your beloved.

Our contemporary society has a critical need for mystics who can rediscover, recover, reclaim again, live, breathe, and communicate the purpose of their souls.

What Are the Consequences of Becoming Ensouled?

Simply by paying attention to the environment around you, you may easily picture what it might be like to suffer from soul loss. A civilization that lacks a soul is characterized by symptoms such as anxiety, sadness, addictions, narcissism, aggression, and abuse of every type.

On the other hand, an ensouled person is a very uncommon occurrence. Who is there in this current day and age to guide us through the ins and outs of the secrets that lie inside our souls? The response is that there are a very small number of people who are both willing and able to help. In all honesty, our society and culture are both spiritually and culturally barren, and we live in a desert.

It is an unusual calling to be called to undertake soul work and to get to a point where one may lead the souls of others. It’s not something I ever saw happening to me in that way. Even though my father was a minister of the Christian faith, I never dreamed that I would one day become a priestess of the soul or a psychopomp, someone who leads the ego into the inner realm.

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My sensitivity to this worldwide issue that is widely overlooked – and in many instances, not even seen – may have been formed as a result of my own childhood experiences of deep inner desolation, Dark Night misery, and soul-longing.

Ensoulment is not easy to come by, but it may be recognized in those who live purpose-driven lives that are centered not just on their own requirements but also on the requirements of the community as a whole. In a nutshell, here is a summary of what I’ve seen about ensouled humans:

  • A disposition marked by receptivity, humility, and openness.
  • Heartfulness (awe, reference, wonder, enchantment, devotion, compassion) (awe, reference, wonder, enchantment, devotion, compassion)
  • Having a powerful awareness of one’s significance and purpose in life
  • Recognizing and developing one’s own particular set of spiritual abilities
  • A close relationship with the here and now
  • Improved capacity to let go of control and place one’s faith in a higher power
  • Having the sensation of being linked with other people, the wider universe, and life itself
  • Recognizing the strength that may be drawn from imagination, symbolism, and creative expression,
  • Orienting oneself toward the unknown, the numinous, and the magic that exists within and outside oneself
  • Taking into account the Divine as both a power that is beyond and within oneself
  • Progressing toward more internal coherence and equilibrium (wholeness)
  • Having a connection with and being an embodiment of the soul

To summarize what I’ve mentioned above, ensouled individuals live their lives with a profound feeling of meaning and purpose, have a deep connection to their hearts, and have a profound sense of connection with the Divine.

Ensoulment is not something that can be “achieved” or “crossed off our to-do list” in the sense that these phrases connote logical progression.

Instead, it’s a leisurely, meandering voyage with some ups and downs along the way. It is a natural process that is both organic and powerful in its manifestation. Ensoulment is a process that becomes deeper and deeper through time, so there is no one “finish line” to reach either. One way of describing ensoulment is as a thousand-petaled lotus that is always in a state of transition between being and becoming.

The Ways That Lead to Ensoulment

How can we expand our ensouled capacity? That is the next question that seems to make sense to ask.

The truth is that there are many different routes, each of which has its own set of capabilities and talents.

After spending more than a decade researching many avenues of ensoulment and soul communication, it is not a simple task for me to combine all of them into a single article. Nevertheless, I’ll mention a few of the ones that spring to me right away:

Routes in the Real World:

Because the soul is implanted in the body like a rough diamond, it requires polishing in order for its shine to be seen. Otherwise, it will never be seen.-Daniel Defoe

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Solitude
  • Drumming
  • Nature walking
  • Vision quests

Feelings and Emotions:

Love is the essence of a person’s being.—John O’Donohue

  • Devotion
  • Self-love
  • Taking in the splendor of the world
  • Meditation that focuses on the heart
  • Work with one’s inner kid.

Innovative Methods:

The soul may become more attuned to God via the mediums of music, art, and poetry. -Thomas Merton

  • Writing
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Crafting
  • Music-making
  • Ritual
  • Gardening
  • Mythology/symbology

Routes in the Mind:

Pain is an inevitable part of the process of awakening… People will engage in any activity, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem, in order to avoid looking inside themselves.-Carl G. Jung

  • Prayer
  • Chanting
  • Silence
  • Meditation
  • Imagine that.
  • Mindfulness
  • Shadow work

Obviously, not all of these roads lead directly to ensoulment at the end of the journey.

Gardening, for example, has the potential to rapidly deteriorate into a mindless task if it is not imbued with a feeling of the symbolic significance it represents or with attentive reflection. Chanting is one more example that may be taken from the list that was just presented; if it is not initially filled with heart-centered emotion and depth, it can become a lifeless droning of meaningless syllables.

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In a nutshell, everything that we do in this life has the potential to be a step on the road to ensoulment; the most important factors are the inner state of your heart and the perspective or significance that you bring to the activities you engage in. However, it seems that there are some routes that are more suited to the purposeful practice of ensoulment than others.

Ensoulment may be seen as an inner kind of archaeology since it enables us to return to the source of our existence.

Pick and choose the parts that speak to you, and discard the others.


Ensoulment is a topic that is really near and dear to me, and as a result, the focus of this whole website is on providing assistance to you in the process of embodying your soul. But why is ensoulment such an important process?

The reason why ensoulment is so significant and necessary is because the world is in critical and dire need of it! We are seeing a level of soul loss that is on par with pandemic proportions, and it is just getting worse. This is placing us on the fast track to the sixth mass extinction. We are not only wreaking havoc on Mother Nature and the ecology, but we are also in the midst of a widespread cultural breakdown that is tearing at the foundation of our society.

As a race, we need to expand our scope of thought. Whatever it is that we choose to do, it cannot be for the benefit of a single person since we do not have the privilege. All of our efforts need to be focused on the whole picture.

Staying loyal to who we are requires us to carry our spirit with us like a torch in the midst of the darkness we experience. One must make and keep a solemn pledge to oneself if there is any hope of leading a life in which key aspects of who we are are not repressed or dulled in any way.-Mark Nepo

I have high hopes that what I have said here has awakened a desire inside you to dedicate yourself to relearning and reestablishing a connection with your soul. This is the path of the Bodhisattva, also known as the road of the Mystic. The way forward has the potential to save mankind from its tragic loss of soul.

The topic of ensoulment will be brought up again in the future. In the not too distant future, we want to go even deeper into this subject. In the comments below, please tell me what you believe we should focus on or provide more of.

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