Is Interdimensional Travel Possible? (the Universe as a Hologram of Light)


Interdimensional Travel Can Be Achieved Through the Realization That the Universe Is a Hologram of Light

There is a growing desire deep inside the human spirit to reestablish a connection with the original source of all life and to co-create a new reality that is more peaceful, loving without conditions, just, and equitable to all sentient beings. After aeons of being coerced into forgetfulness, humanity is now becoming aware of its broader purpose throughout the universe. Undoubtedly, these are very exciting times.

When it comes to navigating and producing in the higher planes of existence, there are several essential keys to recognize that can open the inner gates. These keys may be found by looking inside. The first step is coming to the understanding that the outside is really a hologram of the within. What is the mechanism behind this?

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The Universe is constantly breathing both in and out

The traditional interpretation of what happened during the big bang is that light radiated forth in all directions before collapsing to produce the universe as we know it. However, I have a straightforward issue for you to consider: how could the singularity expand outwards if there was nothing for it to explode into? How exactly can it take up space that doesn’t even exist?

What if, however, there is an implosion inwards that occurs shortly after the explosion outwards, with a very tiny delay in between the two events? Vibrational standing waves are produced as a result of the dynamics. Therefore, the universe is gradually progressing toward a state in which it is both exhaling and inhaling at the same moment. You now have an understanding of the fundamental nature of the observable universe. You have a dynamic equilibrium in continual flux. It’s a hypothesis that can satisfy both the scientific community and the spiritual community.

Because the flow back inwards is slightly out of rhythm with the flow outwards, what we now refer to as the space-time continuum is formed as a result. This ensures that the two waves do not combine and cancel each other out. This dynamic also takes spin into consideration since it generates a torque whenever there is a displacement back to the source of the force. And so form is also produced from this spin, which you can see duplicated in the toroidal flow that is present throughout the cosmos, inside particle matter, and in the flower of life picture of linked sentient form-it is a wonderful interwoven mosaic.

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Now, I am aware that this may seem like academic pontification, but bear with me for a little bit more and we will see how we may use it to open vital inner doors by which to go and create.

The Hologram That Is Virtual

To begin, we will have to unlock another portal. This is akin to seeing the visible universe as a hologram made of light. Put yourself in the mindset of this iconic moment from The Matrix:

When you put your hands on a “physical” object, such as the chair in the previous video, you get a sense of how genuine it is. But when you really think about it, that’s only because your brain is giving you information about a communal construct that, on some level, you’ve consented to. When you really think about it, that’s only because your brain is giving you information about it.

Consider it this way: your soul is desiring to have an experience of density and separation, and so, together with the rest of the collective, you dreamed into existence (over eons of ‘evolution’) the complexity of the world that we live in today, in which the human body, together with the five senses, becomes the vehicle through which you travel. This is because your soul is desiring to have an experience of density and separation. Your soul is now traversing a certain inner density of experience, which then projects onto the outer as a virtual hologram. Through this hologram, you then journey, and your body makes the experience real for itself as an experience.

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Getting Out of the Matrix

Since the intervention, that experience has now become very distorted and enslaving. This intervention wants you to identify with and remain imprisoned inside this outer hologram because it is a hologram that it can control and influence. Either it causes internal discord in order to distract you from the truth or it adds additional degrees of complexity in order to distract you from the source of the truth. Either way, it prevents you from finding your way back to the source of the truth. Because of this, our so-called “smart” society is becoming more distracted. The exterior becomes more appealing and genuine as a result, and this has a highly anchoring effect.

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When you get disillusioned with this restriction, the experience, which never seems to please you, is the point at which things begin to change. You have a recollection of being a part of a much more profound causation, of having a feeling of belonging to the whole, which fulfills every want that is derived from the outside world. And so, the process of surrendering starts, which, in turn, calms the inner activity for a sufficient amount of time to pick up on the more nuanced sensations of the soul. Your vehicle, your conduit, your link, and your bridge back to the source are all embodied in the soul.

Therefore, you start your journey inside by going via the soul. This is a trip that unfolds in stages due to the fact that as you go along, you tighten the karmic tethering in areas where you (aspects of your soul) have associated with the external world. The more you pull on them, the more active they will become, which will require you to retreat inside them in order to resolve the issue. Therefore, the voyage takes on the character of one of gradually increasing purity. At this moment, your soul is regaining its integrity and becoming more whole. You will have more and more freedom to explore other realms of reality as you progress.

Traveling between different dimensions

Through the practice of meditation, you are able to effectively and gradually silence the inner world. You will have the opportunity to experience the many levels of existence and will be able to soften right through them by gradually deepening your relaxation and awareness. This leads you an incredible number of steps closer to the origin, which is the vortex that revolves around the singularity. You are still there in the physical body, but you are traveling progressively more into the interior of the self. This demands a significant amount of focused patience and persistence since you will encounter all of the reasons why not to do this. For example, at some point, it will seem like the death of the ego, which was bonded to the outside. To get to the bottom of this, this could need some exploration. Or, you may develop a connection to the sensation of being released and returning home, both of which have been described as having a blissful quality; this attachment could prevent you from going further.

When you enter various densities inside yourself and learn how to more precisely attune those densities to your inner sensations, you will notice that the changes you make start to reflect outwardly into your virtual hologram as well. You see the actualization of the idea that the universe is interconnected, which means that you are a witness to the physical manifestation of the interconnectedness of signals and synchronicity, for example. The Universe is actually linked, and here is where that idea is put into practice. At this stage of your journey, however, the new densities such as the 4D and 5D are connected and enfolded over the 3D reality; in other words, you are living in two universes rather than just one.

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A Hologram in 5 Dimensions

If you are reading this, there will come a time when you will likely want to start creating and living in 5D—literally, physically living in the New Paradigm. If you are reading this, there will come a time when you will want to start creating and living in 5D. Because whatever you experience in higher dimensions keeps getting interpreted through lower ones-and because of that dense frequency, it can tend to override the lighter ones-this can initially be quite challenging as long as you still have a physical body. Because of this, you continue to see lower densities even though you’re traveling through higher frequencies. It’s one of the reasons why, for example, most individuals can’t remember their dreams.

In point of fact, the entire embodied experience of the higher dimensions mirrored into a new hologram, such as the one of the 5D, starts for me in the condition of dreaming. What is the mechanism behind this? After calming and easing the lower densities of the physical 1D, emotional 2D, and mental 3D, you move into the timeless realm of the 4D and untangle any interference or disturbance that may be present there (this is why the processing of karma on this plane is essential), and then you enter the 5D sense of interconnected flowing lightness. However, how do you see this being shown and made apparent in the outer hologram?

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The imagination is where it all starts. However, this goes beyond purpose and into the realm of imagination. You generate illusionary ‘time lines’ as people frequently talk about (‘event lines’ would be a more correct term). This dips back down into 4D and 3D. However, if you are able to maintain the higher frequency of that inner space, then pictures will begin to materialize of their own free will. For example, I am starting to see the 5D terrain of the new earth; I can see the emancipated mind taking on a new shape, which then opens up the possibility of movement across it. When you first begin this journey, it will feel partly etheric and partly intangible. However, as you develop your experience of the spirit light body, the new 5D DNA will form in these higher frequencies; consequently, when the physical body is shed, this 5D DNA will weave a new vehicle through which you can experience the new hologram of the new paradigm; this will allow you to travel through time and space more freely.

Arriving at one’s domicile

And so, we are able to say that by thinning down through the densities of the lower outer world, we are able to reconnect with the toroidal vortex of the source, and from there, we are able to start weaving the new experiences in the higher densities. It is really thrilling and gratifying all at the same time.

People who make it to the 5D will have the opportunity to experience an integrated state of peace, joy, and oneness with all life. After overcoming the obstacles posed by the previous karmic construct, it’s as if I’m finally returning home and getting to experience it in my body. You’ve finally made it!

If what I’ve said has struck a chord with you, then navigate the inner densities and unfold into the new 5D paradigm.

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