Should You Resign From Your Job? A Superb Response

how to quit your job

Question: I have a question about the process of making a life choice. That entails much more than just finding a new job, launching a new company, or returning to school. What should I think about?

Then, what do I believe the people there think about the choice to make that decision?

Answer: So, effectively, you’re saying, “How should I devote my life?” But, to put it another way, what job should I take?

What kind of schooling should I pursue? But that isn’t the point. The key thing to remember is that this is life.

Isn’t your life valuable to each of you? Hello, this is a priceless life. Where do you want to put your money if it’s valuable? What do you want to put your money towards in this short life?

Why not toss this existence away if it is worthless? What do you want to put your money towards if you have such a valuable life?

If you look at it in this light, you will discover something genuinely valuable to accomplish. If you think about how to make a livelihood or how to obtain this or that object, you will probably do something stupid that you will regret for the rest of your life. The majority of individuals are already competent.

That’s why they’re happy: they’re not doing what they wanted to do. They are not developing what is really important to them. They make a livelihood by doing something.

Earning a livelihood is not a difficult task for a human being. Isn’t it true that every creature, worm, bug, bird, and mammal works for a living? So, what’s the big deal about making a livelihood with such a huge brain?

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Unfortunately, owing to foreign professions, inventions, and other factors, our nation has seen 10 to 20 generations of poverty. As a result, people have developed this mode of earning a living.

Parents often interrogate their children about how they plan to earn a livelihood. With such a massive mind? When is an earthworm able to make a living? Is it possible to make a livelihood with such a large brain?

Do you have shoes on? No, not at all. What are you going to do with this valuable life? What are you going to do with it? Are you going to put it towards something genuinely worthwhile?

Or are you going to toss it? as if it were worthless? The most essential thing to remember is this: Isn’t what you call “my life” only a specific amount of time and energy?

Yes. Is your life ticking away while you sit here, or not?

You’re still young. You may not be thinking this, but the clock is ticking. It is not time that is ticking away.

Your life is passing you by. Is it true or false? So, how are you going to spend this “my life” energy since it will get you if you’re doing something genuinely worthwhile? It’s finished before you even realize what occurred.

It only seems like a long life when you’re doing something worthless. Have you ever seen this on a very pleasant day? Poof, it went off like that 24 hours later, like a flash.

If you’re depressed, a 24-hour period seems like a decade. Have you overlooked this? As a result, only unhappy individuals will live a long life. People who are overjoyed, that’s how life ends-it was as though it were just a handful of days.

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If you are doing what you really want to produce, it fades away in this manner. So, in the absence of the influence of their peers, every young person should accomplish one thing.

You must remain alone in the absence of the influence of your teachers and parents, as well as any other sort of influence. You have four to three days to look at it.

What do I want to put my precious life savings into? What is it that will be valuable for me to invest in now and in 50 years? You devote your whole life to it.

It makes no difference whether it is small or large. If you recognize something genuinely good and dedicate your life to it, you will live a fulfilled life.

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