10 Alternatives to Consider If You Want to Live a Happy and Fulfilling Life

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“Happiness is a decision that demands effort at times,” said the philosopher Aristotle

My twenty-sixth birthday was drawing near, and as the day approached, I posed a single question to myself: “Do I want this year to look the same as the one before it?”

The response was a straightforward and unequivocal lack of interest. I immediately started desperately analyzing what it was that I was doing with my life to provoke such a response. I spent most of my twenty-five years, romantically, professionally, and socially, in a state of dissatisfaction.

After around one and a half years of cohabitating with my lover, I began to feel a growing distance between us. I remained with him in spite of the falsehoods, which led to feelings of jealousy and insecurity on my part, since it was all I knew. I felt a level of discomfort that was just right.

I rationalized my decision to remain by telling myself, “I know he is capable of change” and “All relationships need effort.” I had also developed some hermit-like tendencies when I was with him. Every weekend is devoted to Netflix binges. My plans to hang with Don Draper and Piper Chapman gradually materialized into concrete plans.

In my professional life, I was a long way from where I envisioned myself being. As a member of the millennial generation, I can state that we have a certain lofty expectation for a picture-perfect existence, which we anticipate having at a very early age, and we are completely certain that it is going to happen to us. up to the point that it won’t anymore; it will.

When I was stuck and bewildered, I came to the realization that if I did not make any changes, the next year would seem exactly the same as the year before.

I was on a mission to discover both the truth and the joy that awaited me. I was desperate to find out what this thing called life was all about. Why is it that some individuals appear to have everything figured out, while I’m left feeling more scared and bewildered than I have in a long time?

I had some money saved up, so I ended my relationship with my partner, moved out on my own, purchased an airline ticket, and departed on a trip throughout Asia in a span of time that was nothing short of astonishing. I have nothing to lose by trying it out. I was on a quest to figure out how to lead a life that was both significant and enjoyable for me.

The following is what I’ve picked up after spending a few months traveling across unexplored mountain ranges, living with Buddhist monks, and being newly single.

1. Don’t Stress Out Over The Little Things, And Don’t Stress Out Over The Major Things Either

This was something that I was made aware of after having my wallet, passport, and camera taken. You will be confronted with problems on a daily basis, some of which are within your control and others which are not. No matter what happens, there is no use in becoming concerned about them.

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If there is nothing that can be done to control the circumstances, then whatever is going to happen will. If you’re able to keep it under control, taking a few deep breaths and approaching the situation with a level head can make the procedure a lot simpler for you. Worrying over something never helps. Hakuna Matata.

2. Make It A Daily Habit To Engage In An Activity That Forces You To Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

The feeling of safety that comes from having order and regularity in our lives. It’s comforting to have things that are familiar to you, but if you never challenge yourself or try anything new, it will be difficult to develop into the person you were intended to be.

At one point in time, everything is brand new to us. The more you put yourself out there and try new things, the more likely it is that you may stumble onto something that you are really enthusiastic about.

3. Aim To Experience Each Moment To Its Fullest

The past is gone, and there are no guarantees for the future. Right now, at this precise moment, is the only thing that can be known for certain about our lives.

When I was traveling across Thailand meditating with different monks, I picked up this valuable life lesson along the way. They educate us on the need to be attentive at all times and the relevance of paying attention to our senses.

We are able to remain in the present and get insight as a consequence of smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing all that is going on in our surroundings. This is an essential step on the way to happiness, so it is important that we take this step. When you take the time to appreciate the world around you, life reveals its breathtaking beauty. Take advantage of the present and focus on living in the here and now. Existence just exists at this present moment.

4. Show Thanks Often And At Every Opportunity That Presents Itself

When I traveled across Indonesia, I gained a significant appreciation for thankfulness. In the past, if I griped about a poor Wi-Fi connection, I would look around and see folks who were simply thankful for clean drinking water. It puts everything else into much better perspective.

Take some time out of your day to reflect on how fortunate you are. Even if it does not feel like this, there is always the possibility that it may be even worse. If you take advantage of every opportunity to show love and gratitude to others, you will be rewarded with an overwhelming sense of prosperity and contentment.

5. Keep In Mind That Life Is What’s Going On Around You When You’re Preoccupied With Your Mobile Device

As I dined by myself, I had plenty of time to practice the skill of people watching. My observations led me to conclude that the tables that had their smartphones stowed away were the ones that had the most joy, noise, and activity. They were having new experiences, exchanging tales, and learning what life was all about while they were doing it.

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Because there was nowhere else they’d rather be, they ate more slowly and lingered for a longer period of time. On the other hand, individuals who had their eyes fixed on bright displays were calm, and they ate their food quickly while showing no indications of emotion.

Try leaving your phone in the vehicle the next time you go out so that you can concentrate fully on the people you are with. If you can’t imagine eating a meal without technology, at least spend a few seconds noticing the difference between those who are on their phones and those who aren’t, and ask yourself whose table you would prefer to be seated at if you had the choice.

6. Pay Attention To Your Instincts

When I was by myself on the road without a partner to talk to or distract me, I felt more in touch with who I am than at any other time in my life. Listening to my “gut instinct” as a dependable and trustworthy source has helped me out of a lot of sticky situations, and it has also helped me avoid a lot of sticky situations entirely.

Put your thoughts to rest and focus on what your body is telling you. It is well accepted that our stomach functions as our second brain. If something doesn’t sit right with you but you can’t quite put your finger on why, that’s your gut telling you that it’s probably not as it should be. Pay attention to the things it has to say.

7. Keep An Eye Out For Parallels

Same same. This sentence must have been repeated nine thousand times while I was in Bangkok, which compelled me to think about the implications of what I had heard.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or how diverse people seem to be, the truth is that we are far more alike than we are different. We are all capable of feeling human emotions. Both sadness and excitement are hardwired into our bodies, and the pursuit of pleasure is ingrained in all of us as a primary motivation.

The ability to grin and laugh is shared by everybody. When you meet a new person, it will be easier to create a close connection if you look for commonalities between the two of you. You’ll find that you’re developing feelings of sympathy and a connection with those people. No matter where you are, having a sense of belonging and connection to others may help you feel more at ease.

8. Let Go Of The Worry That You Will Not Be Accepted And Be Who You Really Are By Letting Your Authentic Self Shine Through

Being alone in a foreign country encouraged me to get in touch with my more eccentric side. I laid out everything that I had previously been scared to say or do because I felt that no one would “get” me or understand me. What are the results? Self-respect and a healthy dose of confidence.

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You owe it to yourself to acknowledge and cherish your individuality and to act in the most authentic manner possible. Those who are intended to remain in your life will love you even more as a result of your decision. In addition to that, strange individuals bring a lot to the table. just saying.

9. Set Aside Some Time To Consider Your Connections And Consider How You May Improve Them

Communication with home may be challenging when there is a time difference of twelve hours and when you are on the other side of the globe. This provides the opportunity for relationship introspection. When I truly started to think about it, I started evaluating the quality of my relationships by asking, “Do they nourish my soul?” “Are there really that many things that unite us?”

It is a waste of time to waste it on people who sap your energy when life is so brief. Take care to direct your energy just where it will be most beneficial. It is essential that you communicate your appreciation for the people you choose to keep in your life by letting them know how much they mean to you. Quality relationships are the only ones that are really worth having, and love and respect are the keys to achieving them.

10. Recognize That Regardless Of How Far You Go In Your Pursuit Of Happiness, There Is Only One Location Where You Will Find It

Something that was mentioned by a monk at the Wat Mahathat in Bangkok is something that will stay with me forever. “What brought you to Thailand in the first place?” in order to discover joy? It is not going to be in this location. I am unable to pass it on to you. You may go all over the globe looking for it, but there is only one location where you can really locate it. It can be located on the inside. “

I had left my hometown and toured the globe in search of happiness, but I didn’t experience it until after I had established a complete connection with myself.

I neglected my relationships, disregarded my intuition, and stressed out much too much about the past and the future, and as a result, I lost sight of what was really essential at some point along the line. None of these items were helpful to me in any way.

The only place to find true and lasting serenity is inside oneself. Happiness may be achieved when one realizes the value of what they already own, accepts what is happening in the here and now, and loves without reservation. Nirvana has been reached.

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