The Landscape of the Soul

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We amass a collection of experiences throughout the course of our lives. In our natural state, we prefer to examine and simply reflect on what we have experienced and what we have gained from it.

It is via this internal portal into what we are no longer able to perceive with our eyes that we may see through them with our soul.

The movement and synchronistic rhythm between our heart and our mind is created by the landscape of the soul, which is manifested via the inner visions of our soul.

Whenever the heart and imagination work together to gaze back or into the future, we are gaining a deeper understanding of who we really are. Our soul is the strengthening of our understanding of who we really are.

As it has been stated, “unless we find rest in thee, our hearts will not be at ease.” This is the path we are on in life. It is time for us to return home.

It is the voyage into the spatial quality of existence that has taken us to this point in our existence. It is the adventure that we are on as we go through this lifetime. And then there’s the trek back to the beginning of it all.

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In certain ways, it may be said that infants and the elderly have more spirit than body. As you and I grow in confidence and self-esteem, we begin to believe that we are someone important.

This is referred to as “somebody training” by Ram Dass. As we get older, we begin to believe that we are real and behave in accordance with this perception of being.

When we become adults, we go back to what Ram Dass has called “nobody training.”

We invest a significant amount of time learning to be self-sufficient from an early age, only to lose it all again when we die. It is the path from innocence to grace that is being described.

The voyage of human expression is a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. The “landscape of the soul” is what helps us stay on track and, in many cases, sane in a crazy environment.

The landscape of the soul provides us with the power to do the seemingly impossible and provides us with hope when there seems to be none.

There is something inside us that is developing our genuine nature, despite the fact that all aspects of ourselves must be scrutinized and loved unconditionally without exception.

Our actual selves are aware that we are both evolving and just passing through life at the same time, and that this is true.

Our ability to maintain this delicate balance between these two forces of nature is what allows us to continue on our course.

We discover who we are as a result of our life experiences and expressions. As a result, we learn to place our confidence in our soul and to go to it for guidance when there is no clear direction in our lives.

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